Best FWB App: Top 6 FWB Dating Apps to Find Friends With Benefits if You Value Friends First & Benefits Later

Best FWB App: Top 6 FWB Dating Apps to Find Friends With Benefits if You Value Friends First & Benefits Later

When people think “Friends With Benefits”, they think it’s all about meeting up just for the sex.

While that’s partially true, it definitely doesn’t capture the full essence of a FWB Relationship. It only says about the “benefits” part of the term.

What people fail to realize is that for those who are in FWB Arrangements, they are actually friends – and that means looking for a Friends With Benefits is NOT about finding a f*ck buddy.

They are very different terms which are often confused with each other.

This distinction has to be clarified, so that you can appreciate this list of the 6 Best FWB Apps which we are about to recommend, if you’re looking to find potential friends (which could then lead to a Friends With Benefits Relationship).


Best FWB App: A Friends With Benefits Relationship Starts from Being Friends

If you want to find a Friends With Benefits, start with finding friends whom you can click well with and enjoy spending time with.

Thereafter, progress things on towards a FWB Relationship.

Use the 6 Best FWB App below to find your lovely friends, and build the friendship and relationship into a fulfilling Friends With Benefits arrangement … Enjoy!


2. Now

Another online dating app for busy professionals – Now is an app that doesn’t accept “I’m busy” for an excuse to reject a date.

That’s because users have to include their schedule into their profile and the system suggests matches based on the compatibility of two person’s uploaded schedule.

You can also choose to initiate dates with users whom you feel are suited to your own availability.

It’s a great concept not just for busy professionals, but generally people who don’t have much time to waste.


3. Hinge

Hinge is great for people who don’t mind meeting friends of friends of friends of friends (you get the drift).

That’s because it integrates nicely with Facebook and uses that as a basis for date recommendations.

The downside obviously, is that you have to play your cards well and carefully.

After all, you wouldn’t want to be labelled a jerk in the presence of your friends and family members in your social media network.


4. Facebook Dating

You heard us right – yes, Facebook Dating. It’s not yet officially available yet but it’s definitely under the pipeline.

They have even put it through a trial period in Columbia (although we haven’t heard anything about how great or not-so-great it is thus far).

From what we know, Facebook would suggest other singles in your news feed who are open to meeting new people.

You can also browse through events or groups that these “available singles” have joined, to get to know even more people.

If Facebook’s on this, it’s definitely going to be a hit in the future so stay tuned!


5. It’s Just Lunch

Now this is NOT an app, but it clearly deserves to get into this list.

It’s Just Lunch (or IJL) takes dating offline because the creators felt that that’s the rightful place for dating.

Its major target audience? Busy professionals who just can’t find time to meet people.

The whole process is pretty straightforward – you will be interviewed by the dating professionals at IJL, and they’ll set you up for a date with someone who, in their professional opinion, should be compatible with you.

Even though this seems like a place for Serious Dating, we can’t say that the possibility of befriending a FWB is zero here. No harm trying!


6. Tastebuds

Speaking of novel ideas, this app is commendable for its attempts at drawing its own user base.

The unique feature of Tastebuds is that it matches users based on their music preference.

That makes a lot of sense because going to a concert together with a new date could be very good fun!

Besides, you’re already certain there’ll be something you both could talk about and that’s half the battle won.

While it’s not the most popular app, we definitely see its potential!


Concluding Insights on Best FWB App

So obviously by now, besides the obvious and excellent HappyMatches FWB Site, you’d realize this list isn’t going to find you a f*ck buddy.

Rather, you could use them to meet new people and form new friendships that may bring you benefits along the way.

Patience in finding and connecting with your Friends With Benefits is key – somethings just cannot be rushed.

And it doesn’t hurt to know more people, isn’t it?


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