Top 4 Reasons Why We Need to Embrace Hookup Culture & Casual Flings

As defined in Wikipedia, a Hookup Culture is one that “accepts and encourages casual sex encounters, including one night stands and other related activity, without necessarily including emotional intimacy, bonding or a committed relationship.”

While this may be dismissed by self-righteous pricks out there as simply an excuse to partake in irresponsible behavior, a Hooking Up Culture on the contrary, might bring about more benefits than one can imagine.

Here’s how … Enjoy!


Why the Need for Hookup Culture in our Society?


1. Hookups Allow Room for Self-Discovery

Hookups are arguably one of the best ways for people to discover their sexual preferences and their sexual identity.

That includes what makes them tick, and what turns them off. It could even help to ascertain one’s true sexual orientation, especially for those who haven’t realized that they are homosexual, or even bisexual.

For those who are Bi Curious, hookups are again necessary to explore these uncharted territories.

Simply put, it’s one of those avenues where people don’t have to reveal their identity as they try to discover themselves.

That’s important because judgement kills – and this is evident in the number of teenage suicides that have arose out of bullying.


2. Hookups Keeps Sex Offenders At Bay

While certainly a controversial topic, there is reason to believe that a hookup culture plays a part in lowering instances of sex related crimes.

Let’s just say that people’s primal needs are satisfied through mutually consented sex, and that there really isn’t a need to resort to illegitimate means.

That also implies you might be sleeping with a potential sex offender when you hookup with a stranger. But that’s alright because at least you’re doing society a favor.

Just remember to stay safe, and always let a trusted friend know about your whereabouts.


3. Hookups Create Happy People

In an increasingly stressful and fast-paced society, one’s sanity often treads on thin ice that would probably give way at the slightest touch.

It has been established in ample research, that sex releases happy hormones known as oxytocin in the body, and oxytocin has a ton of benefits.

For instance, it helps to promote a state of relaxation, and also overall psychological well-being.

This in turn, allows for the formation of better social relationships with others.

Oxytocin levels are often at its peak when people are in the early stages of their romantic relationships, and we all know that doesn’t last long most of the time.

Because of the short-term nature of hookups, individuals are able to experience heightened oxytocin levels which in turn benefits their overall wellbeing.


4. Hookups could Lead to a Happily Ever After

While certainly rare, it doesn’t mean it’s entirely impossible.

In fact, increasingly more and more couples have emerged to share about their life stories, on how love blossomed from an unexpected casual encounter.

While this might seem impossible for some, it really does make logical sense because sexual compatibility is one of the most important driving forces behind a romantic relationship.

To get together with someone after a Casual Encounter, simply means that there is a high level of sexual compatibility between the two.

Naturally then, a Romantic Relationship born out of a Casual Fling, is more likely then to last.


Concluding Insights on Hookup Culture

So, is a Hooking Up Culture really something to be frowned upon? From our opinion – definitely no.

It might be deemed as a convenient excuse to partake in senseless love making, but when viewed from another perspective, it does a pretty good job of keeping unsavory things out of sight.

At the end of the day, let the people who choose to lead such a lifestyle determine what works best for them. Since when is it our turn to make such decisions for others?


(Last Updated: 6 June 2020)


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