Serious Relationship: Top 4 Things to Look Out for in the Right Man for a Committed Relationship

Serious Relationship: Top 4 Things to Look Out for in the Right Man for a Committed Relationship

Sometimes it’s hard to give love a shot again especially if it has failed us before. Nonetheless, every failed relationship can be a lesson learnt.

We just have to be clear about our needs and expectations so we can finally find our person to settle down with.

If your man exhibits the following, you might want to take the leap of faith and try things out with him.

Because these are signs of a good man who would be taken by someone quickly if you miss the opportunity!


Serious Relationship Advice: Knowing How to Spot the Right Man for a Committed Relationship


1. He shares the same set of values as you – (#1 Top Serious Relationship Tip)

We cannot stress this further but it is important to find someone whose personality complements yours, and is a good fit to you.

It does not have to be a 100 percent fit, however your partner’s habits, values and goals in life should align quite similarly to yours.

This is to ensure that you both would not be quarreling or negotiating about every single thing in your daily lives.

Learn to identify these traits and recognize the absolute no-gos for yourself so you can be discerning when choosing a life partner and committing into a long-term relationship with a date.


2. He prioritizes your needs without fail

You realize that your date makes a conscious effort to place your needs and wants above his own (even when you are not watching).

For example, he quietly calls off his long awaited meet-up with his pals because you are ill in bed that weekend.

He takes care of you; cooks you some chicken soup, makes sure you take your medications on time. He tucks you into bed and also stays vigil all night, right beside you.

It is almost certain that he will ditch everything for you, because you are his priority and we say this guy should be promoted from a date to your partner because he’s just too sweet for words.


3. He doesn’t have (seriously) bad habits

By bad habits, we mean those that irk you. It could be anything from drumming his fingers incessantly, to smoking in the loo while he’s taking a dump.

If you find somebody who doesn’t do annoying things (even after dating for a long while), it would be a good idea to try things out with him.

Frankly though, this isn’t a strong indicator since one might argue that such habits may surface in the future.

Then again, you wouldn’t want to underestimate how irritating such habits might be in the long run.


4. He listens attentively

One of the best traits that can ever exist in a man would be his ability to listen.

Not just listening for the sake of replying or voicing out his opinions, but genuinely listening because he wants to know what’s bothering you.

If you find that you feel better every time after speaking to your man, it’s a clear sign that he’s an awesome listener. What are you waiting for?


Concluding Insights on Serious Relationship: What to Look Out for in the Right Man

If for some reason you’re having second thoughts even after all the above checks out, it is important to understand that all of us are individuals who deserve to love and be loved in return.

None of us are worthless or undeserving of love, even if we have been cheated on or have had our hearts broken by our exes.

When we begin a new relationship, we still have the choice to choose the love that we want and we have a clean slate to begin a new relationship on.

Don’t ever think we are not tainted or not good enough for someone just because we were in a broken relationship before.


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