What is Pansexual? An Introduction to Pansexuality & Omnisexuality (i.e. Omnisexual Definition & Omnisexual Meaning)

What is Pansexual? An Introduction to Pansexuality & Omnisexuality (i.e. Omnisexual Definition & Omnisexual Meaning)

For those academics and researchers deeply involved in gender studies, it is known that Pansexuality (or Omnisexuality) has been around for a great number of years.

However, for the average person like us, light has only recently been shed on this term, what with a number of popular public figures classifying themselves under this sexual orientation.

However, knowing a couple of Pansexuals (or Omnisexuals) and listing their names does not count as understanding what Pansexuality means.

If you were asked to define what it is and you still have no idea what it really means, this is truly the article you should be reading.


What is Pansexual: Understanding Pansexual Definition & Pansexual Meaning

You must be wondering what is Pansexuality or Omnisexuality?

We share with you the fundamental characteristics, and provide you with an excellent overview of what is a Pansexual (i.e. Omnisexual) in this article … Enjoy!


1. What is “Pansexual” (or “Omnisexual”)?

With the term being so new, it seems like there are plenty of similar yet different definitions of Pansexuality floating around.

With Omnisexuality being a term used to describe one’s sexual preferences, there really can’t be a “right” answer to this question.

For all the existing definitions of Pansexuality, it is determined as the ability to be attracted to another person, while ignoring their gender identity, be it cis- male or female, or trans-male or female, asexual, gender fluid, you name it.

To an Omnisexual person, gender identity is not a barrier for them to fall in love with someone, thus the prefix of pan-, which means “all”.

However, Pansexuals are not blind to gender. They are able to differentiate genders, but a person’s gender just does not matter to them in their conquest for love.

There is one definition of Omnisexuality which states that Omnisexuals go for a person’s “inner core” rather than their “external shell”.

This insinuates that Pansexuals don’t really care about their partner’s external appearance, thus their capacity to love all genders.

However, there is yet another definition which goes directly against the former definition. It is that Omnisexuals do gauge someone’s attractiveness based on appearance.

However, traditional “attractiveness” based on gender stereotypes such as “girls with long hair are prettier” or “buff men are hotter” are totally bypassed in a Pansexual person’s eyes.

It does not matter to them if a person is trans or cis, or whether they’re dressing the way their gender “are supposed to”.


2. Is Pansexuality Common?

First off, there lacks quality data in this area – not all Pansexuals freely declare this, and it’s not like sexuality is a part of a person’s ID (which would simplify the statistical calculation greatly).

Even with the more well know sexual orientations such as homosexuality, there is no way to accurately gauge how “common” it is.

Being such a new term for the common population, people are also often unsure if they can define themselves as such.

For most, it actually takes years for them to be able to confidently place themselves within a category.

However, because of the movement of popular celebrities coming out as Omnisexual, hopefully more people are aware of this term, and will be less afraid to come out as a Pansexual.

Though we cannot give any numbers on how “common” Omnisexuality is, the very least we could say is that people are at least becoming more aware of its existence, and thus will be less likely to dismiss it as a non-existent sexuality.


3. Am I a Pansexual?

Okay… this is actually the last question you need to ask someone else, because who else knows you better than yourself?

It’s not like it’s a paternity test where you can just swab some DNA and send it for a laboratory test.

Here’s a clue: your sexuality is the one which you’re most comfortable as identifying with, or whichever describes you better (till a better description arises of course).

Simple right? Under no circumstances should you let someone tell you what your sexual orientation is.

How would someone who has no direct emotional link to your feelings know who you love? They don’t.

Some people find comfort in belonging to a group, and that is perfectly normal because belonging to a group gives you a support network and a sense of belonging.

Especially with members of minority groups who might face discrimination within their daily social circles, being together with or associating with similar people will provide a very good security blanket.

Associating with similar people can also prevent the sense of isolation that people with no access to a support network might feel.

It can also be very liberating for some people to be able to finally put a name to the way they feel, instead of describing it to each person who asks.


Concluding Insights on What is Pansexual

After reading this article, we trust that you will already have a much better understanding of Pansexuality.

Even if you’re reading this to find out if you’re an Omnisexual, or you’re reading it to find out more about Omnisexuality because a friend recently came out as one, just remember this – Pansexuality is only one small fraction of who a person is.

Don’t let sexuality dictate and define who someone is as a person because that isn’t fair for you nor them.


(Last Updated: 27 June 2020)

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