Romantic Relationship: Understanding the 3 Typical Stages of Romance & Love in a Serious Relationship

Romantic Relationship: Understanding the 3 Typical Stages of Romance & Love in a Serious Relationship

Being in love is arguably one of the best feelings that one can ever experience in a lifetime. It’s something that can hardly be described.

However, one might be led into thinking that the feeling of being in love is all bliss, and nothing unpleasant would ever come out of it.

The truth is, these people are probably still in the initial stage of romantic love.


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Romantic Relationship: Know the Different Stages of Romantic Love

If you’re one of those who are still in this stage, it might be a good idea to read on to see what’s coming… and be prepared for it. Enjoy!


Stage 1: Irrational love – (Most Obvious Stage of a Romantic Relationship)

So you met this guy and you are just totally smitten by him.

Everything he does is so irresistibly cute, he looks so hot and dreamy and you are constantly in a state of bliss with butterflies in your stomach because he’s just so-god-damn-charming.

You blush when he teases you and you giggle so often, like a teenage girl with her first love.

This feeling is a result of a rush of feel-good neuro-chemicals called dopamine and norepinephrine being released, because you are just so infatuated with this new Prince charming in your life.

It’s like puppy love once again and you adore this feeling of being so in love. The both of you only have eyes for each other and you idealize him to a state where he just seems just like Mr. Perfect.

You wished you could just spend every waking moment with him because you really want to. At this stage, you are unable to see his shortcomings and imperfections.

The common adage, “love is blind” is so apt here. How we wished time could stop here, but well, this is not a perfect world.

With time, love transcends to the next stage.

How long it lasts: Three months to 6 months


Stage 2: Rationality sets in

Well, all good things come to an end as you realized his actions aren’t that cute anymore. In fact, some of his habits that you used to think were cute, start to annoy the hell out of you.

This is when reality sets in and the feelings of adoration, passion and infatuation fades. His flaws and imperfections are glaring and you find it hard to ignore.

Sad to say, you would rather spend a night with the girls, than bicker with him over small minute issues about who does the dishes and brings out the trash.

At times, he may spring a sweet surprise during special occasions like your birthday or anniversaries. But those are short-lived as he goes back to being comfortable and taking you for granted on a day-to-day basis.

To successfully get through this phase, it requires a lot of communication, compromise and commitment to one another.

Speak openly with each other with the aim to resolve differences. The goal is not to change one another, but to learn how to respect and make compromises.

A high level of commitment, love and trust is required to get through this difficult time to proceed on to a more stable and long-term relationship which is reflective in the next stage.

How long it lasts: 6 months to 2 years depending on individuals and how often you see one another


Stage 3: Stability

Congratulations, you have surpassed the most precarious phase (Stage 2) and entered into the realm of stability, comfort and devotion (Stage 3).

Over here, you can find assurance, acceptance, loyalty, emotional support, companionship and respect. It is a stage where many long-term couples and successful marriages are at.

At this stage, you learn that this type of love has an overall deeper meaning, connection and bond. Some people refer to their lovers at this stage as soul mates. Ahh, how beautiful…

How long it lasts: For years & year, and hopefully, for eternity.


Concluding Insights on the 3 Typical Stages of a Romantic Relationship

Having reached stage 3 doesn’t necessarily mean that one’s relationship will be free from squabbles.

In fact, it takes a load of commitment to remain at that stage. Remember to never take your partner for granted!


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