Sapiosexual Definition & Sapiosexual Meaning: Top 10 Reasons for Sapiosexual Ladies to Date an Intelligent Man

Sapiosexual Definition & Sapiosexual Meaning: Top 10 Reasons for Sapiosexual Ladies to Date an Intelligent Man

If you don’t understand why other girls are going ga-ga over smart or nerdy men, now is the perfect time for you to find out why!

Being smart is the new hot. People who are attracted to someone who appears smart, or is smart in actuality, are termed “Sapiosexuals”.

Smart guys tend to be rich, because they spend more time nurturing their brains, over their biceps. They will pay more attention to you than their mirror.

The “cool” guys at school are totally passé right now – they usually end up doing nothing much with their lives whereas the nerds will be rolling in big bucks.

Without further ado, let us find out all of the Top 10 Reasons, why you should go down the Sapiosexual pathway, and choose brains over brawn in a man.


Sapiosexual Definition & Sapiosexual Meaning: The 10 “WHYs” Sapiosexual Ladies Should Date a Smart Man


1. They’re Awesome Conversation Partners – (#1 Benefit for a Sapiosexual Lady)

It all depends if you’re looking for a Long Term Relationship partner, or a One Night Stand casual dating date.

If it’s the latter, there is really no point in finding someone who’s an excellent conversationalist.

Since most of the time you spend together, won’t be spent talking anyway.

However, if it’s a Serious Relationship partner you seek, an intelligent guy might just be the thing for you.

You can practically raise any topic of conversation, and they will have their own out-of-the-box views on it.

You will never be stuck in an awkward situation, where you have nothing to talk about, and he answers with uninspired responses, whenever you try your best to revive the conversation.


2. They are Funny Guys – (Best #3 Incredible Reason to Date a Sapiosexual)

Most intelligent men tend to be introverts, but that does not mean that they are incompetent at socializing.

It just means that you need to be a certain someone of significance in their lives before they’ll consider spending their “social energy” on you.

When it comes to that point, you’ll find them funnier and easier to talk to than any other guy you’ve conversed with, because their brains just work better.


3. They are Reliable – (#2 Most Important Dating Reason for a Sapiosexual Lady)

A smart man may not be smart in terms of only academics.

He may not travel down the straight and narrow path, of attending university and graduating top of the class.

Often, they are willing to sacrifice an easy life, in pursuit of what they’re really passionate in.

Most people don’t understand that, and even look down on them, or call them names for being unconventional and just plain “weird”.

However, they will work hard to ensure their success – and succeed they often do.

Along with that comes the stability of your future life with them.


4. They won’t waste your time

Some men just love playing the field.

They enjoy the attention they get from females, but have no intention of carrying on the relationship into the future.

They enjoy playing around and hurting girls – it gives them some sick form of satisfaction.

Smart guys on the other hand, have much better things to do with their time, and they derive satisfaction from other avenues.

Therefore, when they do pay attention to a girl, their feelings are genuine, and their intentions pure.

They will do their utmost best, to catch her attention and make her happy.


5. They won’t bore you with clichés

Normal guys google pickup lines or steal them from popular TV shows; if you’ve heard them once, you’ve heard them all.

It’s boring. The same goes for date ideas and flirting.

The worst is when they use these same tactics that they used on you, on your best friend the next day.

It lowers your self-worth and makes you feel kind of..crappy.

Intelligent guys on the other hand, will find novel ways to express their interest in you.

They will have read and watched a wide expanse of information, which other guys would never even dream of getting access to.

All this excess knowledge in unconventional fields, makes their approach towards you rather charming in its own way.


6. They are devoted – (#3 Benefit for a Sapiosexual Lady)

Smart men tend to be loyal to a fault – they keep a close group of friends close to them, and will do anything in their power for their friends.

It might simply be a case of birds of a feather flocking together, but intelligent minds seek those of similar caliber.

If they have regarded you as one of their own, you can rest assured that they will always have your back.

They will give their all to keep your relationship alive, and to prevent you from being disappointed.


7. They adapt well to situations

Unexpected situations arise all the time, and those who aren’t very smart tend to get really flustered, and end up looking like a fool.

Smart people however, adapt quickly and react in a manner, which won’t embarrass you.

They usually know how to manage themselves pretty well. And, are able to take care of themselves without the aid of others.

They can cook, they can clean, and they can groom themselves well.


8. They know what you need

Smart guys are observant creatures, so when you need something, they will get it for you to the best of their abilities without you ever asking.

They will be careful with their words and actions, so as not to accidentally hurt you.

Often, you will find that you want for nothing when you’re dating one of these guys, because they’ll probably notice what you want and provide it, before you even know what you’re missing.


9. They are useful to have around

Smart guys have a wide range of interests.

Fiddling around with technological gadgets are usually part of their hobbies.

Most men won’t have the technological savvy to help you out, when your phone or computer goes kaput.

Not many men can teach you the secrets, of planning in strategy games.

They can fix the broken light fuse.

When something is broken, or you need help in anything requiring brains, they can generally fix it!


10. Appearances are easily altered

If their nerdy and unfashionable style are off-putting to you, just remember that it is extremely easy to change someone’s appearance.

But it is almost impossible to alter someone’s personality.

You can even make it your personal little project to give him a makeover and turn him into a hottie!

Your priority in finding a guy for yourself should be in getting a guy whose personality is golden rather than one whose looks shine.

Looks fade, but good chemistry and a charming personality is everlasting.


Sapiosexual Definition & Sapiosexual Meaning: Concluding Insights on Sapiosexual Ladies Dating an Intelligent Man

When asked what they want most in a man, they want someone who’s loving, caring, stable and pays attention to them.

You can easily find all these traits in an intelligent man, and best of all you know he’s not getting your attention to waste your time and play with your feelings.

The next time you see one of them quietly sitting in a corner reading a book, take up the opportunity to grab him!


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