FWB Meaning: What FWB Really Means and How to Not Catch Feelings

While FWB can be difficult to be defined, it generally means two friends having sex with one another occasionally without any romance or serious relationship commitments. 


Friends with Benefits (FWB) is common to say the least and beyond just a college culture.

Many people of different ages are jumping on this trend, especially in the midst of catching up with their busy schedules and life.

The online world of FWB apps also provides the convenience of finding FWBs outside our social circles and opens up the door a lil’ wider to pursue a FWB.

College students love it as it means being able to have casual sex among friends they’re attracted to, while others deem it the perfect way to have something more meaningful (and potentially safer) than a hookup, but not looking to jump into anything too serious.

The thing about FWB is that its definition can be as diverse as the different individuals, who exist on this planet.

After all, everyone forms connections in various ways.

No two bonds are the same.

So, what does FWB really mean then?

We unravelled some meanings to give you clearer picture and we’ll even throw in a guide for you on how to hookup without catching feelings in a FWB.

The Health Site has defined FWB happens “when people are in a sexual relationship but there is no love or any feelings involved.”

Dictionary.com has has defined FWB as “a fwb or friend with benefits is a friend someone occasionally has casual sex with.”

So, simply put there is no hard and fast rules but there must be certain boundaries, agreed beforehand, to avoid things getting complicated.

A FWB arrangement must be well-understood with clarity by both parties to avoid getting attached and hurt the other person.

So, without further a due, we have put together a full guide on how to not catch feelings and without emotional attachments during your FWB relationships.


How to Be FWB Without Catching Feelings?

You are into your friend and you have an amazing sexual chemistry.

The last thing you want to do is mess up the FWB arrangement both of you have going on.

Other than following our top FWB rules, these are our tips to avoid getting emotionally involved with your partner and to keep it just sex and friendship.


1. Carefully pick your FWB partner

I know what you’re thinking.

“Oh great. As if finding a guy I’m attracted to wasn’t enough, now I have to filter?”.

Trust us.

This will save you so much time and unnecessary pain if you do this.

The partner who would be perfect for FWB should be someone who is not (and I repeat, not) boyfriend or girlfriend material.

Someone who has enough flaws that you know would totally turn you off in a relationship.

In other words, enough pet peeves for you to steer clear of a relationship with the person.

Take your time and do not rush this step.


2. Set the rules (& don’t skimp)

Once you have found the suitable person to embark in your FWB journey, sit down and have an honest conversation about what both of you would like it to be.

It can get uncomfortable or awkward, but it’ll only last for a couple minutes versus dealing with the aftermath mess if you skip this step.

Plus, this is an adult arrangement between two people.

Answer these important questions (but not limited to these) together:

  • Is it okay to have sex with other people while we are having sex together?
  • How often should we meet each other?
  • Should we still continue our friendly lunches/dinners or any other activities outside our bedrooms?
  • Do we introduce each other to friends and family?
  • What steps do we take if one of us catch feelings for the other or decides to pursue a relationship with someone else?
  • What are your desires that you want to fulfil during this FWB? What is alright to do and what you don’t you like in bed?
  • How long should we keep this arrangement going?


3. Have a Life Beyond Your FWB Partner

Don’t spend less time on your career, those closest to you and what is important to you, just because you have a FWB now.

Create memories and spend your energy and time creating a life away from him/her and make it wonderful.

This is a very important advice to remember.

If you divert from it, you tend to start latching onto that person and that could create a committed relationship-like bond and risk getting romance into the mix.

If you like to meet new people, read, workout or create art, do that instead of investing all of your time and energy into your FWB partner.


4. Have an Expiry Date

If your prolong your FWB arrangement, you’re more likely to tip over to a relationship.

And that could also mean developing feelings for the person.

So, if both of you have agreed to how long this FWB relationship will last, stick with it and don’t take it for granted.

Just like your food, you don’t consume them once they have passed their expiry date.


5. Don’t overstay

It is tempting to just sleep over and cuddle while talking about life.

But this will create a certain attachment that could potentially get stronger as you spend more time on the bed together.

So, make it clear that it is not rude to leave after the deed and agree on when you’ll see each other next.

It keeps the arrangement decent but avoiding the romantic notions.


6. Never Make the Person Your No.1 Man/Woman

If both of you have agreed that you are not exclusively sleeping with one another, live life to the fullest!

Feel free to see other people and that doesn’t mean you have to sleep with the others.

You get the gist.

Have other men/women in your life so you don’t put the person in a microscope and daydream about him/her.


7. Don’t Lead Your FWB Partner On

Do not make your FWB partner feel special such as serving drinks and food after sex. Or even over-texting him/her.

If you have no intentions of pursuing something more serious with the person, don’t lead the person on and keep it casual.


8. Do Communicate

This is where it could get tricky.

You need to communicate enough with the person to make sure both sides are on the same page on your FWB page.

However, don’t overshare about your life with the person, where it could create a stronger intimacy.

You may lose access to this person if they start going into something more serious with someone else.

That being said, do check in with them once awhile.

Just because you’re in a casual FWB with the person, it doesn’t mean not texting to find out how the other person is once in awhile.

You guys are still friends after all.

Just make sure to keep the conversations super casual and if you are in need of a deep conversation, call a close friend of yours!

Hence, the importance of keeping your priorities straight!



(Last updated:  21 December 2020)

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