How To Tell If A Girl Likes You: 6 Obvious Hints on How to Know If a Girl Likes You & Here's How You Should React

How To Tell If A Girl Likes You: 6 Obvious Hints on How to Know If a Girl Likes You & Here’s How You Should React

Men these days can be pretty clueless, even though a girl might be shoving it in his face that she likes him.

Are you one of them? There’s no need to be embarrassed, some of us are just less perceptive than others; it’s not a crime!

In this article, we’ll learn about some obvious clues girls may be dropping to tell a guy she likes them, and a guide on how you should respond to her hints to give the best first impression.

Or, when you’re hanging out with your friends, did you ever think that a girl in your near vicinity might be interested in you?

How did you act on those feelings? How should you have acted?

Trying to find out if a girl is interested in you can be pretty difficult, especially if they’re not someone you’re particularly close to.

Sometimes it’s impossible to tell if it’s just her personality that she’s acting the way she does around you.

What does it mean when a girl does something which catches your attention?

What should you do? Read on to find out more.


How To Tell If A Girl Likes You


1. Constant Glances

During lunch hours or after work gatherings, you constantly feel someone’s gaze on you.

When you turn to look in the direction of the gaze, you see a girl avert her eyes hurriedly.

There’s definitely something going on here.

Either there’s something off with the way you look today, or that girl might be finding you irresistible.

Try it a few more times and look at her expression.

If it’s a coy, bashful look, chances are she finds you attractive.


How should you react?

Girls are shy creatures. Even the most boisterous and loud girls can turn coy, in the presence of someone they like.

When you notice the above happening, don’t try to flaunt your good luck in front of your friends by marching up to the aforementioned girl – it might terrify her into rejecting you.

Take it slow, and give her a sexy smile, the next time you catch her looking at you.

Do it a few more times before approaching her.

Some guys make the wrong move by being too confrontational. This can be pretty daunting in a girl’s eyes.

You already know she’s attracted to you, so there’s really no need to shock her into admitting it.

Wait till you see the tension dissipate slightly before making your move.


2. She plays with her hair

It’s a known psychological fact that girls, for some reason, play with their hair in the presence of someone they’re attracted to.

Men love girls with healthy, shining locks, and girls know this fact.

She may twirl it around her fingers or flip her hair over her shoulder.

Whatever it is, she’s trying to make herself look more attractive than she already is.

Of course, she may just enjoy the feeling of running her fingers through her own hair, but if she’s doing this while looking you in the eye and smiling flirtatiously, she’s definitely got a thing for you.


How should you react?

First of all, you need to look carefully. Is she doing this act for you, or is she doing it absentmindedly while doing work?

You know this act is for your sake when she makes eye contact with you while doing it, or if she only does it in your presence.

Otherwise, don’t make a fool of yourself by assuming she likes you when she doesn’t.

A really good indicator would be if she starts playing with her hair each time you talk to her, but she doesn’t do so otherwise.

When you see her doing it, compliment her on how cute and feminine she looks when she does that.

Be straightforward and look right at her while saying it, nothing fancy.

If she blushes and does it subsequently when she talks to you, she’s all yours for the taking!


3. Talking to you Excites Her – (Top #2 Dating Tip on How To Tell If A Girl Likes You)

How does she react when you say hello to her?

Does she just do a customary nod and friendly smile with a “Hi”, and walk away or resume what she was doing?

Or does she beam like she just won the lottery and get all chatty, and linger around to continue a conversation with you?

When you start paying attention to her expressions, you’ll know when a girl likes you from the way she reacts to you.

When she’s talking to you, you might find that she leans in just a little too close, or she always chooses to stand in a spot which is way too close for comfort when you don’t like a person in that special way.


How should you react?

If she looks elated to have bumped into you and doesn’t seem to want to stop talking, and always acts like a coy schoolgirl around you, you know she’s not just being friendly.

Grab hold of that opportunity and tell her that you’re happy to see her, and talking to her makes your day.

You can even go so far as to lead the conversation into asking her out on a date.

For example, you could say “Hey, I think we get along really well, and my day seems instantly better when I talk to you.

How about we grab some coffee over the weekend so we have more time to chat away from the distractions of the office? I know a great place.”

The best time of day for a first date would be the afternoon, so she’d feel safe meeting you for the first time outside of work, and if it goes well it gives you room to extend the date to dinner.

Of course, if you mention you know a place, you should do some research and bring her somewhere nice, for that all important first date.


4. Overreacting – (Top #4 Clear Sign on How To Tell If A Girl Likes You)

When you like someone, your heart can’t help but beat faster when you’re around them.

This acceleration in heart rate makes you jittery and nervous, and when there’s a slight stimulus you tend to overreact.

It’s like how girls can’t stop giggling, when they see a hot guy walk past.

Or how guys make exaggerated moves in the gym, when a babe struts in.

People will try to catch the eye of someone they’re interested in by any means possible.

If you notice a girl walking past you really, really often, even if there’s no reason for her to pass that way.

She might be really clumsy when she notices your presence.

She might also laugh in an exaggerated manner or more often than normal when you’re around.

You see her smiling really hard at you when she walks past you and your eyes meet.


How should you react?

Okay, now that you know she’s being awkward and making exaggerated moves because she’s interested, the last thing you want to do is point it out to her.

If she keeps walking past you for no reason, copy her! Walk past her and make sure you catch her eye and smile.

She’ll soon notice that you’re doing that, and then it’s time for you to initiate a conversation!

Judging from the way she’s been expressing herself, she’ll never be the one to make the first move. It has to be you.

The best time to do this would be to utilize opportunities, and to be as natural as possible.

If she’s queuing up for lunch and you see her, talk about the lunch menu.

Or comment on how good her order looks and mention how you’re going to order the same thing.

You need to lead the conversation and invite her into it.

The content of your conversation starter is not important at all.

It can be practically anything, as long as it’s not something controversial or offensive.


5. She can’t stop complimenting you – (Top #3 Dating Advice on How To Tell If A Girl Likes You)

Women tend to compliment each other a lot, rather than doing it to a man.

The fact that a girl is doing this to you, means that her comment about you is genuine.

Furthermore, if she constantly does it, she probably sees you in a different light altogether.

If she looks at you through rose tinted glasses, she probably likes you.

If she really likes you, she may even comment on how aspects of you align with her idea of an ideal man ��� for example she compliments your looks, your style, or mannerisms and says she wishes she had a boyfriend with those attributes.


How should you react?

Come on, this girl is making it blatantly obvious for you that she likes you.

The best thing that could happen to a girl would be to receive compliments from the guy she likes.

So that is exactly what you should do. Don’t do it for the sake of doing it.

Find the right moment, and compliment her on something you genuinely feel.

The best moment to do it would be when you’re alone together, yet in a public space such as an elevator, or when you’re both early at work together and there’s no one else around.

If you’re up to the challenge and you think the intimacy won’t offend her, you can even deliver your compliment through a whisper.

If she’s comfortable enough for you to do that, you’ll leave her with tingles up and down her spine as you walk away after complimenting her.


6. She literally wants to know everything about you – (Top #1 Obvious Sign on How To Tell If A Girl Likes You)

Does she ask you way too many questions which your other friends wouldn’t care to ask about you?

Is she concerned about your relationship status?

Does she ask about what your ideal type of girl is, or how your exes were like?

Probing questions like these are pretty good indicators that she likes you more than a friend.

Of course, there is the possibility that she may be asking purely out of curiosity, but the chances are slim.

Other than the girlfriend related questions, does she also want to know about what you do in your spare time or on the weekend?

Does she ask about your favorite songs, movies, books, and everything else in between?

If she does this, it’s very likely that she’s thinking of possible date ideas if you were to ever go on one.


How should you react?

You must realize that this girl is asking plenty of questions people ask their partners on the first date.

So why is she doing this to you? The answer is pretty simple.

She likes you, or at least she’s very much interested in you.

You could always ask similar questions in return to reciprocate the attention she’s giving you.

She’s repetitively telling you that she likes you, and she’s just waiting for you to ask her out – it couldn’t be curiosity at this point.

Ask her out on a simple date such as going to the movies, or getting coffee or a meal together.

You could also play it safe and ask her if she wants to go out together over the weekend, and let her choose the place.

Whatever you do, don’t make it seem like you’re asking her out because you know she likes you. yes, you do know – but you want her to feel like you’re asking because you’re interested.


Concluding Insights on How To Tell If A Girl Likes You

Have you observed some, or most, of all the above signs on how to know if a girl likes you?

If you have, then what you are waiting for? She is there waiting for you to claim her as her prince charming.

Go forth, and wait no longer – she is already yours (if you’re still too muddleheaded to figure that out)!

Enjoy your romance and dating relationship with her – and we wish you both all the very best, lots of joy, fun, adventure and fulfillment together, as a romantic couple.


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