Lesbian Dating App: Top 8 Legit Free & Best Lesbian Apps & Lesbian Dating Sites to Find Your Lesbian Relationship & Lesbian Romance

Lesbian Dating App: Top 8 Legit Free & Best Lesbian Apps & Lesbian Dating Sites to Find Your Lesbian Relationship & Lesbian Romance

Chances are you met your previous partner swiping on an Online Dating App, and you’ll probably meet your next bae, guess what, swiping on a Dating App as well.

A recent study undertaken by Stanford University and Reuben Thomas of the University of New Mexico shows that while only 39% of straight couples meet online, a whopping 60% of queer couples first meet through a screen.

You’d think that given the high LGBTQ usage of Online Dating Apps, there would be more inclusivity and space for people with a wide variety of genders and sexualities – and yet most Dating Apps are still most designed with only cis straight people in mind.

While most dating apps may still have a long way to go before they’re completely able to cater to the diverse needs of LGBTQ folks, many queer-only LGBT-friendly dating apps are beginning to gain attention.

And, many existing Dating Apps are emerging with better queer-friendly features – thereby giving everyone a chance to find love and community.

We bring you some of our, and hopefully your favorite, Lesbian Apps and Lesbian Websites, for the best Lesbian Dating experience you can ever have.


Here’s the Best Lesbian Dating App/Site to find Charming Lesbian Women & Attractive Lesbian Girls/Lesbian Ladies Near You

whether Charming & Awesome Lesbian Women

I’m full of fun love to be role play not afraid to try new things love movies shopping looking for some fun times don’t keep me waiting
5' 3"
New York City - United States
sweet baby
5' 5"
New York City - United States
Networking, Make Friends

or Gorgeous & Attractive Lesbian Ladies/Lesbian Girls

Spank me and spoil me
5' 7"
New York City - United States
Make Friends, Casual Dating, Travel Companion, Open Relationship
Theatre lover
5' 4"
New York City - United States
Networking, Open Relationship

Thousands of Charming Lesbian Women and Gorgeous Lesbian Ladies/Lesbian Girls Near You are seeking Lesbian Relationship Partners …

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Now to Find your Ideal Lesbian Romance & Type of Lesbian Dating Relationships here at HappyMatches!


Lesbian Dating App

No pesky threesome requests and no undercover men looking for a hookup – just real women who are into women.

Enjoy our highly-valued recommendations on the Top Lesbian Dating Apps and Lesbian for you to land your ideal Lesbian Lady partner.


1. Happy Matches (https://www.happymatches.com) – (#1 Top & Best Lesbian Dating App in the World)

HappyMatches.com stands out as the No.1 and Most Impressive of all apps and sites for Lesbian Dating out there.

What makes it stand out is its simple and straightforward concept of stating the exact type(s) of relationships and type of dating partner you are looking for.

Lesbian Ladies can restrict their search filters to only other Lesbian Women who are also seeking ladies – so you do not get embroiled with, and waste time interacting with straight ladies looking only for heterosexual relationships.

Get yourself “face verified” through the HM app’s World’s First “facial recognition verification” system. Prioritize your interactions with fellow Lesbian Daters who have also done their facial recognition.

This removes a huge frustration that every Dating App and Dating Site faces with scammers, bots, fake profiles and duplicate profiles.

Gone are these worries with the A.I. algorithms and advanced technology that HappyMatches uses.

Its extremely elegant, intuitive and easy-to-use platforms also make the HM site a world class act.

Add to this a rapidly growing User database, that grows exponentially with each passing month. The concept of the more Users, the higher your probability of landing your ideal matches, is known to and recognized by all.

Date” accounts use the Happy Matches apps and site entirely “FREE”!

However, we encourage you to pay a mere USD 1 to try out the “Suitor” account for the first month, so you can significantly increase your chances of landing the Lesbian Dates of your choice, since there is obviously keen competition to attract the attention of these attractive potential dates.

Subsequent monthly renewals for “Suitor” accounts is a mere USD 10, although you can upgrade to higher level accounts for potential dates to pay more attention to your profile.


2. HER (https://weareher.com/) – (#2 Highly Rated Lesbian Dating App)

Although it’s known as a lesbian app, HER is actually a good space for both cisgender and non-binary people as well who are looking to meet other queer women or non-binary people.

Some of the great things about it is that it allows a lot more customization and freedom when it comes to compiling your profile, making it more like a fun social media profile than a static dating page.

And, it also combines dating with an event feature so you can find love and a queer beach party.

With in-app communities and HER-hosted events, this app empowers women to find what they’re looking for, but to actually get off the app and do it IRL.

We also love how after you get a match with someone, the app opens the chat with a conversational ice-breaker like “High heels or sneakers?” or “Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera?”.

Fun and intuitive, with a 4-million strong queer and lesbian community – what more could you ask for?


3. Fem (https://fem.mingle.com/)

This Dating App is geared toward “lesbian and bi-curious people,” according to its app store description, and claims to weed out “fake singles.”

We love the rooms feature which reminds us of old-school MIRC chat rooms, which take the pressure off one-on-one conversations, and makes for a fun hangout.

Some current chat rooms include “Meet Locals (W4W),” “Makeup Talk,” and “Naughty or Nice,” which is completely NSFW.

Fem is slightly different from other apps in that it encourages users to create video profiles instead of just uploading photos, and it also allows for group chats.

If you’re too shy for a video, don’t worry, it’s not mandatory and you can also just upload your best selfies.


4. Bumble (https://bumble.com/)

Bumble started receiving attention several years ago, when it became known as the app where women messaged first.

For hetero matches, Bumble helps weed out the creepy stalking, but for woman-to-woman matches, it’s just very convenient and easy for either party to make the first move.

Though Bumble isn’t exclusively a queer girl dating app, it allows users to choose their gender and sexual orientation and tailors the user’s experience based on sexuality.

There’s one more Bumble “rule” that makes it slightly different than other dating apps: Bumble requires users to send a message within the first 24 hours.

So Bumble is a good option for anyone who needs the motivation to actually say something to their matches (you know who you are).


5. Lesly (https://www.leslyclub.com/)

True to its name, Lesly caters specifically for the lesbian community, and provides a great place for lesbians, bisexual and queer women to chat, date and hookup with other LGBTQ singles in their area or around the world.

Lesly works similarly to Tinder, with photo-based profiles that you can swipe left or right.

Except on this dating app, you’ll only find other queer women.

It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a serious relationship or merely searching for a blind date, meet up or hook up – there is something for everyone, as long as you’re a woman seeking another woman.


6. SCISSR (http://scissr.com/)

The name rather says it all – it’s a place meant for woman seeking other women.

According to its app store description, “the app is designed by lesbians for lesbians desiring to increase their connections with other amazing women.

Scissr is tailor made for all – dyke, queer, gay, lesbian, bisexual, and bi-curious”.

Along with dating, it’s also meant to be a “cultural network app” that queer women and non-binary individuals can use to make friends or just to chat.

We like how the app allows you to clearly state what you’re looking for right on your profile, with a variety of different filters and settings you can use to tailor your matches.

View your messages, edit your profile, and invite friends all while growing in a community with like-minded individuals.


7. Bounce (https://trybounce.com/)

Described on its app store as “a dating app designed to cut out endless swiping and bring human connection back to dating”, Bounce differentiates itself from the other dating apps out there with its ultra-fast same-night matches.

This app allows you to “check-in” at specific times when you want to go on a date, and then match with other members in real-time.

Bounce is only live for 15 minutes / day, and if you get a match, it’s a date! Bounce will then tell you where to meet based on shared location preferences – no ghosting, no long drawn out chats that lead nowhere.

While it’s not specifically catering to the LGBTQ community, it does a pretty decent job of providing a wide range of preferences and settings.


8. Hinge (https://hinge.co/)

Widely considered to be the “anti-Tinder” of the dating app world, Hinge refers to itself as a “relationship app” and works by connecting you to friends-of-friends via your Facebook profile.

Although, some recent changes have opened certain restrictions up to allow for a wider dating pool.

So if you’re tired of constantly running into weird randos who are not who they say they are (girl, we’ve all been there), Hinge makes it more legit by pairing you up according to people who have mutual friends.

Hinge also sends you daily ‘batches’ of matches, although this is purely based on your mutual friends and never from your interests or locations.


Concluding Insights on How to Succeed in Finding Lesbian Romance with a Lesbian Dating App

And there you have it – our top picks for dating apps that are either specifically geared towards the lesbian and queer community, or at the very least, LGBTQ-friendly and inclusive.

While mainstream dating apps still have a long way to go in terms of understanding queer needs, it is heartening to see more and more of them redesigning features and overall look and feel to be more inclusive, such as providing expanded gender and sexual orientation options.

Interestingly, the queer community is increasingly moving towards online personal ads and social media platforms like Instagram as well to seek out potential partners and easy hookups.

In the past few years, online dating emerged as the No. 1 way same-sex couples meet – the virtual world is your oyster! Enjoy.


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