How To Know If A Girl Likes You: Top 10 Fool-Proof Dating Tips & Dating Advice on How to Know if She Likes You

How To Know If A Girl Likes You: Top 10 Fool-Proof Dating Tips & Dating Advice on How to Know if She Likes You

Is a girl giving you mixed signals, and making you confused?

She sometimes makes you feel, like she’s totally into you. And, the two of you get along oh-so-fine.

The next moment she’s all cold, and has her proverbial back turned to you.

Girls sometimes want to play hard to get when dealing with their crush, which can be super confusing for inexperienced guys.

It can be one of the hardest things for a guy to tell if a girl likes him too.

However, if you learn how to fit the pieces of the puzzle together, things will get a lot easier for you subsequently.


How To Know If A Girl Likes You

1. She caught you staring, but you caught her staring back

It’s not a coincidence, that your eyes meet every single time you look at her.

That’s because she was looking at you, too, in the first place.

Chances are, the second your eyes meet, she will look away quickly.

When you have your head down and are occupied with something in class or at work, and you feel an intense gaze on your back, turn quickly to look at her.

Was it her who was staring?

If you continue to catch her in the act of staring at you, there’s a pretty high chance that she’s very much interested in you.

Because, coincidence doesn’t happen so often.


2. Her friends make a big hoo-hah when you come near

Walk over to her, when she’s surrounded by her close friends.

Do you see them poking and nudging her, while giggling amongst themselves?

At the same time, she’ll be beet red, and staring down into her lap or looking helpless as her friends tease her.

She might even steal a glance at you, and look away again quickly, which will rile up her friends even more.

It’s a girl thing.

If they’re hanging out in a pack, and teasing one girl with your incoming approach, she definitely has a crush on you.


3. She boosts your ego

When you mention how cool your friend’s sense of style is, she disagrees and says you dress much better.

She never fails to remind you what a sweet guy you are.

She mentions how lucky it would be, for a someone to be your girlfriend.

She wishes she knew a guy, as nice as you are.

These are all ways, in which she is telling you indirectly that she likes you!


4. She is touchy-feely – (#3 Very Obvious Sign on How To Know If A Girl Likes You)

She trips and holds onto your arm for support when you’re out walking – and doesn’t let go for a long time after.

She tells you how short her fingers are, and asks to compare them with yours, so she can place her palm against yours.

She wants to play silly little games, which require some form of physical contact.

In other words, she is just finding all ways and means to touch you, without making it look too conspicuous.

If you see a girl doing this exclusively to you (and not all other guys), there’s a very high chance, that she has feelings for you.


5. She’s always got your back

In arguments, she always takes your side.

She stands up for you, when people are talking badly, or even negatively in your favor.

However, you haven’t seen her do it for any other guy.

If you see her going out of her way, to take your side or doing so unnecessarily, she probably likes you.


6. She’s interested in your dating history

She likes you, see.

However, she has no idea what kind of girls you like, or what your pet peeves are.

She wants to find out if she fits the bill without asking you directly.

So, what does she do?

She brings up your exes and gets you to talk about your past relationships.

What kind of girl she was, what you loved about her, what made the relationship end?

She needs this information, in order to decide if she’d be a good fit as your next girlfriend.

She likes you for sure!


7. She wants to know about your daily life

If a girl is envisioning herself joining you beyond work or school hours, she will want to know what you do outside of those times.

Of course, she could be asking to fill the empty conversation space.

But if she starts asking about the details and you find her looking for similar interests, there’s a pretty good chance that she’s interested.


8. She always has time for you – (#1 Top Obvious Sign on How To Know If A Girl Likes You)

Even during the busiest periods of school or work, she replies immediately when you text, and is always eager for a conversation with you.

She’s willing to go out with your mutual group of friends, even though she has an assignment due the next day.

Because she knows you’ll be there.

Even when she was late for class and rushing to her next location, she stopped to have a chat with you.

When you passed by her in the hallway.


9. She makes sure that you know she’s single

Does she mention repeatedly, that she wants to date someone as perfect as you?

Does she moan, about having to go to the company or class Dance & Dinner as a group, with her friends once again?

She will take every chance, to remind you that she’s available.

She might even casually ask you out during one of her rants, so be sure to keep your ears open for that invite!


10. She doesn’t like you interacting with other girls – (#2 Most Obvious Sign on How To Know If A Girl Likes You)

When you mention another girl in your conversation with her, does the convo get sour real quick subsequently?

Does she disapprove of your taste, when you’re talking about a positive trait in another girl?

When you’re engrossed in a conversation, and seem to be having a really good time talking to a pretty girl.

Does she get cold and annoyed after?

These are all signs of jealousy.

There is absolutely no reason, for her to be jealous if she didn’t have feelings for you.

So, she surely has feelings for you!


Concluding Insights on How To Know If A Girl Likes You

On their own in isolation, there is no way that any one of these signs, will be able to ascertain whether or not a girl likes you.

However, if you see her exhibiting more than a few of these signs.

You’re well on your way on the road to success, with regards to confirming that she definitely likes you.

Time to make a move, boy!


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