Lesbian Relationship Goals: Top 3 Proven Traits of Successful Lesbian Dating & Lesbian Romance for Lesbian Women

Lesbian Relationship Goals: Top 3 Proven Traits of Successful Lesbian Dating & Lesbian Romance for Lesbian Women

All dating relationships are different, and as such, each relationship will have their own goals and aspirations.

In its simplest definition, all relationships have the goal of ensuring that the couple live happily ever after.

As a minority in terms of sexual preference, a Lesbian Dating relationship will lean more heavily towards the emotional stability of the couple.

In this article, we shall look at the key determining and essential factors, which are the foundation and bedrock of all Lesbian Relationship goals …


Lesbian Relationship Goals

Here’s our Top 3 Lesbian Dating Advice & Best Lesbian Dating Tips to have a Successful Lesbian Relationship and Lesbian Romance with your Lesbian Partner(s) … Enjoy!


1. Both Lesbian Ladies are Emotionally Secure

As a “non-typical” relationship, trust is of the utmost importance in a Lesbian Relationship.


(a) Doubts will Erode your Lesbian Romance if you’re Emotionally Insecure

If you’re a girl who just came out of the closet and you’re emotionally insecure, doubts will be a part and parcel of who you are.

You will doubt if your partner likes you for who you are.

You will doubt if they will dump you tomorrow in favor of an “easier” heterosexual relationship.

You will have doubts if your partner is willing to endure the questions and stares from people (which might actually just be a figment of your imagination, by the way).

Such is the fate of a girl who has little to no emotional security entering into a lesbian relationship.


(b) You need to Trust your Lesbian Lady partner & be Emotionally Secure yourself

You need to have faith and trust in the way your partner will react to a set of stimuli in your lives.

You need to have the emotional security to confidently predict the outcome of certain scenarios your girlfriend is put into.

You have to be able to believe in their words without questions forming in the back of your mind.

You need to calm down and know that there is a good reason for your girlfriend being late or absent for dates and that she is not doing it in favor of something more “fun”.

You need to be able to be secure enough in yourself.

You have to be able to trust that when she says she can’t make it because she has extra work to do suddenly, or is on an emergency work call, she will be at work and not somewhere else.


(c) Avoid allowing your Emotions to Spiral Out of Control in your Lesbian Dating relationship

Life is generally unpredictable, and when the unforeseen happens you can’t be blamed for feeling anxious and antsy sometimes.

However, if you constantly feel like things are spiraling out of control a great majority of the time, maybe you should review again if you’re ready to be in a relationship.

A relationship based on security is a stable, sustainable one.

On the other hand, if the girls in a lesbian relationship are emotionally insecure, they will depend on each other for emotional support beyond what is normal.

“Dependence” will be an understatement. It might even progress to the point of leeching off each other emotionally.

Such a relationship is exhausting and unrewarding, and will never be the goal of any couple’s relationship.


2. Both Lesbian Girls have their Own Lives Outside of the Lesbian Relationship

Lesbian relationships can be said to consist of a tighter bond than that of a heterosexual couple, because the girls can literally spend all their time together.

There is no compulsory separation time which seems to govern the heterosexual couples.

Other than that, being super close and “merging” into one person, seems to be a feature of relationships between girls, even girl besties.


(a) Maintain a Healthy Balance & your Own Activities amidst your Lesbian Romance

Don’t be that couple. Don’t bring your girlfriend to all your outings with your other friends.

It is okay to introduce your friends to her, but don’t meld your friends and hers into one massive lump.

No matter how well you get along, there are bound to be differences in your hobbies and opinions, and this is where friends come in.

Friends other than your girlfriend are important, in maintaining a healthy balance in your relationship.


(b) Don’t be Over-Clingy to Each Other as a Lesbian Couple

If you make it so that you do spend every waking moment together, do everything together, like the same things and have the same opinions on everything, the relationship will start to go downhill pretty quick.

Yes, you may want to spend every second of your time together with your girlfriend, but if you value your relationship, you need to intentionally forge some time apart from each other.

When you spend too much time together (which is more a tendency of lesbian couples than gay or heterosexual ones), you run the risk of getting tired of each other.

The more time you spend together, the more likely you are to run into conflict and arguments.

The more arguments and conflict you run into, the more friction there will be between the two of you.

A certain level of conflict is unavoidable in relationships and is actually healthy.


(c) Yet Don’t Go Overboard & end up Neglecting Each Other in your Lesbian Dating Relationship

However, when the level wavers too high, there is the tendency to associate your girlfriend with unpleasant situations and you might start getting irritated at the sight of them.

That is dangerous and unhealthy for your relationship. Instead of missing them and wanting to see more of them, you might want to stay away instead.

When your friends circle rapidly shrinks, you also lose the option of having someone to turn to and bounce ideas off when you’re not getting along with your girlfriend.

In addition to that, if you stop doing what you love for the sake of your girlfriend, you feel isolated and depressed, and you feel like you’ve “sacrificed” a lot for the sake of the relationship and will inevitably feel unhappy.


3. Allowing room for Negativity

Positive feelings tend to dominate Homosexual Relationships, and even more so, Lesbian Relationships.

While this sounds like a good trait of a dating relationship, it is pretty much a double-edged sword.

Often, in the aim to let this positivity reign over their relationship, the people involved are suppressing their feelings, and not allowing themselves to feel anything negative.

This is not normal, because doing this over the long term leads to a build-up of negativity, and throws the relationship into a false utopia.


(a) Don’t Suppress & Try to Hide your True Feelings & Negative Emotions

No one knows why same-sex couples have this tendency of aversion towards negative feelings, but it is something which needs to be addressed, if a Lesbian Couple wishes to achieve their goal of a truly happy relationship.

Suppressing negativity and hiding one’s true feelings and emotions prevents that person from understanding their partner beyond a superficial level.

This is not a good trait of a relationship.


(b) Avoid Overthinking & Assuming What your Lesbian Partner is Feeling

Women are also more prone to overthinking – as an extension of that, they try to predict their partner’s feelings and try to prevent them from getting hurt.

While it is an action made with a good intention, it might instead result in an adverse effect.

No matter how in tune a couple is with each other, there is no way that you can predict everything that’s going on in their personal lives and how they’re actually feeling.


(c) Avail Yourself – And Let Her Open Up to You Whenever She’s Ready

Women are also more prone to taking things personally, when things don’t go their way.

As such, make it a habit to get your girlfriend to open up and get them to tell you how they’re feeling, at their own pace and comfort level.

This is much better than saying something like “I know you’re sad, tell me about it” – which forces them to tell you about it right then and now.

If she says she’s okay when you know she’s not, don’t get hurt that she isn’t ready to tell you immediately, because it isn’t your fault.

Don’t take it personally. Instead, make yourself available and make sure she knows you’ll welcome her with open arms, whenever she’s ready to open up to you.


Concluding Insights on Lesbian Relationship Goals

Lesbian Relationships can sometimes feel like one of the hardest Dating Relationships to succeed in.

However, with the help of the relationship traits listed above, the success of your relationship goals is more likely to be achieved.

In addition, so many Lesbian Couples before you have succeeded in achieving fulfilling and rewarding Lesbian Romantic Relationships – so ask yourself, why not you and your partner as well?

Be positive – treasure your Lesbian Partner – and work together, hand-in-hand and do whatever it takes (by both of you putting in the necessary effort), to make your very own Lesbian Relationship a magnificent success and a role-model for other Lesbian Couples.


(Last Updated: 27 June 2020)

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