Lesbian Relationship Problems: Top 4 Lesbian Relationship Advice on How to Deal with Conflicts in Lesbian Dating & Lesbian Romance

Lesbian Relationship Problems: Top 4 Lesbian Relationship Advice on How to Deal with Conflicts in Lesbian Dating & Lesbian Romance

It doesn’t always have to end in tears – here are some effective ways of managing your relationship problems

There’s no such thing as a smooth sailing relationship.

Every couple encounters obstacles as they face life together – yes, even perfectly matched empathetic women like you!


Lesbian Relationship Problems: Top 4 Ways to Effectively Handle Relationship Problems in Your Lesbian Dating & Lesbian Romance

The trick to weathering the storms is to choose your battles, and communicate honestly.

Here are our Top 4 Lesbian Dating Advice & Lesbian Relationship Advice, for working through those rocky patches without losing the plot.


1. Don’t argue via text – (Top #1 Advice to Resolve Lesbian Relationship Problems)

We all know how easy it is to mis-communicate over the phone – the tone of a message can easily be completely misinterpreted, and no, emojis don’t help.

Choosing to hash out complicated issues by text not only makes things ten times more complicated; it’s also weirdly avoidance.

If you genuinely seek clarity and openness in your communication, please try talking – personal conversations are always best when trying to resolve an argument between couples.

It may be better to dedicate a time to talk things through, like meeting up after dinner or lunch, in a place where you two can be alone together.

Try going somewhere familiar and non-threatening, but intimate enough to provide a sincere ambiance, which allows you and your partner to discuss the issue in a comfortable manner.


2. Try ignoring your problems for a while

This may sound contradictory, but a surprisingly effective way to lessen the background noise and negative vibes is to stop focusing on your problems all the time.

Give the constant talking and analyzing a break, and you might find that things naturally start to lighten up between the both of you.

Labeling incidental issues that crop up from time to time as “relationship problems” that need to be solved, can actually make matters feel more weighty and ponderous than they need to be.

So do yourselves a favor and put a lid on those never-ending conversations you’ve been having with your partner – you know, the ones where you talk (and talk and talk) about everything that’s wrong with her. And with you. And with your relationship.

Try going out and having some fun together instead.


3. Take some space from each other – (Practical #2 Advice to Resolve Lesbian Relationship Problems)

If you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed, it might be time to take a break to give your partner and yourself a chance to evaluate the Lesbian Relationship and your needs.

But you don’t have to initiate a breakup to achieve this – you can request to take a limited time out from each other, but it’s critical that a limited amount of time is agreed on by both of you.

You may want to dedicate a specific time to discuss your problem together; just make sure that this period of being away from each other is enough for both your emotions to calm down.

You cannot come up to a sound resolve if you are on a high emotional high, so it would be better to take some time off.

You may want to spend time with family or friends, or just by yourself, so you can think things through.


4. Try some side-by-side talking

If sitting down and thrashing out your issues face-to-face feels too confrontational, how about considering some side-by-side resolution.

And, this can be taking a walk together, or going for a hike, or anything that gets the both of you moving in the same direction.

Interestingly, walking with someone can help you feel more connected, and your combined forward momentum is not purely physical, but also psychological.

Invite her for a walk somewhere in nature, for example, an exploratory ramble in the woods or through a large park.

Keep the cardio for the gym, instead, keep the pace slow enough to allow for easy conversation.

You might be surprised at how effective this is at helping to loosen those tense knots in the conversation.


Concluding Insights on Lesbian Relationship Problems

Take heart – all couples go through rocky patches from time to time, regardless if you’ve only just started dating or have been together for years.

After that initial honeymoon period, keeping a relationship going takes work and dedication – but it doesn’t always have to be an uphill slog.

Learn to be kind to each other, listen with empathy, and don’t be afraid to communicate.


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