Find Gay Men: The Top 4 Common Inner Hurdles that Hinder You from Finding Your Mr Right

Find Gay Men: The Top 4 Common Inner Hurdles that Hinder You from Finding Your Mr Right

In general, everyone’s looking for someone to spend their life and share happy moments with. Despite this, there are many hurdles along the way, before any of us find “the one”.

For Gay Men, the hurdles aren’t really that different, and it may seem even more difficult given how the general perception is that Online Dating Apps and Online Dating Websites tend to cater more to Casual Relationships than to longer term Serious Relationships.

Many Gay Guys feel defeated when their lifelong search for a Gay Partner leads nowhere. And many Gay Men have inevitably developed a mindset where they believe it’s just not possible for Gay Guys to have lifelong Committed Relationships.

They get green with envy when they see the exceptional few who have found Gay Partners of their own, but console themselves with the myth that this is a “rare occurrence” and it will never happen to them.

Some Gay Guys even begin to question their own self-worth, which when left alone, will manifest itself into unhealthy thoughts and affect all aspects of their lives.


Find Gay Men: You Can Be in a Happy Long-Term Gay Relationship

The truth is, it is possible for Gay Men (like yourself) to find meaningful, long-term Gay Relationships.

Most of the time, the hurdles are subconsciously put in place by themselves, and they sabotage their own efforts in finding Mr. Right – all without knowing how or why.

If this sounds familiar to you, then you’re in the right place. This article will help you identify these inner hurdles and struggles you face.

You can then consciously avoid making these 4 mistakes below that hinder you in attaining a deeper, longer lasting Serious Relationship with your dream Gay Partner … Enjoy!


Inner Hurdle #1: The Fear of Never Being Good Enough

Whether it’s childhood trauma or bad experiences from past relationships, this fear grows and accumulates from past events in life.

In low to moderate levels, this fear allows you to reflect on past relationship mistakes and it teaches you not to commit it again in future relationships, but when it grows beyond that, it becomes the very poison that will prevent you from having a healthy Gay Relationship.

This fear stems from emotional wounds that have been inflicted on you by others, or self-inflicted due to pressures and low self-esteem, and it tricks you into thinking that you are unworthy of love and happiness because you will never be good enough.

Without an outlet to properly address these issues, the brain will bury it deep into the subconscious over time and it will become difficult to recognize, articulate and resolve.

Many adult Gay Men do not realize this and they might not know that deep down, they feel unworthy of love but their behaviors state otherwise.


Inner Hurdle #2: The Right Guy is Nowhere to be Found

The truth is, it’s not easy finding the “Right” guy.

While there are many Gay Dating Apps and Gay Dating Sites available for a Gay Man (like you) to meet new people, it can still be hard finding someone that ticks all the right boxes.

There’s a general perception that such online Gay Dating platforms are only for Casual Dating and Casual Encounters and thus, many Gay Guys looking for lifelong Committed Relationship partners shun them.

However, there are very effective Gay Apps and Gay Sites like, and other established Gay Websites such as and, that cater to men seeking lifelong romantic partners. They pride themselves in helping Gay Men look for other Gay Men, and there are many success stories on them that you can read about.

There’s no harm in trying these platforms, because Mr. Right might just be a click or two away.


Inner Hurdle #3: Relationship Entitlement

This is, by far, one of the most dangerous mindsets to have.

As Gay Marriages become more common in various states, many Gay Couples are getting married in a short period of time.

This becomes pressurizing and many Gay Men subconsciously feel the need to get into a Gay Relationship fast, because they can only find true happiness when they have a Gay Partner.

The legalization of gay marriage comes with society’s expectation that one cannot enjoy being single and that singlehood is sad and wrong.

Factually speaking, not everyone needs to be in a relationship in order to have a complete life.

Despite humans being social creatures, many gay men are happy being single as they attain happiness through different aspects of life.

Being single also comes with the perks of personal freedom, in which they are liberated from the commitment to another.

There are many sacrifices and compromises to be made when in a relationship, and it takes a lot of dedication to sustain a long-term one.

You’ll really have to be honest with yourself about your true needs and wants before seeking a Gay Partner, because only then would you be able to give your all to him.

You need to seriously consider and ask yourself if you’re ready and able to commit to a Serious Relationship with another Gay Guy. If not, a Casual Relationship in its various forms (eg. Friends With Benefits, One Night Stand, Hook Up, NSA Relationship or Fling) may be a much better option for you.


Inner Hurdle #4: Baggage from Previous Gay Relationships

When you seek out a new relationship without proper closure from the previous one, you’re short-changing both your partner and yourself.

When you are emotionally unavailable, it makes it hard for you to open up to your Gay Partner, which may just put distance between the both of you.

This is risky because a relationship built on a rocky foundation would not last, and if left to its own demise, the relationship would only crumble and fall.

Making a commitment to your partner takes a lot of hard work, and it would be unfair to him if he’s the only one who is always giving. A Gay Relationship should not be one-sided, and just like hands, it takes two to clap.

Thus, only embark on a new Gay Relationship with your potential Gay Partner when you are 100% sure that you are able to commit all of your heart.

Otherwise, perhaps it is time to take a sabbatical and focus on bettering yourself.


Concluding Insights on Find Gay Men: You Can Find Your “Mr. Right”, Whenever You’re Ready!

No matter what the hurdle is, be it the fear of not being enough, the myth that the right guy cannot be found, the need to be in a relationship, or finding closure from the past, there is a way to get past it.

The first step to bettering yourself is to take things slow and re-evaluate your current situation from a different perspective.

It helps to talk to someone close and seek their assistance in identifying your hurdles.

The following step comes from within, and only when you learn to love yourself, would you be able to love others.


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