Serious Relationship Advice: Top 5 Ways to Tell that Your Committed Relationship is a One-Sided Relationship

Serious Relationship Advice: Top 5 Ways to Tell that Your Committed Relationship is a One-Sided Relationship

A one-sided Romantic Relationship can be a very tormenting process, especially if you’re on the “giving” end.

In contrast, there’s really not much to gripe for the one who’s receiving, when you’re the beneficiary in an unbalanced Committed Relationship.

If you ever feel desperate for your partner’s attention and affirmation, chances are you’re in a Serious Relationship which clearly isn’t equal in commitment.


Serious Relationship Advice

Here are 5 of the Most Obvious Signs, which show you’re in a 1-sided Long Term Relationship.

In such a case, you should probably make the decision to leave such a non-existent and non-viable Exclusive Relationship … Enjoy!


1. You set aside practically all your time for her but this isn’t reciprocated

Sometimes, even between romantic couples; love can be extremely one-sided.

There would be a partner who is more committed (or sometimes, they are even seen as desperate).

This partner seeks to achieve the adulation, love and attention of their other partner.

On the other hand, the other partner (who is less attached and committed) is shunned and put off by the desperation that reeks from their adoring partner.

This is often a very sad situation because it shows a huge gap that exists between these two partners.

When this happens, it is very important to re-evaluate the relationship to see if it is still worth sustaining in the long run.


2. You lose your hobbies in place of what she’s interested in

Things start getting unhealthy when a partner totally forsakes his passion, interests and hobbies, and starts behaving like an entirely different person just because of his partner.

Because of her expectations, he may abandon all that he loves and only focus on her and all that she wants and desires.

It is unhealthy to live life only through her, because he has to recognize that he will not be happy at the end of it all.

These are two different individuals who have diverse wants, desires and hobbies.

As such, there should be a form of mutual respect, so that each person can pursue his/her own interests together, or even at their own time.


3. For some reason, you are always at fault

A fight or quarrel ensues and it is always one person’s fault. You would notice that it is never her fault, and always his.

He gets blamed for everything nasty that happens in this Exclusive Relationship.

Because of that, he has to bear the burden of all the bad things happening within the Committed Relationship, and this makes him feel guilty, yet disgruntled at the same time.

She on the other hand, brushes away all the blame and unhappiness, and lives in her own little bubble.

She is not affected because she is not at all attached or committed to this relationship.


4. You have long term plans, but she wants things to be spontaneous

He has their future planned out for them – he would have saved up enough for a wedding and a house in three years, and they can start having a brood of kids in five years time.

However, she is just taking things one day at a time.

And to be honest, she still isn’t sure if this is the man whom she wants to spend her life with.


5. You both tend to sweep things under the rug

A conflict or even a small tiff can completely break this Romantic Relationship apart, and he is extremely cautious not to step on her toes, or to even quarrel about the smallest things.

All these are currently all swept under the rug, and he just doesn’t want to imagine the devastation it’s going to leave when things go out of hand.


Concluding Serious Relationship Advice: Knowing When to Leave a 1-Sided Relationship

If all the above signs are familiar, it’s right about time to decide what to do next.

Will you keep pressing on, and hope that things will turn out well eventually?

Now if you do that, understand that you’re taking a risk and you may very well be wasting precious time on resources on someone who doesn’t really care.

Take heart and make the right choice!


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