Lesbian Dating Apps: Top 4 Best Lesbian Dating Apps of 2020 & 7 Other Great Free Lesbian Apps

Lesbian Dating Apps: Top 4 Best Lesbian Dating Apps of 2020 & 7 Other Great Free Lesbian Apps

Finding love online can be a feast-or-famine type of thing for anyone, but those of the heterosexual persuasion have enjoyed the “feast” half of that equation, while the LGBTQ+ community… hasn’t been quite as blessed.

Digging for that special someone through Dating Apps catering mostly to straight, cisgender folk, has – for a long time – been a long and dreary search for those who are anything but.

For lesbian, queer or bisexual women, that search could often go right past frustrating into a painful (and sometimes, very, very creepy) process.

Although the Online Dating scene could still use some (read: a lot) more progress before Lesbian Women who love other Lesbian Ladies can have the kind of acceptance, inclusiveness, and space they deserve, we’ve tried to make your quest for Lesbian love and Lesbian community a little less painful by carefully curating what we think are the best lesbian-only Dating Apps or queer-friendly Dating Apps currently on offer.

After some meticulous digging through the Best Lesbian Dating Apps out there and reviewing 11 of these Lesbian Apps, we’ve ranked each of these Lesbian Dating Apps by the following 5 different factors:-

  1. Population (how wide an app’s user-base is, friendliness, and ease of getting dates),
  2. Usability (a combination of aesthetics and a user-friendly interface),
  3. Customization (how much the Lesbian Dating App tailors to you and lets you tweak settings),
  4. Security (profile authentication and anti-catfishing measures), and
  5. Cost (how much – or little – you might have to hurt your wallet).


The Top, Free & Best 4 Lesbian Dating Apps that are Highly & Extremely Recommended for the Lesbian Community

This section covers the four Lesbian Dating Apps that made the cut to be our top picks amongst all the Best Lesbian Dating Apps out there in the world!

Simply put, these Lesbian Apps are the indisputable cream of the crop for all you Lesbian Ladies and Lesbian Girls looking for the ideal Lesbian Dating App to find your ideal Lesbian Relationship!

They aren’t placed in any order of importance or rating, but other than scoring higher than 50% on every attribute, they all share two points in common that made them our winners: one, they’re all exclusive LGBTQ+ girls’ clubs – men (and trolls) are not allowed entry.

Two, they each have a unique feature we’re crazy about that either most Lesbian Dating Apps don’t have, or just don’t do quite as well.

Ladies, here are the mobile Lesbian Love havens you’ve been waiting so long for … Enjoy this article to the max!


1. Happy Matches (www.happymatches.com) – (World’s #1 Top Among Lesbian Dating Apps)

Lesbian Dating App Ratings

Population: 2
Usability: 2
Customization: 2
Security: 2
Cost: 2 points
Total Score: 10/10 (Perfect Score!!!)

With its amazing features, effectiveness and functionality, the HappyMatches Dating App has distinguished itself amongst ALL other Lesbian Dating Apps out there to emerge the very Top!

Sleek, elegant, and extremely user-friendly, HappyMatches.com prides itself on removing scammer, fake and duplicate profiles which plagues most other Lesbian Apps (even the Best Lesbian Dating Apps out there)!

It is no wonder that this Free Lesbian Dating App is an all-time favorite amongst Lesbian Women, Lesbian Ladies and Lesbian Girls all over the world for Lesbian Dating. They rave at its straight to the point, no-holds barred, open and explicit statement of one’s ideal Lesbian Dating Partner and Type of Lesbian Dating Relationship.

Happy Matches offers both a website mobile friendly version, as well as its cutting-edge Lesbian Dating Apps for iOS Apple smartphones and Android mobile phones.

Use of HappyMatches.com is incredibly affordable: “Date” accounts use the site entirely free. “Suitors” enjoy a 30-day trial usage at only USD 1, with subsequent monthly subscriptions starting at only USD 10 a month.

Final Verdict: Try it now and you will not regret it. Join the ever-growing (and soon to be one of the largest Lesbian Dating Community) all around the world.


2. Scissr (http://scissr.com/): Like Grindr, But With (A Lot More) Class – (#2 Most Popular Among Lesbian Dating Apps)

Lesbian Dating App Ratings

Population: 1.5
Usability: 2
Customization: 1.5
Security: 2
Cost: 2 points
Total Score: 9/10

Allison Ullrich’s experiences of dating as a lesbian in Boston were not fuss-free.

Her realization that she wasn’t alone in her dating troubles led her to create Scissr: a free geo-social dating app that’s exclusively for LGBTQ+ women, and inclusive of all lesbian identities (which means not only lesbian but bisexual, bi-curious, dyke, gay and queer women, are all welcome).

Although Scissr’s location-based nature means that users may struggle to find a healthy amount of matches when in more rural areas (unless they’re willing to go far – literally – out of their comfort zone), the app has carved out a decent user-base for itself in the online lesbian dating world.

Hailed as the “classier” lesbian equivalent of Grindr, Scissr was launched in 2014, and offers a special feature that makes using the app even more fun and easy than it already is: photo editing.

Users can apply cropping, lighting, filtering tools and more to their uploaded images right from within the app, unlike most other dating apps that post images directly from the user’s albums.

The app is aesthetically gorgeous; it has one of the prettiest interfaces out there with beautiful design elements and an uncluttered layout, offering easy access to Scissr’s main features like personal profile access, message-checking, seeing which other users are interested in you, and more.

Much like Grindr, Scissr’s profile search function uses geo-location software and automatically shows profiles based on the women closest by the user.

However, unlike most dating apps that employ similar software, Scissr does not impose geo-fencing on match searches or suggestions – meaning the distance of potential matches is left unrestricted, and entirely up to each user to adjust and set.

Searches show up in a neat, scrollable grid, displaying each woman’s profile picture, screen name, and an estimate of their distance away from you.

The matching process is also extremely convenient: users can tap on a profile to open its bio page and “crush” on the profile, add them to a “wish list”, or start chatting through the text messaging feature if that user happens to be online.

Hitting the “crush” button notifies the other party of your interest in them, and the wish list lets you check in on their status updates, saving their profile for an attempt at later contact.

Profile creation on Scissr is just as smoothly uncomplicated as the rest of the app, containing all essential information: age, hair color, height, ethnicity, sexual identity (lesbian, bisexual or curious) and relationship status.

Social and dating options are pressure-free, letting users denote what type of interaction they’re hoping for (with options that cover everything from hookups to a serious relationship) and fill out a short text section with whatever they’d like.

Scissr takes the safety and comfort of its community seriously and for this reason, the registration process requires Facebook validation by linking a pre-existing account to a user’s profile, although the developers promise that Scissr will not post to a user’s Facebook wall.

This measure to keep Scissr free of trolls and men seems to be fairly effective, and any false profiles that slip through are dealt with by the app’s moderators.

One of the best things about Scissr is that it’s completely free to install and use: there are no locked features, no extra paid-for services or content, and all areas of the app won’t cost its registered users a single cent.

At the time of writing, Scissr does not have a website version, but the app is available for download on both Android and iOS platforms.

Final Verdict: Get this app, now. Scissr may not have the popularity of some leading Lesbian Dating Apps or Lesbian Dating Sites, yet – but it certainly deserves it. With something this simple, fun, and completely free, there’s no reason not to have this in your phone!


3. Her (https://weareher.com/): The Dating App For Lesbians, By Lesbians – (#3 Most Popular Among Lesbian Dating Apps)

Lesbian Dating App Ratings

Population: 2 points
Usability: 1.5 points
Customization: 1.5 points
Security: 2 points
Cost: 1 point
Total Score: 8/10

HER, formerly Dattch, was born out of co-founder Robyn Exton’s frustration with lesbian dating apps and websites being little more than modified versions of apps for gay men, and her realization that queer women date and interact in a very different fashion.

Currently, the award-winning app boasts over 4 million users across the UK and US, with more countries on the roster and more yet to come.

There’s a good reason why the app has become so popular: it’s proudly and undeniably a queer dating app, even at first glance, focused on creating a place where its users can be at home with like-minded people.

HER has sub-communities built for a wide range of identities and interests, allowing users to connect with others that care about the same things they do, and the app’s Feed section posts and suggests queer events to facilitate users easily meeting up and socializing with other LGBTQ+ women.

HER has a polished design throughout the app; a seamless blend of dating functionality and social media community hub.

Their matching interface, called Meet, is extremely easy to use (Tinder-esque left and right swiping, anyone?) and profile creation has excellent customization options: age, height, sexuality, gender identity and more, all editable with a wide range of choices.

Users can also set their distance and age preferences for dating, and once matched, the Chat feature opens with optional icebreaker questions for both people to answer.

The Feed feature has amazing support for user interaction: it lets all users like and comment on others’ posts as well as make posts of their own with images and text, much like most feeds for social media.

Sign-ups are quick and easy, taking less than a minute, and HER carefully curates all accounts to ensure no men pretending to be women remain on their app for long.

Although no account verification is needed, all users are required to sign up through an existing Facebook or Instagram account in order to verify their gender.

A user’s birthday, name and photos (which can be later edited) displayed on their profile are automatically grabbed from the account they register with.

There are more than a few in-app purchases, and HER offers a Premium option with various pricing plans. And, your cash goes toward unlocking features that make for more visibility and ease of use (like manual searches, full profile views, and extras like read receipts as well as the ability to see which users are currently online).

Free users have unlimited texting but only to friends and matches, and the downside of not having a paid-for account is that they can only see the name and photos of users they have already matched with.

However, with visibility workarounds using the Feed and a little extra effort, free users can still get a decent experience from one of the most popular lesbian dating apps out there.

HER’s app is available for both iOS and Android, and also has an official blog that offers useful articles for those looking for love, like hacks on how to build a great profile or dating advice.

Final Verdict: Although the app may be a bit over-complicated for those looking for something simple and has half of its features locked behind a paywall, HER’s effective fusion of social media meets dating, its vast user population, and its high interaction value certainly makes it download-worthy, especially for those willing to pay for Premium.


4. Zoe (https://www.zoeapp.co/): Ditch Shallow Encounters For Something Real

Lesbian Dating App Ratings

Population: 1 points
Usability: 2 points
Customization: 2 points
Security: 2 points
Cost: 1.5 point
Total Score: 8.5/10

A relative newcomer to the lesbian dating app world, Zoe launched in 2016 and grew from just 500,000 users to 3.5 million in three years.

Designed as a refreshing, interactive new take on online lesbian dating, Zoe focuses on the value of a human connection, and building deeper relations between users, gaining overwhelmingly positive reviews from its community.

The overwhelmingly positive reviews Zoe received are well-earned, as it has what no other lesbian dating app yet offers. Instead of only location-based matching or other common methods, Zoe’s special feature is its compatibility algorithm that’s based on its questionnaires.

Part personality test, part matching system and part profile creation, these questions cover areas like lifestyle, dating, and fun.

Every question has scalability for answers instead of a simple “yes” or “no”, giving users the chance to understand more about themselves – as well as scope out their potential dates!

This app is clearly not meant for casual encounters; it’s where women who love women can find a partner, or a best friend. Zoe feels real, and creates real connections by giving every user the chance to find something rich and meaningful based on who they are as an individual.

Zoe’s polished, pleasing interface showcases even more about how the app gets up close and personal, changing a lonely hunt for love into a companionable experience.

Reminiscent of Siri or Alexa for lesbian love, Zoe is a personality in and of itself. (One could be easily forgiven for eventually referring to the app as a ‘her’, and not an ‘it’ – we’ve even had to constantly remind ourselves of that while writing this at least twice, already.)

Getting started is an unbelievably easy process: once a user’s account has been verified, they’re presented with a quick tutorial, and are immediately ready to start swiping. The questionnaires unique to Zoe are slotted in between swipes, and answers contribute to percentage scores for compatibility.

Zoe uses this to create matches: the more two users have in common, the higher their match and percentage rates are!

The questions are carefully created, profound ones (as in, not a boring “what’s your favorite color”) that balance fun and insight, providing a good idea of how much you have in common with the cutie you’re currently looking at.

Answered questions also contribute toward building your profile by default, taking the stress out of talking about yourself.

Users only have to fill out basic information, toggle the distance and age search filters, add or edit their photos and indicate if they’re seeking friendship or romance (and no, there’s no hook-up option).

Users can only chat with people they’ve had a match with (unless they’ve paid and upgraded to a Premium account), and unmatches are permanent.

Far from detracting from the experience, however, this emphasizes Zoe’s focus on authenticity – swiping left can no longer be thoughtless, and speaking with someone requires mutual attraction or interest.

Made exclusively for LGBTQ+ women, the app requires a pre-existing Facebook account to register in order to keep out men and trolls, and all posted photos have to be of the user.

Zoe also automatically rejects profile pictures that do not clearly contain the user’s face, and any offensive images are strictly prohibited.

The team behind Zoe focuses strongly on creating a safe lesbian dating app, promising to process any reported profiles within 48 hours.

The basic features of Zoe (fun personality quiz included!) are free to use, but offers paid options for a Premium account.

Other than the ability to send 5 pre-match messages (meaning, you don’t have to be matched up to say hello) per day, Premium users get interesting features like the ability to see the individual questionnaire answers of other women, a toggle that lets them seek out people who are their opposites instead of complementary halves, unlimited likes, unlimited resets on previously left-swiped profiles, and more.

Although there’s no website version for Zoe, the app has been released on both iOS and Android platforms.

Final Verdict: If you’re looking for something genuine – be it deep friendships or long-term romance – Zoe is a definite must-have for Lesbian Dating Apps users.

Although the paid version has more fun and flexibility, the free version of the app still packs a good punch and has all the functionality needed to enjoy the best that Zoe offers: a free user won’t feel like they’re missing out on much.


Another 7 Great & Fantastic Lesbian Dating Apps that will Help You Find Your Ideal Lesbian Dating Partner and Fulfill Your Lesbian Relationship Dreams!

This second section holds a quick run-down of our honorable mentions: apps that are still pretty good, and certainly worth checking out, but either had one large downside, or just didn’t manage to blow us away like our top three did.

Inclusive of apps that are mainstream, LGBTQ+ and LGBTQ+ women-exclusive, if our top three picks didn’t do it for you, an app in here surely will!


5. Lesly (https://www.leslyclub.com/)

At first glance, Lesly looks a lot like Tindr for Lesbian Women – which it mostly is.

This Lesbian Dating App doesn’t discriminate against the most casual of connections or focus solely on more serious relationships.

So, it’s a cornucopia of bisexual and Lesbian Women looking for everything from Casual Dating fun (such as Friends With Benefits (FWB) or No Strings Attached (NSA) Relationship), to a Romantic Relationship, Serious Relationship and promising dates.

One of the older players in the LGBTQ+ dating app game, Lesly has an established and active account base, well-moderated verification and security, and offers a very smooth user experience.

It’s a good lesbian dating app all around, with nothing that makes it a poor download choice.

What stops it from being great, though, is its overt simplicity.

The swipe-to-like system has painfully few special or extra features that’d make the search for love (or even lust) feel less like a game, or a soulless enterprise, and Lesly’s popularity seems to be on the decline – which makes for less potential matches.

However, that simplicity may also be a redeeming feature: if you want a no-frills, easy and secure Dating App for lesbians, then Lesly would be your best pick.


Lesbian Dating App Ratings

Total Score: 6.5/10
Exclusivity: LGBTQ+, women only
Platforms: Android, iOS


6. PinkCupid (https://www.pinkcupid.com/)

The lesbian-only extension of well-established Online Dating giant Cupid Media, PinkCupid, has a lot to give – for a comparatively hefty price.

Many features require a subscription (Premium members can read any messages they’d please, but free members can only read messages from Premium ones and not from each other) and PinkCupid’s app isn’t as detailed as the website version.

But what you pay for is what you get: the app has a healthy and active userbase, excellent moderation support for its users, and it’s mandatory for each profile to have at least 3 photos as well as for all profile fields to be filled out.

All that commitment required from users almost guarantees a safe space for the LGBTQ+ women who sign up.

Profile set-up is also one of the most comprehensive we’ve seen (it can take up to 10 minutes to fill out all fields), but this app’s really only worth all it offers if you’re willing to shell out cash.


Lesbian Dating App Ratings

Total Score: 5/10
Exclusivity: LGBTQ+, women only
Platforms: Android, Website


7. Wapa (http://wapa-app.com/)

Wapa allows users to create, send and receive video messages up to 60 seconds long – a much more personal way of communicating with your crush!

Wapa is an interesting choice for girls on the go – used in over 160 countries, it has a travel mode that lets you change your location anywhere in the world, and includes a built-in language translator for text messaging.

It still has some operational and interface kinks to iron out, though, and Wapa just doesn’t have the kind of popularity (yet) that’ll make finding a Lesbian Match easy.


Lesbian Dating App Ratings

Total Score: 4.5/10
Exclusivity: LGBTQ+, women only
Platforms: Android, iOS


8. Fem (https://fem.mingle.com/)

Fem puts a unique spin on introductions: video profiles! Uploading a short audio-enabled video clip (not enforced, but encouraged) can be used in lieu of a regular profile photo and bio, letting users talk “face-to-face” about themselves and what they’re looking for.

There’s also group chat rooms within the app, something other lesbian dating apps don’t really offer; however, anything more than very basic functionality requires in-app purchases or a subscription.

Video dating and localized group chat are amazing ideas, but Fem’s profile verification measures seem too lax for an app meant for LGBTQ+ women only, and it appears that Fem’s heyday in the lesbian dating market has long passed (meaning it can be a struggle to find your perfect sapphic fish in this particular ocean).


Lesbian Dating App Ratings

Total Score: 3.5/10
Exclusivity: LGBTQ+, women only
Platforms: Android


9. LGBTQutie (https://qutieapp.com/)

The nicest thing about LGBTQutie is that it’s what it says on the tin – its features and community are not just for gay or lesbian cisgender folk. LGBTQutie is one of the rare apps that doesn’t impose binary gender identities and includes everyone in the LGBTQ+ community, across all gender and sexuality spectrums (pansexual, ace, non-binary, intersex, transgender individuals and more are welcome).

Women who love women will find a diverse selection of potential dates here – but even with the app’s clear focus on creating deep connections, the great content on its blog (like quizzes, LGBTQ+ news and relationship advice) and video verification, there’s a downside.

Having to fish through men and male-identified people notwithstanding, its user interface is more than a little clunky, profile creation can be cumbersome, and it could use a lot more bug fixes and polish.

Overall, it might need a bit more work to make for a smooth user experience, but if you’re a non-cisgender woman, this may be an app very much worth trying out.


Lesbian Dating App Ratings

Total Score: 5/10
Exclusivity: LGBTQ+
Platforms: Android, iOS


10. Thurst. (https://thurst.co/)

Thurst. goes further than just being inclusive of all genders and sexualities – it’s focused on being a welcoming, safe haven for LGBTQ+ people of color and minorities as well.

Recognizing that marginalized members of the queer community have a rough time in the dating jungle, Thurst.’s aim is to create an app where all LGBTQ+ folk can openly be themselves in the hunt for romance – and they have succeeded, with a strict anti-discrimination policy and excellent moderation support.

Although the new app has struggled to get off its feet at launch and to find funding for software edits (especially with being free to use), the team of Thurst. are working on addressing bugs, polishing their app’s interface, and adding more beneficial features which has resulted in a comparatively smoother user experience.

At the time of writing, however, the app is an amazing concept that still has many improvements to make in execution.

It’s no surprise that the pickings on the app are therefore slim – it may not be the most popular but its cause is worthy, and with no attached cost, any non-cisgender woman (especially ones from marginalized minorities) might find this lesbian app to be just the place she’s been waiting for.


Lesbian Dating App Ratings

Total Score: 4.5/10
Exclusivity: LGBTQ+
Platforms: Android, iOS


11. OkCupid (https://www.okcupid.com/)

Yes, we’re talking about that OkCupid, the (in)famous online dating site that was known to cater mostly for heterosexual, cisgender folk – but wait, there’s more!

Prejudices and pre-conceptions aside, it may be unwise to not give this app a second chance after its recent, very progressive changes.

With filtering options that cater to a wide spectrum of sexualities and gender identities, the ability to toggle off allowing straight people to view your profile (it’s like incognito mode for LGBTQ+ folk only!), and more queer-friendly improvements.

OkCupid has made lesbian dating on a mainstream app a possibility instead of a pipe dream.

Of course, it’s still a bit of a toss-up: on one hand, OkCupid offers amazing app and site usability, diverse profile options, a massive user base and a (often mathematically sound and scarily accurate) compatibility rating algorithm for even free users.

But, with few verification measures in a non-exclusive app, you may still have to deal with hordes of unwanted men, creepy messages and fake profiles on your way to The One.

It might be one of the best options out there, or a poor one, and we’ve struggled to rank this properly. In the end, it’s all dependent on how much energy you have to be your own bouncer (or just how much potential noise you’re up to putting up with).


Lesbian Dating App Ratings

Total Score: 6/10
Exclusivity: None
Platforms: Android, iOS, Website


Concluding Insights on the 11 Top, Free and Best Lesbian Dating Apps of 2019

And there you have it, ladies – our 11 Favorite Lesbian Dating Apps for Lesbian women who enjoy Lesbian Ladies and Lesbian Girls.

There’s never been a better time for people from the LGBTQ+ community to give online dating an honest shot.

And, with more apps catering just for LGBTQ+ romance on mobile platforms than ever before, it seems lesbian love may finally be getting its long-deserved day in the virtual sun. (Or, at least, we’re hopeful it is.)

Here’s to love in all its forms – and happy matching (and also, happy swiping)!


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