Best Free FWB Apps: Top 7 Best Friends With Benefits App Which Are Lesser Known But Does Its Job Perfectly

Best Free FWB Apps: Top 7 Best Friends With Benefits App Which Are Lesser Known But Does Its Job Perfectly

FWB Apps are aplenty in the app store – both Android and Apple.

As such it is not surprising that the big players in the industry will always get the most attention, given the amount they spend on advertising just to be on top of the search results page.

Just because these Open Relationship Apps appear on the top, doesn’t mean they are the best.

That’s why we have decided to try our luck in these Best Free FWB Apps which appear further down in the search results … Enjoy!


Best Free FWB Apps


2. Raya – Highly Recommend among the Best Free FWB Apps

Available on: iOS

If exclusivity is your kind of thing, Raya might be the app to consider.

While it’s not the intention for Raya to be used as a Casual Dating App, we have heard some success stories from within where users manage to find Friends With Benefits from within Raya.

This app works by focusing on expanding users’ professional networks and contact.

It targets the creative industries, and all users are screened before they are allowed to use this Casual Relationship App.

Be prepared to pay a monthly membership though!


3. POF Dating – Large User Database among the Best Free FWB Apps

Available on: Android and iOS

While this isn’t the biggest Non Monogamous Relationship player in the Dating App industry, it’s certainly not to be missed.

Even if it isn’t a big fish, it boasts an exceedingly decent number of members – 70 million registered users.

Now we all know that when it comes to FWB Apps, big numbers are EVERYTHING.

This means that your chances of getting laid with POF, is pretty high we’d say.

What’s great about POF is that they are constantly updating their apps with new features, so at least you will not be wasting your time with them.


3. Hily

Available on: Android and iOS

The best part of Hily, in our opinion, is the unique security system which blocks off abusive messages, before they get sent from user to user.

This Online Dating App features a highly intelligent algorithm which matches users according to the write-ups on the profiles.

We had a chance to use this Friends With Benefits App, and we would say it really does suggests pretty relevant matches.

Hily also claims to verify all newly signed-up users with their uploaded photo IDs, so at least you’d know you aren’t dating a wanted person.

Works pretty much like Tinder, and it’s definitely worth a try.


4. Clover Dating

Available on: Android and iOS

Not sure if “clever dating” was what they had originally intended for, but Clover Dating does have one of the most interactive dating features we have experienced with thus far.

We don’t want to spoil the fun you’d get with this Dating Site, but suffice to say that Clover Dating provides the user with truly unique experiences to find possible likely dates for a variety of purpose – from Serious Relationships to Casual Relationships to Friends With Benefits.

Things get even more exciting, when you sign up for a premium account!


5. Pickable

Available on: Android and iOS

Now here’s an interesting Dating App, that ensures that women looking to meet people are comfortable in doing so.

For some reason, this FWB Site doesn’t require ladies to upload photos of themselves, and furthermore it allows them to browse through profiles and message men whom they are interested in.

For the men though, there’s really nothing much you can do except to wait for someone to take interest in you.

I suppose the whole idea behind Pickable, is for the ladies to pick the guys they desire.

Now that sounds like girl power to us!


6. The League

Available on: Android and iOS

If you’ve lots of cash to spare, and got the necessary documentation to prove your assets, go ahead and sign up at The League.

The League is an Exclusive Dating account whose target audience is the rich.

It’s often cited as being an elitist, but I guess being rich does have it perks, right?

The membership fee is on the high side ($29 per month) but all users are vetted thoroughly.

If this is your cup of tea, go ahead and try it.


Concluding Insights on Best Free FWB Apps

So… remember to scroll through this excellent page in detail, because you never know what gems among the Best Free FWB Apps you might be missing out on!


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