How Do You Know If A Girl Likes You: Top 10 Obvious Signs Men Don’t Realize on How to Know If She Likes You

How Do You Know If A Girl Likes You: Top 10 Obvious Signs Men Don’t Realize on How to Know If She Likes You

It’s a cliché to say men will never understand women because women themselves don’t understand each other. This isn’t true!

Women aren’t complicated – you just don’t know how to read them right, or you aren’t paying enough attention.


How Do You Know If A Girl Likes You

Not to worry though, it’s never too late to start.

Here are the Top 10 Clear & Obvious Signs to help you detect if that elusive girl is actually interested in you … Enjoy this insightful article!


1. She allows you to step into her bubble – (Top #1 Dating Tip on How Do You Know if a Girl Likes You)

Women hate it when people, particularly men – invade their personal space.

When you come just a little too close for comfort and she doesn’t seem to mind it, she probably likes the close proximity of your interaction with her.

If she didn’t like it, you’ll hear it loud and clear soon enough with a slap or a shove or being pulled away by security for harassment charges.


2. She seems to know where you are

This sounds like major creep-ville, but if she likes you, she probably knows your work/class schedule, and will try her best to run into you.

She has probably talked to some of your friends so she might know where you are over the weekends as well.

If she follows you (or not) on social media and you happened to post your location and she shows up shortly after, you definitely know this girl has something going on for you!


3. She hangs around you all the time – (Best #2 Obvious Sign on How Do You Know if a Girl Likes You)

Even between people you consider as platonic friends, there is no way in hell that you’d love to spend time hanging around someone you hate.

True, you might be her closest male friend or you might rationalize that she might just have no one else to hang out with.

Either way, she enjoys spending time with you and that counts for something.

She likes you – you just have to find out the extent of her feelings of you.


4. Her neck is always in plain view

Most guys never notice this sign. Ever.

Yes, some girls just love to wear clothes or style their hair in a way which exposes their neckline.

However, if you see her flipping her hair, or moving it aside to expose her neck to you ever so subtly, you can convince yourself that she’s interested in you.

Girls do this because it makes them feel feminine and sexy – all girls want to look that way in front of someone they like!


5. She isn’t interested in other guys – (Clear #4 Fact on How Do You Know if a Girl Likes You)

When you’re in a big group talking about random things and someone brings up how good looking or how good someone is at something, she is sure to pipe up and say “Oh I don’t think so, I think (your name) is way better”.

She doesn’t ever bring up or talk about other guys, and when she does she’s looking straight at you to see how you react.


6. You know all her friends

This sign isn’t particularly indicative when you’re both part of the same friends group, but if even friends outside of your mutuals know who you are, it’s a sure sign that something is going on.

The ultimate sign would be when she invites you for an outing with her friends outside of your friends group.

She’s proud of you, and at the same time she wants to know what her friends think of you.


7. She tells you about her personal life – (Popular #3 Dating Advice on How Do You Know if a Girl Likes You)

Opening up to a stranger can be daunting and frankly, pointless.

If a girl opens up to you about a prior traumatic experience, or something emotional which happened to her recently, it’s because she trusts you, and wants to involve you in her life on a higher, more personal level.

This is a sign that she likes you for reasons beyond superficial appearances alone.


8. She wants you to be jealous

She shows off how popular she is amongst other guys, and shows you just how many guys want her.

Intentionally. In front of you.

If you’ve known her as someone who isn’t particularly flirty and she’s doing something like this on purpose, she is trying to catch your attention by doing so.

Now would be the perfect time to flirt with her to reciprocate her interest in you!


9. She looks different around you

Do you notice that she’s styled impeccably whenever you see her, and her makeup is flawless and on point?

However, when you unintentionally bump into her, she’s all casual and wearing minimal makeup, then she looks extremely flustered that you’ve seen her that way.

She’s definitely putting in lots of extra work to look perfect in front of you!

If you notice a girl doing this for you, you can just ask her out already – she definitely has the hots for you.


10. You rile her up really easily

You know that saying “you only hurt the ones you love”?

Well, that saying holds true here too, in a way.

You make her emotions go on a roller coaster ride with every word you say and everything you do because she cares so much about what you think of her.

If you see a girl reacting in an exaggerated manner to your every move, there’s a high chance that she has feelings for you.


Concluding Insights on How Do You Know If A Girl Likes You

You are now equipped with the knowledge to understand the subtle signs that she’s giving you!

You are a step and a leap ahead of other men who are unknowingly ignoring hints from a girl who likes them.

No more fumbling around in the dark for you – use this power to your advantage!


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