Romantic Relationship Definition: Top 5 Things to Do to Prevent Your Serious Dating Relationship from Hitting Rock Bottom

Romantic Relationship Definition: Top 5 Things to Do to Prevent Your Serious Dating Relationship from Hitting Rock Bottom

Is your Serious Relationship starting to feel like it’s losing its flame? Are you starting to dread returning home, and spending time with your Significant Other?

Chances are, both of you have been together for a while now, and you feel that the passion is slowly fading away.


Romantic Relationship Definition: Re-Kindle the Romance in Your Committed Relationship

Before things hit rock bottom, here are some 5 ways to rekindle that lovey-dovey feeling you once had for each other … Enjoy!


1. Do something out of the norm – (#1 Top Dating Advice on Romantic Relationship Definition)

Inject some fun in your otherwise boring and dead relationship.

Think of things you used to do with her during your “honeymoon period” at the start of your Serious Relationship.

Try out something which you have never done before (i.e. skinny dipping, sky diving). Have a load of fun at the theme park or even better; book two air tickets and go on a spontaneous vacation!

Be bold, be fun and be adventurous. Steer away from mundane activities that you both do on a daily basis. Ditch Netflix or takeaway dinners.

Think of exciting and thrilling activities that you both enjoy, can let your hair down and have lots of fun together!


2. Have some bonding time through meaningful conversations – (Best #2 Dating Tip on Romantic Relationship Definition)

When was the last time you had a heart-to-heart talk?

Leave your phones aside for once (switch if off, lest you get distracted), get a glass of wine, sit down and talk it out.

Be gentle, be kind and be non-judgmental. Let the conversation flow and take its natural course, so you both can engage in a deep and meaningful conversation.

You would notice that through these heartfelt conversations, you both would be able to understand small nitty gritty things about each other. You get to understand one another better in the process.

With time and more talk, you can establish a stronger bond with one another and it would only turn out well for your relationship.


3. Do something kinky

Spice up your sex life and make him crave for you.

Get some new sexy lingerie, amp up the atmosphere in the bedroom with nice scented candles or experiment with a new sex toy.

Inject some fun and get intimate with your partner at a secluded beach. How thrilling it would be!

Role-play if it’s both your thang, or try some new sexual positions.

Tease him when he’s driving, or hug him when he least expects it.


4. Get nostalgic together

Relive old memories and reminisce about places where you both used to hang out when you were dating.

Revisit these places and have fun re-enacting what it was like during those times…

Rediscover photos that you used to take or trinkets and letters which you have collected since the beginning.

These things can bring you back to memory lane as you both recall fondly about those times.

It may help you to cherish each other more because of the journey you have both taken to be where you are now.


5. Show appreciation to each other

Bring to his awareness that you are thankful for all that he has done and all that he is, because it is easy for us to sometimes neglect or overlook our partners once we become too comfortable in a Committed Relationship.

Although innately we cherish and are thankful for them, we sometimes forget to show it through words and actions.

So, a genuine and heartfelt “thank you” would be nice, or perhaps a small token of appreciation (like a ticket to watch his favorite hockey match) would really make his day.

Such acts make your partner know that you noticed what he’s done and would definitely pan out well for a long-term Serious Relationship.


Concluding Romantic Relationship Definition Insights to Re-ignite Your Serious Dating Relationship

It’s easy for Romantic Relationships to go stale especially when no effort is put into maintaining it.

Remember that commitment is key to keeping a Committed Relationship strong, loving and fulfilling!


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