More Than Friends With Benefits But Not a Relationship: Top 8 Signs

Friends With Benefits (FWB) is pretty common these days that when you ask your friends, chances are they have had at least one FWB arrangement before.

And what’s not to like?

You get the best of two worlds – a friend and great sex.

However, even if you’ve been trying to dial it down to make it uncomplicated, there can be unknowing times where it can become more than FWB, although it is against the general FWB rules.

You got to admit.

You’ve heard the stories of how people started out as FWBs or flings and they blossomed into something more.

And you may not have considered it before as the rules were clear on having no serious commitments.

But how do you know then that the relationship has evolved into something more?

The easiest way is to just simply ask them but of course, you’re worried about having the “talk” with the person would risk the amazing arrangement going awry.

Surely, there are signs you could recognise!

The good news is there are signs you can look out for and decide for yourself if it is worth bringing it up with your FWB partner!

Here are our top 8 Signs Your FWB wants to take things to the next level and will give you some indication if you are reading it right to bring up the matter.

Some can be more subtle than others so pay attention to the little details!


1. Looking for More Ways to Hang Out

Usually both of you would agree on how much you guys would be seeing each other in a FWB relationship.

But if the person is initiating more reasons to hang out with you, you know the person is into you and want to get to know you better.

When we are into someone, we want to spend a lot of time with the person.

If someone is not very open to your offers to hang out, that is a sign to move on.

But if the person is willing to cancel plans in order to spend more time with you, there’s strong indication the person is into you.


2. Touchy-Feely Outside of Sex

Usually in a FWB, it is just sex with the friendship to boot, with no public display of affection.

If the person is touching you outside the bed, there are chances the person is looking for more.

This include kissing in public and holding you tighter when you guys are outside.

Guys do get romantic with women if they see themselves as a boyfriend!

So keep an eye on this!


3. Talking To Each Other More Frequently

FWBs don’t last long and has a short shelf life.

This means neither of you would spend much time talking to each other other than having casual conversations.

If the person starts putting in more time and effort into their communication with you and prompting you with deeper questions, this shows they want to get to know you more.

If they ask you about your day when the person didn’t use to do so, that could also be a subtle sign they’re looking for something more committed with you.

Our advice?

Take the opportunity to get to know each other if the person text you asking you something more substantial.

It takes the pressure off as you can do so without any obligations.

Enjoy the moment and see if you could even consider the person in that manner (if you want to).


4. Spending More Time Without the Sex

Due to the unique nature of FWB, friends do spend time outside of sex with one another.

It could be a lunch date or even among mutual friends if any.

However, if the person is initiating more outing to spend time with you outside of sex and involving just the two of you, it may be the beginning of something more.

If this happens, you can casually ask if it is a date and it’ll open the topic on whether this is a start of something more!


5. Introduce You to Friends

If you guys don’t share mutual friends, this is a big deal, especially if both of you have agreed that you’re keeping the arrangement between you guys only, in your initial agreement.   

Even in a conventional committed relationship, introducing you to friends is a huge step.

This could be a step into a Relationship Valley and the end of your FWB time!

This is their way of announcing to people close to them on who they have been spending their time with, and also showing you to people important to them.


6. They Get Green-Eyed When You Talk About Someone Else

Let’s say both of you have been talking about who you guys have been into and it has been met with laughs and just casual talk, then there would be no reason for the person to be suddenly jealous.

But if the person tenses up and is avoiding the subject, this might be a good time to bring up the topic about what the person is feeling.

FWBs are based on honesty and communication at the end of the day.

So talk it out and you never know what the person is feeling until you simply ask them!


7. Getting You Presents

In general, men are not known to give gifts, even among friends.

So if they start giving gifts to someone who they’re seeing casually, this is a great time to find out what’s going on.

It’ll be a great opener to the topic and find out what’s on the person’s mind and take it from there!


8. Ask You About Your Love Life

It could be a casual “Hey, are you seeing anyone lately?”.

Or it could be a deeper question if you are thinking about someone else.

This is a way for them to find out where their place is in your life and check out the competition before dating you.

You could return the question as well to find out for yourself on where you stand and take the conversation further if both of you are up for it!

It could be the start of something wonderful!



(Last Updated: 6 November 2020)

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