Pansexual: Debunking the Top 5 Commonly Misunderstood Myths Surrounding the Pansexual Definition & Omnisexual Meaning

Pansexual: Debunking the Top 5 Commonly Misunderstood Myths Surrounding the Pansexual Definition & Omnisexual Meaning

For those of us whose gender identity are part of the minority, finding a classification so that you can identify with a particular group of like-minded people can be extremely relieving, and provide a source of emotional support.

Being one of the lesser known sexual preferences, Pansexuality (or Omnisexuality) brings with it a whole host of myths and untruths.

Today, we’re here to debunk these myths surrounding the meaning and definition of a Pansexual (or Omnisexual), so that we all have a better understanding of it.


What is Pansexual & What does Pansexual Mean? – Define Pansexual

Let us together, debunk the Top 5 Common Misunderstandings and Top Myths regarding Pansexuality (also known as Omnisexuality) … Enjoy!


1. Pansexuals are not an entirely different entity from bisexuals

There are people who believe that the different sexual preferences are all disparate entities with no grey areas.

While this may be true in some cases, it is entirely untrue where Pansexuality and Bisexuality are being compared.

In essence, Bisexuality can be seen as a subset of Pansexuality, and the people who fall within the two categories are not complete opposites of each other.

On the contrary, the two preferences are pretty similar, and people should be free to label themselves as whichever sexuality they feel more comfortable with.

Some people refer to bisexuality as someone who likes both cis males and cis females, while other definitions includes trans males and females.

Does it matter really? You do you, and let other people choose the definition they feel defines them best.


2. Pansexuality is “made up”

Now, who is anyone to say that someone else’s sexuality is made up?

If you aren’t them, how would you know how they feel, or which sexual preference they lean towards?

Some people label Pansexuals as homosexuals who aren’t sure that they’re homosexual.

This is completely unfair, because that is completely untrue.

Being Omnisexual is NOT a “transition phase” into turning homosexual.

They are standalone sexual preferences, though people might realize that they fit more into one group rather than the other at some point in time.

Still, in no way does this mean that they “transitioned” from one group into another.

Being Pansexual is not a “phase” which someone will grow out of.

It is a sexual preference, and if someone labels themselves as such, respect them and accept the fact that there are more orientations than “straight” and “gay”.


3. Pansexuals are all promiscuous

While some Pansexuals might be promiscuous, the same can probably be said for every other sexual orientation out there – heterosexuals, homosexuals, bisexuals, et cetera.

To be or not to be promiscuous is a personal preference.

There is no reason that someone who identifies as Omnisexual is automatically promiscuous.

Omnisexuals are not emotionless beings who are only attracted to a person’s outer shell – they are still warm, loving individuals regardless of the gender or orientation of the people they like.

Classifying them as shallow beings just because they don’t care about the gender of the person they’re dating is just plain silly.

On the one hand, it doesn’t really matter what people think of Pansexuals, because they will love who they love, and what people think doesn’t really affect them in the most organic sense.

On the other hand, such misconceptions as those mentioned above paint a distorted picture of Pansexuality, and make them seem like shallow fetishizers who are unable to be part of a wholesome relationship.

This is extremely unfair for these Omnisexuals, which is why this myth needs to be busted, pronto.


4. Pansexuals are coming out as such to be “trendy”

It makes one wonder sometimes where such myths arise from. While it is true that more and more people are identifying as pansexuals, it is still not easy to classify yourself as part of a minority. We’ve all been through high school – we all know how much easier it is to belong to part of the “normal” crowd.

While the minority sexual orientations are becoming more and more normalized, there is still a stigma behind it, especially with the older generation.

While it may be true that the word “Pansexual (or Omnisexual)” has been around ages before people started admitting they identify with this orientation, it might simply be due to lack of information.

People just didn’t know that what they are feeling and what they identify as had a name to it.

It just took time to get the word out there.


5. It is better to keep one’s identity as a pansexual hidden

If you think about it, it’s easier to keep quiet about your Pansexuality, especially when you focus on the negative aspects of coming out.

If you’re afraid of the repercussions of coming out or don’t want people to view you differently just because of your sexual orientation, it’s completely up to you, you don’t have to tell anyone!

While it is completely your choice, as to whether or not you choose to tell people about your sexual preferences, it can be pretty liberating once you get it out.

You will also be able to tell who are the ones who truly care about you as a person, from the large group of people surrounding you.

Would you really want to be friends with someone who judges you for who you love?


Omnisexuality: Concluding Insights on Pansexual

Being part of the minority when it comes to sexual preferences is never easy, especially when there is a shroud of myths and untruths surrounding it.

Hopefully, this list can help you out in explaining to people about your sexual preference, or if you are reading this out of curiosity, hopefully you understand a little more about Pansexuality (and Omnisexuality), and can aid in the efforts to dispel prejudice from minority groups.


(Last Updated: 27 June 2020)

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