What Does it Mean to be Pansexual: Define Pansexual Meaning & Life as an Omnisexual Embracing Omnisexuality

What Does it Mean to be Pansexual: Define Pansexual Meaning & Life as an Omnisexual Embracing Omnisexuality

Pansexuality means that one can be attracted to another without putting their gender identity into consideration.

There are other ways in which people refer to Pansexuality (or Omnisexuality), but by far, the term “pansexual” (or omnisexual) has come to be the best-known way to denote this sexual orientation.


What Does it Mean to be Pansexual

Understand yourself (or people who are) Pansexuals & Omnisexuals, and Embracing yourself (and people you know) for their Pansexuality & Omnisexuality is the BEST way to live life … Enjoy!


1. Omnisexual Meaning

Most people are unwilling to tread onto the discussion track of sexual orientation and gender identities because it’s a touchy and controversial subject.

It is not how people identify themselves that’s controversial – it’s how other people look at yet others with regards to this topic.

How you see yourself sexually and gender-wise might be very different with how someone else views you.

With everyone having a different perception on everyone else (including themselves), there is no objective way to “label” people and categorize them into their respective sexual preferences.

Why would you even do that in the first place, since no label will be equally accurate for everyone?

Even two Pansexuals (or Omnisexuals) themselves might be at odds as to how to best define themselves.


2. The Spectrum of Pansexuality

It might come as a surprise to you, but just like other sexualities, Pansexuality falls under a spectrum rather than being a rigid definition of sexual preference.

In general, though, Omnisexuality can be defined as the sexual orientation whereby you have the capacity to fall in love with a person of any gender identity.

Often confused with bisexuality, Pansexuality is not limited by any boundaries of gender and offers the potential for someone to fall in love with someone regardless of gender and sexual orientation.

A point on which the community of Omnisexuals often agree on is the criteria for liking someone.

On the one hand, some Pansexuals claim that the very hallmark of Omnisexuality is that Pansexuals only go for the personality rather than appearances, which is why gender does not matter at all.

On the other hand, yet other Omnisexuals claim that you can be attracted to people because of their looks, while disregarding their gender at the same time.

Which makes sense, because an attractive person will be attractive regardless of their gender actually.

Since Pansexuality is a new field of study even amongst gender scholars and people who themselves identify as Omnisexuals, there can be many differences in how different people perceive Omnisexuality.

This definition can be really important for those who feel lost and have a need to identify themselves to be part of a certain group. However, only time will tell in shaping the true definition of Pansexuality.


3. Life as a Pansexual

It is easy for someone outside the circle of Pansexuality, to dismiss this seemingly new sexual orientation as a fantasy which doesn’t exist.

For those who belong within the circle however, it is difficult enough to struggle with being part of a minority without the outsiders telling them that what they’re feeling isn’t real.

As mentioned before, Omnisexuality is a spectrum, so even those within the circle, often get into disagreements as to what Pansexuality really is.

The inner discord certainly isn’t helping in addition to the constant onslaught from outsiders.

Identifying and coming out as a Pansexual isn’t easy, and it’s a time-consuming process because it requires one to come to terms with aspects of themselves that they might not want to admit.

Identifying which group you belong to out of the numerous gender identities and sexual orientations out there is never an easy journey.

However, no matter the results, no matter what your sexuality, or even if you never find out the answer, there is no right answer as to what you “should be”.

That is a narrow minded and suffocating way of thinking in today’s modern society.

Your existence should lie beyond your gender and sexual orientation.


4. What does Pansexual Mean – Accepting Your Own Pansexuality & Omnisexuality

Identifying yourself a pansexual can be pretty difficult if you’ve been brought up in a community whereby there are only two binary genders and attraction must be reserved for the other gender.

You will have internal battles and you will have a hard time understanding why you feel the way you do for people you “shouldn’t” be liking.

It will be a tough journey of personal growth, but you’ll come out of it stronger and better learning to love yourself for who you are.

You will know for sure that relationships go deeper than someone’s sexual identity.

Being Pansexual does not mean that you have a larger pool of people to choose from.

You have the ability to fall in love with practically everyone, but that isn’t likely.

Just like any other sexual orientation, it’s about your interactions with that individual which determines your feelings towards them.

You will have to deal with people who judge you for your ability to unconditionally love people of all genders.


Concluding Insights on What Does it Mean to be Pansexual

This article claims to clarify slightly as to what Pansexuality is like and what it’s like being part of the Omnisexual circle.

However, that is but just the tip of the iceberg.

Hopefully reading this has shed some light on who you are as a person, and help you out in realizing that who you fall in love with has got nothing at all to do with the feelings that people are telling you you “should” feel.

There are no absolutes when it comes to feelings, so just rely on your heart and trust it.


(Last Updated: 27 June 2020)

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