FWB App: 7 FWB Dating Apps that Really Work for Finding a Friends With Benefits

FWB App: 7 FWB Dating Apps that Really Work for Finding a Friends With Benefits

Here’s the situation – there are tonnes of FWB Dating Apps out there vying for the attention of men and women looking to score a casual Hook Up and some nice sex every night.

The question is, which FWB App are the ones that actually work? We know that finding a good Friends With Benefits App that fulfills its promise can be a frustrating process.


Listing of the Best FWB App and FWB Dating Sites

So here are our Top 7 FWB Apps that you might wish to consider since they have been reported to have worked well by users like yourself (Do note that they are arranged based on our recommended Order of Preference) … Enjoy!


1. Happy Matches (www.happymatches.com)

(Mobile-friendly Site available – Mobile Apps on iOS and Android coming soon!)

HappyMatches is widely recognized as the No.1 “Must Use” FWB App/Site in the world to find your ideal Friends With Benefits.

Besides its already huge and ever rapidly growing database of Users, what stands out is how the site sieves out inappropriate Users (eg. scammers, fakes, duplicates and time-wasters) with its unique and revolutionary methods.

Firstly, the World’s 1st “Facial Recognition Verification” process means that only genuine people (not bots) can register for accounts and use the Happy Matches site.

Secondly, advanced AI algorithms further automatically remove profiles that violate the site’s terms of use.

Thirdly, you can zoom in directly to focus on profiles looking for a FWB Relationship (without the usual having to waste lots of time figuring out what Type of Dating Relationship the persons you’re chatting with are looking for).

Fourthly, use of HappyMatches.com is incredibly cheap and affordable. “Date” accounts use the portal completely free of charge. “Suitor” accounts need only pay USD 1 for a 30-days trial usage, which renews at a mere USD 10 per month thereafter (although you can upgrade your subscription to higher plans to stand out from the crowd of competitors)!

Truly, and without a doubt, Happy Matches offers superb “value-for-money” for its effectiveness as a FWB App. It helps you save time and effort to find your ideal and dream FWBs for a rewarding and fulfilling Friends With Benefits relationship.


2. Tinder

(Available on iOS and Android)

No surprises that the World’s most established Dating App is an excellent hunting grounds for your ideal Friends With Benefits as well.

Besides being perceived as the app to use to find Hook Ups, Tinder is also good if you’re looking for a Dating Relationship (like FWBs) which is a little less flaky with a medium to longer term view.

With its mega database of millions of Users, it’s easy to find a suitable Friends With Benefits if you are patient and persevering enough. Remember to ignore any profiles that look dubious or scammy (especially those with overseas locations), and also be sure not to add any suspicious users who very quickly ask you to exit the Tinder app and chat with them on other external chat apps (like WeChat or Whatsapp).

The secret of success for finding a FWB in Tinder is to subtly ask and figure out whether the profiles you’re chatting with are keen on more Casual Dating relationships, otherwise you’ll be wasting a lot of your time trying to convince someone looking for a Committed Relationship or Serious Relationship to convert, only to be ignored by them when they realize your true agenda.


3. Whiplr

(Available on iOS and Android)

Now, this isn’t for the faint-hearted or even starters. Unless you’d consider yourself pretty hardcore and wouldn’t mind going straight into the business.

Whiplr is ideal for fellows looking to have their fetishes satisfied and meeting like-minded people who have no qualms in talking about such fetishes.

In Whiplr, you are matched up with individuals who are into the same kinks as you, and you get to declare if you’re someone who is “Just Curious” or simply into “Objects”.

The downside? There’s limited free usage before you are asked to pay a monthly subscription. But hey, that’s a small price to pay if the app does what it’s supposed to, isn’t it?


4. Tonight

(Available on iOS)

The concept in Tonight is pretty much straightforward – users indicate if they are available to hang out that night, and the system broadcasts this information along with the location.

This greatly reduces the frustrations of failed meet-ups due to incompatible locations. Bear in mind though that this app is not exclusively meant for casual encounters, but like all its predecessors it may eventually evolve into one.

Just be sure to make your intentions clear in the bio so that you don’t get yourself mashed up in an awkward situation!

And oh, it’s only available in New York City but who knows this would have changed by the time you read this.


5. Feeld

(Available on iOS and Android)

This is the go-to FWB App for those who have always yearned for threesomes or orgies. Similar to Tinder, users simply have to swipe to indicate their interest towards a potential f*ck partner, only that you get to select what configuration of male / females you’re looking for.

There is also an option to link the app to Facebook to make sure you’re not wasting your time with bots.

What’s great about Feeld is that you can edit your name on the app right after logging into Facebook; to a certain extent you get to protect a little bit of your privacy, but we’d honestly rather create a separate account for this purpose.


6. Grindr

(Free on iOS and Android)

Looking for an app that caters to the LGBT community? Grindr is probably one of the better apps out there. Grindr features details that are often left out in other mainstream apps – it tells users exactly how far they are from each other.

It’s also unsurprising to find profile pictures featuring various body parts as opposed to the usual pretty faces you see in mainstream apps.

That’s because Grindr was created with the intention to skip formalities and get to the grinding.

The only complaint we would have about the app would be its advertisements; but that really isn’t a bad thing since these ads may genuinely be quite relevant to Gay Men.


7. DOWN Dating

(Available on iOS and Android)

Like the name suggests, this app is down to earth and finds you genuine f*ck buddies in the fastest way possible. How does it verify the authenticity of your potential f*ck buddies though? Through intelligent Facebook integration of course. That said, you’d better have a separate account on Facebook for this purpose because you wouldn’t want to be swiping through friends and relatives on the app (yucks! Unless of course, you’ve got some really hot relatives …)


Concluding Insights on the Best FWB App & FWB Sites to Find Your Friends With Benefits

We trust that you’ve finally found something that actually works for you.

Once you have identified that FWB App and FWB Dating Site which suits you best, take some time to learn the ropes and understand the features so that you can maximize them for your advantage.

Before you know it, you’d be well on your way to scoring some good sex with like-minded people you found through the FWB Dating Apps.

Have fun, and stay safe!


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