Good First Date Questions: Foolproof Top 5 Best Funny First Date Questions for Your Lesbian Dating & Lesbian Romance

Good First Date Questions: Foolproof Top 5 Best Funny First Date Questions for Your Lesbian Dating & Lesbian Romance

So, here’s how to get the conversation going in a fun way, that will help you learn more about her on your First Lesbian Date.

First Dates with a Lesbian Woman can be nerve-wracking occasions. There’s just no telling, if it will lead to soulmate fireworks, or end up being a damp squib.

Never fear, we are here to help you learn more about your lovely new Lesbian Lady date, with some fun, insightful conversation starters, that will ensure you avoid those “staring-into-your-drink” moments.


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Good First Date Questions for Lesbian Dating & Lesbian Romance


1. Favourite fantasy pet? – (#1 Favorite Among Good First Date Questions)

This one is clearly irresistible for any queer woman – what is it about lesbians and their pets?

Cats, dogs, hamsters, birds – if it has feathers or fur, chances are there’s a lesbian somewhere who owns, lives with, and loves one.

Now this one gets even more fun, as it’s opening the beloved furry spectrum to all manner of fantasy and mythical creature – be it an adorable Totoro dust sprite or the gentle, talking bears of Narnia.

Not only will you get to see her look adorable as she thinks about warm, fuzzy creatures, you’ll also get good insight into her interest in films and books, depending on what she chooses, and her imagination.

Who knows – this could even lead to a second date at a pet cafe, or volunteering at an animal shelter.


2. Blue is the Warmest Colour or Desert Hearts? – (#2 Favorite Among Good First Date Questions)

Nothing much – just two of the most iconic lesbian films of all time!

Palme d’Or-winning drama Blue is the Warmest Colour is a three-hour long cinematic portrait of a young woman’s sexual awakening, most famous for its intense sex scene which reportedly took 10 days to film!

And Desert Hearts is a groundbreaking classic set in sweeping Nevada desert landscapes, depicting for the first time a fiery lesbian romance that didn’t involve a love triangle with a man, or end in tragedy.

With such rich material, you’ll hopefully be talking until it’s time for the last drink order.

Perhaps she hasn’t watched either of these films, but that then sets up the perfect excuse for a second date to the cinema.


3. Which The L-Word character did you crush on?

There’s no way she could be even a little lesbian, bisexual, queer, curious, and not know what The L-Word is – a trailblazing show that ran from 2004 until 2009 that followed the lives of nine queer and lesbian people living in Los Angeles, California.

And what better topic of conversation to flirt with than general chat about your personal taste in hot lesbian women?

Could she be in power babes like Bette Porter, or is she more a serial masochist who tends to fall for bad Alpha girls like Shane McCutcheon?

This could give you great insight, into what you could be getting yourself into with her, should your first date prove successful.


4. Favourite type of boot?

Everyone knows boots are the unspoken footwear of lesbians (besides sneakers) and although they’re not as celebrated as flannels may be, they still are a staple in the closet of every person – especially lesbians.

She’s bound to have an opinion on this, and it never hurts to get a sartorial opinion from a hot woman.

Also, much can be gleaned from the not-so-subtle differences between a hardcore combat boot, a classic, clean-cut Chelsea ankle boot and a vintage leather lace-up- how Alpha or dominant does she like to be, how laidback can she be, what kind of fashionista is she?

It also won’t hurt to pick up a shopping tip or two.


5. What was your craziest dream as a kid?

Everyone loves a turn talking about themselves – this is a great opportunity to demonstrate your genuine interest in her as a person.

Great communication starts with paying close attention to their stories, and you can be sure she will take note of your interest.

Draw her out with questions about what she was like as a child, and you’ll get lots of information about her family background and the kind of environment she grew up in.

You’ll also be able to weigh in with your own stories, and that’s the perfect start to getting to know each other.

There is beauty in peeling back the layers and getting to know someone, so sit back and enjoy this one.


Concluding Insights on Good First Date Questions for Lesbian Dating & Lesbian Romance

The best communication happens when even and equal exchanges occur between two people.

So go forth on your first date with genuine interest in getting to know her, and that is already half the battle won – being a good listener makes all the difference.


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