Friends With Benefits Rules: The Top 3 Essential Rules of FWBs

Friends With Benefits Rules: The Top 3 Essential Rules of FWBs

Just broke off with your partner and looking for a way to get over him or her? Or perhaps you may feel that your sex life is lacking the oomph factor. Whatever your reasons may be, you may be considering having Friends With Benefits since you’re looking at this article. You may occasionally fantasize about the cute guy you see at the lecture theater every week, or even your girlfriend’s sister who is hot as hell.

What if things could go saucy without any strings attached? What if the person you’re fantasizing about, has a similar inkling towards you? Well, you’d be glad to know that research indicates a significant number of people have had Friends With Benefits relationships at least once in their lifetime.

What’s crucial to the success of these FWB relationships is to play by the FWB Rules … Read on for the Valuable Insights!!!


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Friends With Benefits Rules - FWB Rules - Friends With Benefits

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The Top 3 Friends With Benefits Rules

Over in this article, we summarize the Top 3 Friends With Benefits Rules which we feel are absolutely critical for any successful FWB relationships. Enjoy!


FWB Rules #1 – Skip the Cuddles

It’s easy to cross that line, and start to genuinely have feelings towards your FWB. It’s perfectly normal; in fact it’s a very human thing to do. We presume that you’re not a psychopath who is void of all emotions, and that’s the reason why this takes effort. Bear in mind that this person next to you is a FWB, and that you’re getting into her (pun intended) without the emotional baggage.

You’re probably busy enough handling emotional issues with your real partner (and even if you don’t have a real partner, you have your own troubles to worry about). Sure, it’s perfectly great for you and your FWB to talk about issues and life, but getting into the physical cuddle is a nono. Sleepovers often lead to this, so make sure you don’ t fall asleep after the sex!

Setting an alarm to leave discreetly might be a good option. Research has shown that men are more likely to fall in love when in a Friends With Benefits relationship, as compared to women. So men, make sure you are darn sure that you are okay with just the sex, without going any deeper (this time, pun not intended!).


FWB Rules #2 – Talk It Out Before the Sex

While it’s inevitable to dive straight into the sex, it’s equally important to set expectations with your Friends With Benefits partner. You may feel a tinge of discomfort initially, getting it on with perhaps, a best friend. Chances are, your FWB partner would be feeling the same (again, assuming he or she isn’t a psychopath).

The best solution then, is to talk it out and be frank with each other. This usually leads to a better understanding of your expectations with each other, becoming more comfortable with each other, and most importantly, better sex. It may even be good to know where each of your boundaries and arousal buttons are – what type of sex are both of you into? What turns both of you on? What fantasies have you got?

FWBs are a great place to explore your inner desires, so it’s always good to talk these out and then be blown away by great sex in the meetings to come.


FWB Rules #3 – Safety First

In all sense of the word, it is absolutely crucial to safeguard your interests before getting into any Friends With Benefits relationship. You can never be certain what you’re getting into, so practicing safe sex with the use of a condom should be your top priority. If your partner is into FWB relationships, chances are, you are not his or her first (same goes to you).

When things get steamy, the urge to go without protection may get strong. But always think about the consequences – would you want to have your life ruined with a STD over a casual sexual encounter? Would you want to go through the drama of unwanted pregnancy and unnecessary costs associated with them?

Besides the sex itself, we also cannot emphasize how important it is to guard your genuine relationships. Under no circumstances, should you allow your Friends W Benefits relationship(s) to compromise your long term, genuine ones. Guard yourself, and be sure your FWB relationship stays a secret.

It takes effort and commitment – and we trust you know it’s all worth it.



Sure, there are other Friends With Benefits Rules that you may have come across on the internet in regard to being in a FWB relationship. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, and at the end of the day, you need to make your choices with your own discretion.

Just remember that Friends With Benefits relationships should not come with the emotional baggage – stay safe, and have fun!


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