How To Know If A Shy Girl Likes You: Top 10 Obvious Signs & Clues on How to Know If She Likes You

How To Know If A Shy Girl Likes You: Top 10 Obvious Signs & Clues on How to Know If She Likes You

There is no way you’re going to find out a shy girl likes you just by waiting for her to flirt, tell you outright or ask you out.

However, shy girls are humans too. They will expose their feelings in some form if you look hard enough.

You will have to play the leading role in finding out if she likes you and even in asking her out if your observations affirm your suspicions.


How To Know If A Shy Girl Likes You

If there’s a shy girl you like and you want to know if she likes you back, here’s some tips to help you out!


1. She steals glances – (Top #1 Best Dating Tip on How To Know If A Shy Girl Likes You)

If you’ve never experienced this before you may be a little weird out, when you catch that one girl who keeps glancing at you.

She likes you, but she’s afraid to tell anyone, much less you, so all she can do is look at her crush – you!

If she’s a shy person who generally keeps her head down instead of looking around but you catch her looking at you, there’s a good chance she likes you.

She may even look away quickly while blushing each time you catch her in the act.

There’s also the probability that she’s just doing that because your shirt is on backwards, so do look out for the other signs too.


2. She laughs (or giggles) a lot around you – (Best #2 Dating Advice on How to Know if a Shy Girl Likes You)

You could just be a really funny guy naturally, so it’s common for people to laugh at things you say.

What you need to watch out for is her giggling in a nervous or unnatural manner around you, or even the fact that she giggles when she normally doesn’t around other people.

If you’re a really funny guy and people always laugh at your jokes anyway, it might be a little hard to tell.

Wait for that one time where your joke falls flat, yet she finds it funny anyway. Then you’ll know for sure that she likes you.


3. She acts like she hates you

When you’re alone together, she’s fidgety and awkward and looks like she wishes she was anywhere else but here.

Of course, it’s very possible that she truly hates you, but cross reference the way she acts when you’re in a group.

If she’s nice and receptive when you’re in a group but acting really weird when you’re left alone together, there’s a high chance that she likes you, thus she feels really uncomfortable being left alone with her crush.

She isn’t doing it on purpose, she just has no idea what to do or say to a guy she likes when there’s no one else around to act as a buffer.


4. She’s hot and cold

When you guys are texting, she flirts non-stop, but when you see her in person, she doesn’t even look you in the eye.

It’s not that she doesn’t want to; she’s just too shy to do it.

Have you ever asked a shy person how hard it is to look their crush in the eye? Yeah, it’s hard.

It’s also much easier for shy people to express themselves when they’re hiding behind a screen or typing it out.

Whereas in person it can be really daunting to say things she really means in case she doesn’t get the response she expected out of you.


5. She confuses you

If she sees another girl making a move on you, she won’t show her jealousy or sadness out right – she might even support you when you talk about someone else instead of expressing her real feelings.

This might make it really complicated on your part because this certainly makes it seem like she’s not romantically interested in you.

One subtle cue you can pick up on is the look in her eyes, or her tone of voice when she first talks to you after you mention a different girl or after a girl hits on you.

She’ll look kind of sad for a moment, but the look vanishes in an instant.

Her voice might sound choked up for the first few words, but she’ll sound normal after that.

It can be really hard, but if you observe carefully, you will eventually pick up on this sign.


6. She seems nervous all the time – (Clear #4 Fact on How to Know if a Shy Girl Likes You)

When you talk to her, she answers quickly and looks away whenever she catches your eye while you’re talking.

If you compliment her, she’ll stutter and stumble over her words or come up with an intelligible reply.

It’s not that she’s socially inept or she hates talking to you. It’s also not that she has confidence issues.

She’s just not used to being in the spotlight and has no idea how to react to the sudden attention.

If she gets flustered whenever you compliment her or even talk to her, she has feelings for you.


7. You have to make the first move – (Popular #3 Sign on How to Know if a Shy Girl Likes You)

She doesn’t initiate anything first, ever. However, she is different from girls who are playing hard to get.

She will be enthusiastic and really happy whenever you text or talk to her first.

She’ll reply immediately, and she won’t shoot you down or embarrass you.

Don’t be discouraged that you always seem to be the one initiating contact because love advice columns tell you not to do so.

If you don’t make the first move, she won’t either, because that’s just how shy girls are.

Steel your nerves and initiate contact! If she’s responsive to you, she’s just waiting for the guy she likes to make the first move.


8. She will never make it obvious

If you’re really lucky, she might be brave enough to muster up the courage to talk to you.

However, you will never see her doing anything flashy to catch your attention like sporting a new haircut or color, a new makeup style or put on a flashy outfit.

Shy girls would always choose to stay in the background rather than standing out.

She would hate the attention she gets when her friends notice that something about her has changed.

She would hate the questions people ask her about that change she made to capture your attention.

She would rather that you like her as she is, not because she made some drastic change to her appearance.


9. She is very nice to you

She is the kind of girl who many guys classify as someone in their friend zone.

She loves spending time with you.

She listens to you when you offload your troubles and concerns.

She replies in a kind and caring way.

She helps you out whenever you need it.

Yet she never makes the move to be flirty or sexual in any way.

She’s like your best bro, only she’s a girl.


10. Her body faces you

Now this sounds really weird, but once we get it explained you’ll totally get what this means.

Whenever you talk to her or you’re sitting near her, make sure to look at the direction her body faces. Not her head.

When you call someone, they can either turn their head or their entire body towards you.

If she turns her entire body when you call her, it’s a positive sign that she feels affection for you.

It could also be that when she’s sitting near you, she might have her head turned to someone else, but her body will face towards you.

This is a really subtle sign and it might not be fully accurate on its own, so be sure to combine it with the other signs listed above.


Concluding Insights on How To Know If A Shy Girl Likes You

Understanding the above 10 obvious signs that she is interested in you, will help you to know whether or not this shy girl actually likes you.

If she exhibits a few of these behaviors in your presence, and you are likewise interested in her, then hey – what are you still waiting for?

Ask her out, spend time with her and get to know her better. And of course, be sure to prop the question to ask her to be your girlfriend, whenever you are ready.

Or at least, to be your Casual Relationship partner, if you are not looking for a Committed and Serious Relationship.


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