What Is A Committed Relationship: Top 4 Practical Tips for a Stable & Loving Serious Relationship

What Is A Committed Relationship: Top 4 Practical Tips for a Stable & Loving Serious Relationship

Ever wondered how couples stick with each other through thick and thin for their entire life, when a minute of argument with your partner felt like eternity?

And no, such beautiful scenes don’t just occur in romantic films – they do happen in real life too!

Now the question is, how can couples stick together for so long without driving each other nuts?

Here are the essential skills that you got to pick up if you’re aiming for that … Enjoy!


What is a Committed Relationship

Maintaining a long term Serious Relationship is never easy or straightforward, as we are aware. For most times however, he or she is that “perfect” person, romance partner, confidant, partner-in-crime and our all-in-all.

Occasionally however, we may get upset with, and experience feelings of anger, disappointment and frustration, against the one whom we call our special and significant other.

In a long term Committed Relationship, how do we then handle ourselves and treat our S.O lovingly and respectfully in a way that builds the bonds and relationship into a strong and enduring one?

So, just what is a Committed Relationship, and what are the secrets to Success? Over here, we share with you the most Fundamental and Essential 4 Tips on establishing a stable and loving Serious Relationship and Romance… Enjoy!


1. Keep Your Negative Emotions in Check

During a conflict or quarrel, the easiest way is to lash out at your partner and most of the time we are likely to say or do something that we would regret later.

Therefore, it is important to take a step back to calm down before speaking or reacting to your partner.

Bear in mind that the tension is elevated and emotions are heightened at that point in time, so anything can be a trigger.

The best method is to take a quick time out to calm yourself down so you can think more objectively and logically.

If need be, leave the room and collect your thoughts in a quiet and calm environment without any distractions.

Take in a few deep breaths to compose yourself and let the negative emotions dissipate.

Once you are in a more relaxed state, evaluate the situation and decide what you would like to do next.

In this way, we avoid acting rashly and becoming embroiled in conflict regularly.


2. Be a Genuine Listener in a Committed Relationship

Active listening is key to a healthy and stable relationship.

Do not listen with judgment or with preconceived opinions in mind. Be open, considerate and attentive to what your partner is telling you.

Sometimes your partner just needs a listening ear, not a chiding or a lecture from you. Or perhaps, she may need your truthful and valuable advice.

What’s important is to recognize that you are her trusted confidante; that’s why she chooses to have this conversation with you. So, be there for her.


3. Don’t Underestimate the Power of Validation

Constantly show appreciation for your partner and let her know she is loved, appreciated and cared for.

It is very easy to start taking things and people for granted after some time. Therefore, it is crucial to keep in mind that we need to always make a conscious effort to show love and appreciation explicitly.

For instance, you can bring her out for a romantic dinner night out (or plan an activity which she really likes) once in a while.

Or you could surprise her with a hand-written card with some sincere words of appreciation, complete with a bouquet of flowers or a thoughtful gift (eg. a handbag she’s been eyeing on for the longest time).


4. Conscientiously Repeat the Above

The above skills may be known and understood by many, but people still often struggle to carry out these things.

However, you would need to know that these take time to adopt and must be practiced in daily life.

It takes time and tenacity to build these into your relationship.

Essentially, these skills will strengthen and build your relationship into a strong, trusting and stable one.


Concluding Insights on What is a Committed Relationship

It takes commitment to develop a healthy and stable relationship; very much easier said than done especially among younger couples.

Frankly speaking, young couples are better off having fun till they’re done, before attempting to transit into something a little more serious.

So if you think you’re still too young (or young at heart), go ahead and do the senseless things you enjoy.

That beats breaking hearts unnecessarily when your partner’s ready but you aren’t!


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