Rebound Sex: Top 9 Practical Dating Advice Whether You Should Consider Casual Sex & Rebound Relationship After a Breakup

Rebound Sex: Top 9 Practical Dating Advice Whether You Should Consider Casual Sex & Rebound Relationship After a Breakup

Rebound Sex is that moment of passionate lust with no emotional attachment, which tends to happen after one or both of the parties involved, has had a breakup.

Some people claim it is the best way to get over your ex. Others claim, that it’s not such a good idea. Similarly for a Rebound Relationship.

What about you? Is Rebound Sex (or a Rebound Relationship), something you should be engaging in post break-up?

It’s time to find out …


Rebound Sex: To Do or Not to Do? And, What about a Rebound Relationship?

If you’re confused as to what position you should take on Rebound Sex (and a Rebound Relationship), read and digest carefully the valuable insights set out below, and you’re off from here with the answers you need … Enjoy!


1. Can You Differentiate Lust and Love?

A lot of people tend to develop feelings for someone they have sex with, especially if the sex is good.

In a Rebound Relationship situation, this person may or may not be someone you’ve gotten to truly know or have spent a lot of time with.

If you’ve chosen a perfect stranger as a rebound, chances are you’ll be in deep trouble if you catch feelings easily because the person you’re relying on to get over your heartbreak might just be the person who does it next.


2. Are You Emotionally Stable?

If you have no idea what you’re signing up for or you’re not quite sure what Rebound Sex is all about or if it’s even what you want, it’s best for you to stay far away from it.

There are people out there who specifically prey on those who’ve just broken up to take advantage of them in a moment of instability and indecision.


3. Are You Looking for a Clone of Your Ex?

If you find that you’re unconsciously comparing every match of yours on Tinder or every person who hits on you to your ex, then Rebound Sex (nor a Rebound Relationship) is not what you should be doing right now.

Yes, you’re looking for someone to heal the hurt your ex caused you, but you’re not looking to replace the missing puzzle piece which your ex stole.

If you’re still pining to get back together with them, it is not the right time to engage in Rebound Sex.


4. Does It Matter to You Who You’re Having Sex (i.e. Rebound Sex) With?

If you find that you’re looking for rebound sex just to make yourself feel attractive and wanted, with no care as to who the other person is, you’re misunderstanding the dynamics of Rebound Sex.

While it’s true that you don’t want to be emotionally attached to this person, they need to be someone who appreciates you as a person.

Someone who you like being around, not someone who’d dump you like a used tissue post sex.

There is a huge difference, because you want your rebound to cheer you up and help you get over your ex, not make you feel used and unwanted.


5. Are You Ready to Move On?

If your mind constantly lingers around your ex while you’re having the best sex of your life with your rebound partner (or rebound boyfriend / rebound girlfriend), you are probably wishing it was your ex there with you.

You are not having Rebound Sex to show your ex how much in demand you are or showing them what they’ve “lost”.

You’re doing this for you – to help you heal and give you something to obsess over while you’re licking your wounds.

If you’re doing it for any other reason, just don’t.


6. Does the Thought of Rebound Sex Give You Positive Vibes?

If you think about Rebound Sex and all it gives you are waves of negativity, then don’t do it.

Rebound Sex is not for everyone.

Each person has their own unique ways to heal and recover from a break up.

For some people, it’s rebound sex. For others, it might not be.

If you don’t feel good about it or are unsure, you don’t have to force yourself to do it, just because everyone else says it’ll be good for you.


7. Do You Find Your Rebound Physically Attractive?

If it’s a rebound partner we’re talking about, the chances are slim that you’ll have some form of deep emotional connection with them.

However, what you do need is physical attraction.

You also need to like them as a person or a friend. And as a boyfriend or girlfriend for a Rebound Relationship.

If you’re sleeping with someone you consider disgusting, (looks-wise, personality-wise or both), chances are you’re going to feel even worse about yourself, after having sex with them.


8. Do You Know When to Stop (i.e. the Rebound Sex)?

Rebound Sex is not about having a slew of sexual encounters with a horde of people.

It is not a series of Casual Hookups or One Night Stands.

There are people who misunderstand this, and lose themselves in the process of their rebound.

You need to choose your rebound partner carefully, not sleep with the first person who approaches you.

If this person doesn’t match your needs, it’s okay to choose your next rebound, but it’s not okay to go around sleeping with a different person each night.


9. Do You Think Rebound Sex is “Your” Thing?

At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter what other people say or think.

How do you feel about Rebound Sex? (And a Rebound Relationship?)

If you go into it all skeptical and feeling sure it won’t help you out, then it sure won’t, so don’t even bother trying.


Concluding Insights on Rebound Sex (and Rebound Relationship)

If you’ve gone through the above list, and you’re now all the more convinced that Rebound Sex (and a Rebound Relationship) is what you need right now, then go for it!

However, if you’re now reluctant or even unsure about it, then don’t.

Distract yourself with the company of friends or a new hobby instead while waiting for your heart to heal!


(Last Updated: 27 June 2020)

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