Lesbian Hook Up: 6 Proven Ways to Tell She’s a Lesbian Lady Interested in Lesbian Women/Lesbian Girls

Lesbian Hook Up: 6 Proven Ways to Tell She’s a Lesbian Lady Interested in Lesbian Women/Lesbian Girls

Just like straight people, LGBT people come in all stripes. But here are a few tell-tale clues if you’re dying to know more about Lesbian Women.

Gone are the days when being a “dyke” meant an aggressive undercut, a plaid flannel shirt, septum piercings and a gigantic rainbow tattoo – maybe even across the forehead.

Sexuality and gender identification are a lot more nuanced than that these days, thank God, although it does pose a bit of a hurdle for when you’re crushing on a total femme girl, and simply can’t tell if she’s going to be into the idea, or if that’s just wishful thinking.


6 Proprietary & Exclusive Lesbian Hook Up Secrets to Know If She’s Interested in Other Lesbian Women

If you are looking for a Lesbian Hookup with a lady, you’ll need to put in some effort and diligence to find out more about her and to understand her better.

In so doing, you’ll be able to figure out if she’s into women, the type of Lesbian Relationship (eg. Casual Encounters, Hook Up, One Night Stand, Friends With Benefits, NSA Relationship, Open Relationship, Serious Relationship, etc.) she is looking for, and whether she’s sufficiently into you to engage in a Lesbian Hookup.

Here are 6 Quick Tell-Tale Lesbian Hookup Clues that might signal she’s not shooting as straight as she might seem … Enjoy!


1. Get her cultural references (to know if she’s a potential Lesbian Hook Up)

Keep the getting-to-know-you conversation light and sparkly, and be sure to get some questions in about the kinds of books and TV she might be into.

Ask her if she’s caught certain iconic Lesbian movies and Lesbian shows like Orange is the New Black or The Miseducation of Cameron Post.

If it’s a no, don’t worry, all’s not lost just yet, although the likelihood of sapphic interest might be running a little low. If she says yes, great, start pumping her for more information – who’s your favourite character? What do you like most about her? Isn’t she hot?

This is also a good chance for you to start making it known to her that you’re partial to a beautiful woman – it might get her thinking.


2. Talk about her ex, and yours

Getting her to open up a little about her relationship history shouldn’t be too hard, especially if you start to volunteer a little information of your own.

Take note of her use of pronouns, any reference to female ex-partners is definite good news!

You can also casually tell her some funny stories of your past dates or previous relationships, taking care to make sure she gets the bit that you’re into women.

Outing yourself can make a great opportunity for her to reciprocate, especially if she’s into you too.


3. Note her style

It’s so hard to tell – maybe she’s a chic boots and pantsuit lesbian, maybe she’s a trendy blunt-cut bob lesbian, maybe she’s a sequins and falsies girly lesbian.

Or maybe she’s not lesbian at all! Look out for any signs of pride paraphernalia, like pink triangle badges or rainbow flags.

Piercings and tattoos are way too mainstream now to indicate much in terms of gender preference, but they’re still pretty useful shorthand for “feisty”.

Another clue could be the length of her fingernails – long pointy bejewelled talons are not particularly fun things to have dangerously near sensitive women bits.

We’ll let you work that one out.


4. Social media “research”

A little bit of light online stalking never hurt anyone. Check out her Instagram and Facebook posts – it’s a great resource for information about her friends (do they all look as straight as her?) and where she tends to hang out (LGBTQ party spots?).

Another treasure trove is her list of who she follows on social media – keep a lookout for your favorite celesbian icons.

Choose any of the above: Kristen Stewart, Cara Delavigne, Ruby Rose, Taylor Schilling, Raven Symone, Ellen DeGeneres, etc.


5. Observe her manner

You’re crushing on this woman, so no doubt you’ll already have your beady eye on her constantly.

Don’t just swoon, look out for any tell-tale mannerisms that could indicate she might be into women, or even into you.

Eye contact is a big one – if you catch her eye and smile across a busy room and your instincts are pinging, go with your gut.

Also if she tends to touch you constantly while making eye contact – brushing your arm, leaning against you – this is a good sign too.

Another tip is to observe her manner around men, specifically, attractive men.

Does her energy seem to change, does she become flirtier or make more eye contact, does she seem to focus her attention on them?

While this isn’t a foolproof tactic by any means, it could be useful to know.


6. Ask her tactfully – if she’s keen on a Lesbian Hook Up

Finally, you could just cut to the chase and ask her outright, but it doesn’t have to come across blunt or rude.

Work it into your flirting style, and always open with a compliment, like, “I don’t mean to be rude but I think you’re beautiful. I was just wondering… if you were into women?”

Delivered well, it could be a great pick-up line. If she gets upset, you’re probably doing yourself a favour by picking it up early and not pursuing her any further.

In any case, be confident, don’t be invasive, and give her the space to back away or open up – oh and don’t forget to keep smiling.

Nobody likes being rejected, but maintaining your cool and charm could plant the seed of interest even if her first reaction was to back away.


Concluding Insights on How to Know if She’s Interested in Other Women and Keen on a Lesbian Hook Up with You

Whilst it’s never straightforward to know if a Lady is into other Women, there are definitely effective ways (like the 6 above) to dig deeper and find out more about her.

You’ll just need to be a bit more observant about her lifestyle and interests, tactful when interacting with her to ask her right questions.

Should she be interested in Lesbian Dating, you’ll then need to push the boundaries with her a little more to understand if she’s sufficiently interested in you for a Lesbian Hookup.

The age-old wisdom applies: “Don’t try, don’t know”. If you try, the worst case is you get rejected.

But seriously that’s no big deal and you need not get hung up about it. Just move on to the next person.

After all, finding Lesbian Relationship partners is part and parcel of the love-dating game – where the law of numbers applies.

Don’t fixate yourself on any one person, keep your options open and give more fellow ladies a chance.

Happy searching and with some effort, you’ll definitely find your ideal Lesbian Relationships and Lesbian Hookup partners! Enjoy the Lesbian Dating and Lesbian Hookup process!


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