Friends With Benefits Relationship: Top 4 Proven & Effective Tips to Start a FWB Relationship

Friends With Benefits Relationship: Top 4 Proven & Effective Tips to Start a FWB Relationship

Looking to have a good time without the hassle of committing into a serious relationship? Casual Dating is getting common nowadays with people searching for Friends With Benefits (FWB), as opposed to Serious Dating with the end goal of marriage in mind.

Having fun, while not being caught up with a plethora of problems that come along with a FWB Relationship, just sounds too good to be true!

If you are looking to delve into a Friends With Benefits Relationship, here are our Top 4 Proven Tips to get into action!


Starting a Friends With Benefits Relationship


FWB Relationship #1: Google for “FWB Dating Apps”

With the emergence of online dating apps like Tinder, scoring dates or getting to know FWBs are no longer such a tall order anymore. In fact, Tinder is a great place to start as you get to know like-minded individuals who may be looking for FWBs.

Getting a date can be as simple as swiping right on your mobile phone and you can start chatting right away! Gone are the days when one has to be polite and come up with an excuse when someone ‘unexpected’ turns up on a blind date.

The age of Tinder has endangered the very concept of rejection, since you and the other party would only swipe right if you found each other hot. This removes the awkward “play nice” phase at the initial stage during blind dates. So get moving and search Tinder out on your online app store now!


FWB Relationship #2: Start with a Good Pick-Up Line

First impressions count to start a Friends With Benefits Relationship, so if you can come up with something creative, humorous or stands out (without being too creepy), you would definitely get your potential FWB’s attention!

Sure, you can plough through the “reliable” world wide web in search of the best pick-up lines – but bear in mind that if you can find it, chances are, someone else would be able to as well.

The last thing you would want is to go up to someone hot, shoot off a pick-up line you found off the net, only to be greeted with a look of disgust.

The best possible advice anyone could give to you, is to be genuine in whatever that you say. The best pick-up lines are usually not found on the net; but borne out of your genuine infatuation for that potential FWB.

Oh, and if you’re trying to score a date via an app like Tinder, you could take your time to craft out your opening line while taking reference from everywhere. No one will judge you. Really.


FWB Relationship #3: Drop Some Hints!

Here’s the tricky part – you wouldn’t want to freak out your potential FWB with overly suggestive hints. Unless of course, you’re certain that he or she is ready to plonk his or her lips onto yours and both of you are exploding with pheromones. Then fine, go ahead and be blatantly obvious.

Other than that, being subtle is key. Take the chance to sit close, and find opportunities to occasionally brush your skin against theirs. For ladies, you could also find ways to accentuate your curves and assets to make them obvious to your potential FWB.

Another tip for the ladies – the next time someone makes you laugh, notice if your feet shifts away from your body subconsciously. According to research, this suggests that you are attracted to the man who made you laugh.

If you’re dating a smarty-pants, he could very well have done his research before meeting you. However, if you happen to subconsciously cross your leg, or tuck them under your body, you are probably not too interested in your suitor.


FWB Relationship #4: Dress or Undress to Impress

With Bruno Mars crooning to Versace on the floor, there is certainly some truth to it. Dress up to your nines in your classiest and sexiest dress; just remember to show enough to make him crave for more.

There is certainly a fine line between being classy and trashy and you would not want to appear like the latter. As for your intimates, do prepare yourself as you would not want to be caught dead in your comfy granny undies.

For the guys out there, it doesn’t hurt to put on some deodorant and don on a nice suit. Just remember to dress for the occasion, and not overdress if the venue doesn’t call for it.

It pays to be prepared, so make sure you are covered (both inside and out). You will never know the spontaneous fun which will pan out at the end of the day!


Concluding Insights on Starting a Friends With Benefits Relationship

Use the 4 Friends With Benefits Advice pointers above to your fullest advantage.

The learning curve at the start is always going to be steep, but press on and things should get easier along the way!

The rewards of a Friends With Benefits Relationship await you, and it’s all going to be worth it.


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