First Date Conversation Topics: Top 5 Things You Probably Shouldn’t Share On Your First Lesbian Date

First Date Conversation Topics: Top 5 Things You Probably Shouldn’t Share On Your First Lesbian Date

Yes, there is such a thing as “too much information” and here’s how to steer clear of it

It’s no secret two people on a first date are there, to present the best versions of themselves. Which is why ,it can be such a nerve-wracking event.

While we’d never advocate being anything other than yourself on a date, there’re probably a few very critical things that would be better kept to yourself for the time being, especially if you’re gunning for that precious Second Date.


First Date Conversation Topics

Here’s the Top 5 Things you probably shouldn’t share on your First Lesbian Date.

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1. “I had the best sex of my life with my ex” – (#1 Worst Among First Date Conversation Topics)

Not only is this inappropriate, it puts unexpected (and premature) pressure on your date as this implies all future sexual activity will be measured against this recent yardstick.

Sex is already a tricky area to explore all on its own – why introduce it in conversation with someone you’ve probably only just met, and then make your ex-girlfriend forever a part of it?

Be honest with yourself; if you’re not over your ex, then maybe now’s not the right time to be back on the dating scene.

It’s worth taking the time to get your confidence back, grieve the end of your relationship and be completely ready to move on before putting yourself out there again.


2. “My family is crazy”

You have major Mommy issues, and you’ve ex-communicated everyone in your family since you came out, except your Dad’s long-lost twin who keeps hitting you up for money.

Cool story, bro – it’s nice that you feel comfortable airing your family history so early in the friendship (it’s not a relationship yet), but it only adds unnecessary complexity to the mix.

Naturally, we don’t mean that you shouldn’t talk about your family at all – but if it’s just going to be complaining and blaming them for every perceived wrong in your life, please restrain.

It not only puts her in an uncomfortable position, but it also makes you come across bitter and self-obsessed.

Everyone has skeletons in the closet; not everyone has to know about them on a first date.


3. “I believe I’m a witch”

Unabashedly expressing your passions and beliefs is not only your personal right, it’s an integral part of getting to know each other.

Although some beliefs are more left field than others, and especially if they are expressed to the exclusion of all other contrary opinions, they might come across a bit problematic.

It’s less about the content, and more about the framing.

So while pagan love spells and Wiccan rituals may be the foundational core of who you are, be open to the possibility that she might not be that into the idea of it, and be prepared to move on graciously if so.


4. “I hate my job” – (#2 Worst Among First Date Conversation Topics)

Don’t devote a majority of the date to talking about your job if you hate it.

Hating things simply is not interesting to other people. No one hears someone complaining about their long commute and terrible boss and thinks, “Yes, this girl, I need some of that negativity in my bed.”

So spare her the mind-numbing minutiae of your work day, even if it’s all still fresh in your head from an annoying day at work – show her enough respect to leave all that at the doorstep and instead focus on having a fun time.

Better yet, ask her about her work, and if she complains about her boss too, then perhaps you two can bond on the subject.


5. “I just don’t know how to deal with my chronic IBS”

No, no, just a thousand times no. All health and medical issues should be officially banned from first date conversations.

First cardinal rule is to keep it light on the first date; talking about all the things that are going wrong with your body is not light, and certainly not what she wants to go away remembering about you.

We’re drawn to people who are healthy and vibrant, and your chatter about medical procedures has a negative impact on that.

Same thing applies to mental health issues or emotional instability – exposing so much of yourself so quickly can come off as emotional immaturity or a lack of boundaries.


Concluding Insights on First Date Conversation Topics

During that precious first date, you really want to focus on getting to know someone, but they shouldn’t walk away with knowing every little detail about you.

Your bad habits, traumatic breakup and embarrassing moments should only be shared with your friends and family – not someone you’re trying to impress over a drink or two. Keep it light and fun, and focus on her for a change.


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