How To Get A Boyfriend: Top 10 Best & Proven Places to Find a Boyfriend or Find Girlfriend

How To Get A Boyfriend: Here’s the Top 10 Best & Proven Places to Find a Boyfriend or Find Girlfriend

Wondering where to go when you are in the mood to meet someone new? A bar, a club? Sounds pretty boring to you by now? Well it may be time to meet your next partner somewhere more interesting.

As licensed relationship counselor and dating coach Samantha Burns says, “… think strategically about where the type of person you want to date would hang out, as well as what you like to do for fun.”

As an overall tip, go somewhere where you can do something you enjoy. This way, approaching someone in this situation becomes more organic. You do not have to fret how to break the ice because it’s easy to chat about the activity you’re doing or something you enjoy.

If you are ready to get out there, read on for the Top 10 Places you might be able to Find a Boyfriend or Find Girlfriend.


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Top 10 Secrets to Find a Boyfriend or Find Girlfriend

Keen to meet your next boyfriend or girlfriend? Enjoy this article with our 10 Exclusive Tips on How to Get a Boyfriend and to Find a Girlfriend.


1. Uber, Grab or Other Rideshare Services

The next time you’re crammed into an Uber Pool, muster some courage and chat up your fellow passengers.

“If you’ve mastered the art of small talk, there’s no better place to shine,” life coach and advice columnist Chelsea Leigh Trescott tells Bustle. At most, you get some awkward silences. At best, you never know what it could lead to.


2. Your Friend’s Wedding

Well, while you should focus on your friend at his or her wedding, it never hurts to mingle with other singles. Weddings have a reputation of being a great place to meet prospective partners.

People are in the mood to celebrate and you are surrounded with alcohol, good food, and people. Weddings create the perfect relaxed environment for you to showcase your shining personality.


3. Meet Ups

If you’re dying to meet someone who shares your interest in dogs, design or photography, why not join a Meetup group? As therapist and relationship specialist Orly Katz says, these meetup groups comprise people who share a common interest, making chatting up a stranger easier than ever.


4. Social Dance Classes

Have two left feet? Step out of your comfort zone today! Social dancing is a great way to know someone new and over the course of dance session you will usually rotate many partners, so it’s a good way to mix and mingle if you don’t like the current one you are stuck with.


5. Online Dating & Online Activity Sites

There are now millions of nice, normal guys a mere click away., one of the nation’s largest online dating services, reports that 62 percent of its members are men.

If you are someone looking for a man, the odds are in your favor if you want to do online dating. Not interested in Tinder, CoffeeMeetsBagel and OK Cupid? Try an alternative revolutionary dating site like HappyMatches instead.

There’s also for animal-lovers or for the wanderluster.


6. Laundromats

A chill place where you almost always have a valid reason to wait around or ask someone for help, laundromats are underrated gems.

Not only can you take the opportunity to ask for help or just strike up a conversation, always carry extra fabric softener and change just in case someone needs YOUR help.


7. Bookstores

You can curl up in a chair to enjoy your book, or you can chat someone up – the choice is completely yours! Saw a cutie browsing your favorite book? Chat him up and discuss the book over a drink, sounds pretty romantic, fun and safe to us!


8. Volunteer Activities

Make sure you find an activity or cause you are truly passionate in, so that your genuinely altruistic self can shine through and attract the right match. Volunteer in an animal shelter, elderly home or orphanage, be where you want to find someone!


9. Sport Teams

Joining a sport team is one of the best ways to meet people organically. It’s generally safe, fun, physical, and your new team mates will almost always get together afterwards for a drink or a meal.

Even if you are a klutz, just do it! People will more often than not be willing to help you (that’s if it is not a competitive team).

If you prefer solitary sports like running or swimming, there are many such clubs as well. And people will still enjoy getting together after a good run or swim.


10. Language or Activity Classes

Any class will do, but try to find one which you can sustain your interest in. You could always chat up your future partner on the pretext of “practicing French, German or Spanish.”


Conclusions on How to Find a Boyfriend, Find a Boyfriend & Find Girlfriend

As long as you remain open to possibilities to Find a Boyfriend or to Find Girlfriend, the entire world is your oyster.

We’ve provided you with excellent tips and guidance on How to Find a Boyfriend and How to Find a Girlfriend. Persevere in your search to Find a Date and you will succeed in your Dating endeavors.


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