FWB Meaning: Top 4 Things You Must Remember Before Getting Into A Friends With Benefits Relationship

FWB Meaning: Top 4 Things You Must Remember Before Getting Into A FWB Relationship

This scenario is all too familiar – you Hook Up with this hot guy, whom you met through a mutual friend.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), you’re not ready to commit, because you have just gotten out from a Serious Relationship with your ex who was bonking his co-worker.

You’re afraid of being judged for seeing someone new so soon. For now, you just want to keep your mind away, from the heartache of breaking up.


FWB Meaning

If a f*ck buddy is all you need for now, here are the Top 4 Things you MUST bear in mind … Enjoy!


1. Stop and think first

Are you REALLY ready for a FWB Relationship, or are you simply trying to fill up an emotional gap with a Rebound Relationship, hoping that it would eventually evolve into a happily ever after?

If you’re in just for the sex and nothing else, that’s great.

However, if you are still harboring thoughts, that this man you’re f*cking on the first date will somehow turn into a happily-ever-after, you need a tight slap on the face.

Awake now? Ok you’re ready to read on.


2. Be upfront right from the start

So it’s obvious you both enjoyed the sex, and you definitely want these sessions to continue.

Take any chance you have to be frank with him. Tell him that you are not ready for a Committed Relationship, nor are you thinking of marriage.

Tell him you just want the sex. He would be okay with it, and that’s a guarantee – after all no man turns down a willing f*ck buddy.

It’s a win-win situation right?


3. Be clear about your expectations – (Top #1 FWB Meaning)

Remember to DRAW CLEAR LINES, so as to not get too into this guy!

Firstly, you need to understand that in a Friends With Benefits Relationship, both of you are actually singles who can do single stuff! You are in a NSA Relationship that is non monogamous and not exclusive.

For instance, even if he receives a suggestive and flirtatious text message from a girl when he’s with you, remain zen and do not exhibit any feelings towards it.

Because essentially, you both are just FRIENDS (with the sexual benefits)!

You do not have the right to grill and question him, like an emotionally-attached wife or girlfriend, or sulk and be upset about his infidelity.

He has the right to see anyone he wants without answering to you. If you can respect that, by all means, make him your FWB!


4. Guard your well-being

This is especially important, when you meet people through mutual friends.

Watch out as this may turn itself into a full-blown drama, if (and when) it pans out the wrong way.

You don’t want to risk your friendship with your mutual friends, if things with the hot guy turns sour.

As much as possible, keep your FWB relationship private. Try not to reveal too much to your mutual friends, to avoid having the reputation of ‘kissing and telling’.

Also, draw the line in behaving intimately and being especially close to him, in the presence of your friends.


Concluding Insights on FWB Meaning

Once you have made a decision to involve yourself in a Friends With Benefits Relationship, remember not to get into it too fast and too deep (pun-intended!).

Just let things flow naturally without harboring any expectations, and enjoy the sex to the max.

Even if he doesn’t seem like dating material at the moment, you never know what the future holds.

Regardless, since you just got out of a failed exclusive and Long Term Relationship with your ex, and wouldn’t want to deal with these problems for at least a while, an FWB Arrangement might just be the ideal dating arrangement for now.

Don’t be in too much of a hurry to get back into the rut you just escaped from!


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