How Can You Tell If A Girl Likes You: 10 Obvious Signs She Likes You By Watching Her Body Language

How Can You Tell If A Girl Likes You: 10 Obvious Signs She Likes You By Watching Her Body Language

Every guy has a girl they’re crushing on at some point in their lives. It would be so much easier for everyone involved if she could just tell him that she likes him too, right?

Men for generations have been trying to find an easy means to find out if the woman they like wants them too. Men who have made a move in error have been reading women all wrong. Is there a correct way to do it, really?

It’s a race against time to determine if a girl likes you, then profess your feelings to her before she loses interest. When did things get so complicated?

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that hard if you learn how to read women right. Women always drop clues in some form or other in the way they behave around someone they like.

Let us learn how you can answer the question “how do i know if she likes me” easily yourself, by observing her body language when she’s interacting with you!


How Can You Tell If A Girl Likes You

So Here’s our Top 10 Extremely Valuable Pointers on the topic “How Do You Know If a Girl Likes You” to help you know if she treats you more than just a friend (or merely as a good friend) … Enjoy!


1. She sticks close

Women have a personal boundary which they want people to respect. In other words, people are not allowed to come within a certain distance from touching her.

If she steps over these boundaries herself, or allows you in, she’s telling you that she likes you.

She might also come close to you when passing you something or when talking to you, or lean in real close when you’re talking under the pretext that she can’t really hear you.

If you see her exhibiting these signs when there’s no real need to, it’s a sign that she’s interested in you.


2. The finishing touch

When she’s comfortable having you in her personal space and she’s done just coming close to you or leaning towards you, she will get bolder with her advances.

She will find all forms of excuses to be able to engage in physical contact with you – leaning onto your knee to see what you’re showing her on your phone; playfully smacking your arm when she laughs; leaning onto your shoulder when there is a huge open space where you are.

Take note of these little hints she’s dropping – her actions may seem unintentional and accidental, but if she keeps doing it, she’s doing it on purpose because she likes you.


3. Watch her eyes

When you’re talking to her, where do her eyes look? If she looks straight at you, but her gaze wanders every so often towards your lips, she definitely wants you.

She’s looking at your lips because she’s imagining what it would feel like to kiss you.

If you find her losing her train of thought or her minds wanders while she’s looking at your lips, this girl is totally yours, buddy.


4. Watch her lips

After she lets her eyes wander all over your lips, she will unconsciously exhibit behaviors which put her lips in the limelight.

Lip touching, licking or biting is a very positive signal in your favor. You might also see her drawing attention to her lips whenever you’re around.

These include but are not limited to making cute faces which involve her lips, applying lipstick, or placing her finger on her lips to think.


5. Brow raising

This is a tricky signal to evaluate. A girl who likes you might raise her brow when she sees you, but a girl raising her brows at you doesn’t necessarily mean she likes you.

What?! How confusing, right? You should read this signal in parallel to the rest of her facial expression.

If she raises her brow at you while looking at you like you’re the sexiest thing she’s ever seen, it’s good for you.

If she does so while looking really disgusted or surprised, you’re best off not hitting on her anytime soon.


6. Arm position

Watch her arms when you interact with her – are they folded across her chest in a protective stance?

Or are they hanging relaxed by her side? Even better, are one of those arms touching you?

The arms move involuntarily based on their owners’ feelings, so if she has herself “open” to you, it means she’s receptive to you, and it’s pretty much good news in combination with the other points on this list.


7. Watch her chest

Okay, do NOT stare at her chest like a pervert or keep your eyes there for an extended period of time.

When women are in the presence of strangers or people they don’t like, they tend to protect their chest – thus the arm crossing move and they’ll likely stand in a position which doesn’t flaunt their assets. This is what you need to watch out for.

If she stands straight with her shoulders back and her chest out when you’re around, it’s highly possible that she’s interested in you because she wants you to notice her assets!


8. Pupil size

Women in the past used to take opium so that their pupils were in a constantly widened state. The same reasoning applies to why men find women much more attractive in a dark bar at night.

Pupils naturally widen in the dark, or when the owner of those pupils is excited. It’s a reaction which she can’t control, so there’s no way that she’s doing it intentionally to lead you on.

If you see a woman’s pupils dilate whenever she sees you, you can safely conclude that you’re the trigger which caused this reaction in her.


9. Flirty eyes

You know when a woman gives you those eyes and bats her eyes at you with a come-hither look? Yes, you know that look.

It might be a bit of a cliché and you might assume that no woman these days is crazy enough to do something so obvious to attract a man’s attention. It happens though, so look out for it.

Just be sure not to mistake her blinking because of dust in her eyes as a sign of interest in you and embarrass yourself.


10. Palm position

There are fancy medical terms to describe palm position, but thankfully you don’t need to know these.

Just watch the position and tension in her hands when you’re alone with her.

If her hands are down-turned and she’s constantly wringing them together, or have them clenched in a tight ball, you’re not good to go. I repeat, do not make a move on her.

If she has her hands relaxed, and you can see her palm, it’s pretty much a positive sign that she at least feels comfortable in your presence.


Concluding Insights on How Can You Tell If A Girl Likes You

So How Can You Tell If a Girl Likes You? Especially a lady you particularly fancy, and hope to take things forward with her. The answer, my friend, is to memorize all of the above tell-tale signs to see if she exhibits any of them when with you.

Importantly, do take note that you cannot simply pick up on just one or two of the aforementioned signs, and come to the conclusion that a girl likes you. No, No, No!

It is only a sign that she’s interested if she exhibits a couple of the signs on this list.

Make sure you hold yourself back till she shows more of these signs – women love to be chased, if you jump in too early, you’re only jeopardizing your chances with her.


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