How To Know A Guy Likes You: Top 5 Blatantly Obvious & Clear Signs on How to Know If He Likes You

How To Know A Guy Likes You: Top 5 Blatantly Obvious & Clear Signs on How to Know If He Likes You

Every girl wants to know if the guy they like really likes them.

Does he just like you as a friend, or does he really like you?

For beginners in the game, it can be really hard to tell if that guy you’re into is just being friendly or if his feelings reciprocate yours.


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How To Know A Guy Likes You

If you’re in a tight spot wondering if that elusive guy likes you back, we have compiled a list to help you tell if he really likes you.

Even if he checks off one or two points in this list, there’s a glimmer of hope that he likes you more than a friend.

If he checks all the signs, you should get ready for him to ask you out soon!


1. Skinship

Did you just get your hair done at the salon and mentioned it to him?

He’ll want to touch your hair and tell you how smooth it feels.

Did you just get a new necklace or other accessory? He’ll want to touch that too.

The bottom line is that he finds every window of opportunity to make skin contact with you.

Guys are just like that when they like a girl – it’s wired into their physiology.

When you guys meet up or part ways, he hugs you for just a little too long.

This doesn’t mean that he’s a pervert or trying to force indecent things onto you.

It’s just that guys like being in contact with someone they like as much as possible.

So, if you realize that a guy is doing this to you, he likes you for sure!

We just hope for the best that the guy who is doing this to you is the one you like, otherwise it can leave you in a pretty awkward spot after realizing that other guy’s intentions.


2. Pet Names

Let’s face it, you’ll only bother thinking of pet names and using them on someone you’re close to and genuinely like.

If you do it to a stranger or someone you hate it won’t have that sweet and endearing feel to it.

If he constantly teases you with a name he made up for you, or he calls you something no one else does, it’s very likely that he has a soft spot somewhere in his heart for you.

This is pretty much a foolproof indicator that a guy likes you – especially if he’s the reserved kind or if he doesn’t have a pet name for anyone else but you.


3. Gift Gambit

Guys don’t give gifts to girls for no apparent reason.

He may not have an ulterior motive behind his actions, but he definitely wants you to be aware of his presence and that he feels something for you.

Does he give you the gifts with excuses like it was something he accidentally came across on his trip and thought of you so he just had to get it?

If he’s been buying you things left and right and giving you a ton of extra attention, he’s making it really obvious here – he’s saying “Pay attention to me!! I like you!” – loud and clear as day.

Him exhibiting this sign pushes the probability of him liking you way, way up high. He might as well hold a placard saying he likes you!


4. You’re the apple of his eye

This one sign is easier to notice when you’re with him amongst a group of people. Does he blatantly do favors for you above anyone else?

For example, he offers to bring you your drink when he sees your glass is empty, or he offers you tissues the exact moment you needed to wipe your mouth.

The reason he can act so promptly is because he’s been keeping his eye on you – he can’t help but stare at you because he likes you!

The complications arise when the guy happens to be someone really helpful in the first place.

However, if he truly likes you, you will be able to spot the difference in the way he treats you compared to the other people in the group.

He’ll be just that little bit more helpful and kind to you.


5. You’re famous amongst his friends

Have you ever introduced yourself to someone from his friend group, and they respond by saying “Yeah, I know”.

If you’re wondering why his friends seem so well acquainted with you, it’s probably because he talks about you a lot with them.

That’s what guys do – they tell their close friends who they’re interested in, and try to get feedback and advice to win that special girl’s heart!

This is a really good sign – it means that he really likes you, to be able to confide in his friends and talk to them about you.

If you say hi or wave to him while he’s with his friends, do you notice the group stirring with energy and all his friends bump his arm or give him that look?

When you turn your attention to the guy in question, is he frozen up or sitting in a really tense position?

If the group dynamics shift drastically when you come by, you know something is up.

This method is probably the easiest to utilize – just talk to a couple of his friends and if they seem warm and receptive and seem to know more about you than they should, you probably stand a good chance of him crushing on you.

Watch how his friends react when you come near the guy in question – if they start teasing or cat calling, you can rest assured that this guy is all yours.


Concluding Insights on How To Know A Guy Likes You

So, are you still confused whether the guy likes you, or not?

If you are, do also check out our other very insightful articles on this topic …

How do i know if he likes me? How to tell if he likes you? How do you know if a guy likes you?

Figuring out whether a guy is interested in you, is actually not difficult.

Once you get a grasp on the signs and behavior a guy exhibits when he likes someone, you can then tell with ease whether he has feelings for you.


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