More than Friends With Benefits But Not a Relationship: FWB Meaning & FWB Definition vs Committed Relationship

More than Friends With Benefits But Not a Relationship: FWB Meaning & FWB Definition vs Committed Relationship

Here’s our 5 Exclusive Secrets to find out, if you’re just Friends With Benefits, or something more with your FWB Partner.

So, you have been hanging out with this guy/lady and you both seem to be having mind-blowing great sex every now and then. You are both getting along fine with one another but oddly, your FWB relationship still hasn’t come to a point sufficient for him/her to feel motivated enough to ask you out officially as his beau or to meet his/her family.

On the other hand, you are also confused as to why you would pass off such a catch, and yet wondering how he/she feels towards you. Well, if you’re treading into the territories of FWB-evolved relationships, you know for sure things can get complicated.


More than Friends With Benefits But Not a Relationship

Listed below are 5 Key Ways to uncover if he/she is just treating you as an FWB or if there is a chance to take your Friends With Benefits relationship to the next level …


1. Public Displays of Affection (PDA) with Your FWB – (Top #1 Sign for More Than Friends With Benefits But Not A Relationship)

Have you both been seen hanging out at your all-time favorite pizza joint in your neighborhood holding hands while you both decide on what to order?

Has he/she put his arms around you, held you close and walked you home? Did he/she ever give you a passionate kiss or a full-fledged hug in public?

These may be some signs that he/she does not mind being seen in your company which could correlate to him/her seeing you more than a Friends With Benefits.

He/She could be showing you off that you are his/hers, and that he/she does not mind being seen as yours too. Subtly, these intimate gestures and body language may indicate that he/she has developed a liking (more than that of an FWB) towards you.

Conversely, if he/she suddenly pushes you away when he/she bumps into his/her buddy or he/she is extremely discreet about what he/she does with you; like only kissing when the lights are out in the movies, alarm bells should start going off that he/she only treats you as a Friends With Benefits.


2. Going Deep… Into the Dating Relationship Conversations – (Top #2 Sign for More Than Friends With Benefits But Not A Relationship)

Do you talk about heavy topics such as your job, family, future plans, death, religion, political views, and finances? Or do your conversation topics only circulate on how good the sex was that day and when you are ready to hang out next?

Although there are some FWBs who may also tread into these topics, the likelihood that you are able to open your heart and spill your verbal vomit onto another person (without him wanting to run away) is quite slim.

Unless the sex is THAAAAT GOOD (so much so that he doesn’t mind the boring talk) or he/she is just a very good listener. Bottom line is, the deeper your conversations, the more likely it is that he/she might consider you something more than just a Friends With Benefits.


3. Booty Calls Only? … Or Other Dating Relationship Activities As Well?

When he/she texts you, is it always something suggestive, perhaps a covert invitation for a sexy time?

Or do you both exchange a dozen of random text messages in a day, just like what people do when they date in a relationship?

That makes a whole lot of a difference because texting frequently throughout the day actually takes real effort and one would not be investing too much time in someone whom they do not have a serious liking towards.

If you find him/her trying hard to keep the conversation going while texting, it could well mean that he/she treats you more than a FWB.

But then again, it could mean he’s/she’s keeping the moods up until he meets you tonight (you could see it as some sort of an extended foreplay).

Oh well, you need to exercise discretion with your Friends With Benefits lover!


4. Food Brings People Together. Drinks Don’t.

An old adage says ‘food brings people together’, and there probably is a huge pun in this saying.

Does he/she bring you out for dinners? Or when he/she discovers a new café that serves eggs-celent eggs benedict, does he/she pry you out of your beauty sleep (even though you are not a morning person) just so you could try it out together?

There is a fine line though; drinks at bars do not count as that could just be a prequel or convenient excuse to your next sexcapade.


5. Heart-to-Heart Talks with Your FWB

Have you both had conversations to try to draw a line or to seek clarity on the stance towards this FWB Relationship?

If you have both been hanging out for some time, chances are he/she may also be wondering if you both have a chance.

The fact that you both have been getting along as a couple for months, may mean that there is some chemistry which could be developed into something more!


Concluding Advice on More than Friends With Benefits But Not a Relationship

If you’re not ready for your Friends With Benefits Relationship to evolve into something more, don’t rush into it! Take it slow and enjoy the benefits without any strings attached.

It’s common for people to fall into the trap of getting back into a real romantic relationship again, and in more than half of these instances, it’s due to the rebound effect.

If you ever find yourself trying to “accelerate” your FWB dating relationship, you would need to stop and make sure that you are not allowing the heartache from your previous dating relationships be seeping into your current possible relationship (and spoiling your fun).


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