Friends With Benefits App: Top 7 Best & Free Classic Must-Download FWB Apps to Find a Friends With Benefits

Friends With Benefits App: Top 7 Best & Free Classic Must-Download FWB Apps to Find a Friends With Benefits

If you’ve been into FWB Relationships for a while now, you’d probably be no stranger to these Friends With Benefits Apps.

In fact, you’d have surely scored a few hot chicks in at least one of these FWB Apps.


Friends With Benefits App: Presenting the “Best” of the “Best” FWB Apps

If there’s one reason why these have been considered classic, it would be the fact that they have a steadily growing user base.

And numbers are all you need, when it comes to succeeding in Online Dating.

Here are the Top 7 Friends With Benefits Apps you should consider using, in no order of preference, with the exception of HappyMatches which is clearly the “King” of the FWB Dating niche … Enjoy!


2. Hinge (

Hinge allows users to find potential dates based on social media connections and Facebook integration.

Not the best way of looking for a date or fwb we’d say unless you don’t have a life and you use Facebook solely to stalk potential fwbs.

Urgh, creepy! Good news is that recently, Hinge no longer require Facebook integration to work, so that means it has become a mainstream dating app.

It’s a good time to download and try it out.


3. Coffee Meets Bagel (

If you’ve been shopping around, this name should definitely ring some bells.

It takes on quite a few features from Tinder (not surprising really – many apps are a blatant rip-off from Tinder) but on top of that, it has some other features unique to CMB.

The notifications may be helpful to some, but if you’re into something more discreet you’re better off looking elsewhere for a date.

The overall user interface is clean and easy to use though.


4. Happn (

If you’re sick and tired of failed dates due to location mis-mathces, Happn might be a great alternative.

The app basically matches people who are physically near to one another thanks to its location-based system.

It’s a good app to consider especially if you’ve just recently moved to a new location and wanting to meet new people.

We have also heard of people using the app when they are clubs or bars to score some easy hook-ups.

It’s a novel idea really, but if this needs to kick off, it’ll have to gather a much larger user base.


5. Bumble (

What’s unique about Bumble is that it allows women to make the first move.

How it works is that ladies will get to browse the user base for suitable male candidates, and once they’ve found someone whom they are keen to make contact with, they can use the message feature on the app.

Once that is done, guy has 24 hours to respond. If that doesn’t happen, the system automatically moves on to the next better candidate.


6. Tinder (

Probably one of the most versatile dating apps around ��� Tinder allows users to find all sorts of partners – from soul mates to friends to casual f*ck buddies; you name it.

The trick is to look out for the keywords on profiles so that you don’t send the wrong messages.

The user interface is fantastic, and it’s easy to pick it up after a few swipes.

If you’re looking for a reliable, not-too-buggy app to begin, Tinder is the one which you should try out first.


7. OkCupid (

Over the years, OkCupid has become more and more like Tinder.

That’s not to say that you should ditch this Open Relationship App altogether.

Instead, we think it’d be a good move to use a few apps simultaneously, just so that you increase your chances of getting laid.

The interesting thing about OkCupid is that when you send a message to someone, that message doesn’t get revealed to the recipient unless he or she likes you back.

In a way, you can be sure that any replies you get is good news. Pretty smart system we say!


Concluding Insights on Friends With Benefits App

Whatever FWB App you’re on, always remember to be respectful towards the people you meet.

Even you end up not getting laid, take it as a chance to have met someone new.

After all, you wouldn’t know what the future holds and that person might end up in bed with you one day.


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