What Is Commitment In A Relationship: Top 4 Proven Signs Your Man is Ready for a Committed Relationship

What Is Commitment In A Relationship: Top 4 Proven Signs Your Man is Ready for a Committed Relationship

We’ve all heard of this before – what started out as a One Night Stand eventually progressed into a Casual Relationship.

You both had nice, raunchy sex dates for a period of time before delving into heart-to-heart conversations post-orgasm.

Before you know it, you have both flouted the rules of casual dating and have fallen in love with each other.

Deep down you know that love has already blossomed, but you just can’t convince yourself that this is indeed the reality.

So what is commitment in a relationship? Here are the signs that your man wants to take things to another level (Serious Relationship, likely), so that you can decide what to do next.


What is Commitment in a Relationship

Here are the Top 4 Signs your man is ready to take things forward in your dating relationship to the next level of a Committed Relationship … Enjoy!


1. He is not only interested in the now with you, but also the future

He asked if you are free to attend his best mate’s wedding that is one year away.

When partners are deeply committed to you, they plan you into their future as well.

He may have checked in on whether you would be free to go for a vacation with him to the Maldives – four months later.

He also frequently speaks to you about his future aspirations, his dream home, kids and marriage.

It seems like he has weaved you into his life and is expecting you to be there, together with him through all these milestones (very likely as his partner-in-crime and other half).


2. He finds means to spend time with you

Even though you may be working, he would drive all the way down from another state just to spend that few hours with you.

You would also realize that he laments about you working too hard or that he hardly sees you anymore.

The reason is because he wants to spend every waking moment with you and things are just different when both of you are not around each other.

When things get more serious in a Committed Relationship, dating partners tend to want to spend all their time with one another.


3. He starts taking interest in marriage… stuff

He may be browsing websites for wedding engagement rings or venues. Or he may suddenly ask about a wedding march-in song that he had always envisioned to be played when you walk down the aisle. It seems like he is taking a keen interest on weddings because he want to take a step further into this committed relationship with you.


4. He analyses how you react to what he says

Sometimes people are held back from expressing their true feelings because they are afraid of how their partners will respond; so often they draw references from people around them and watch your reaction to get a feel first.

For instance, he wants to start dating you seriously, so he says “hey, have you heard that Aileen and Jason are now exclusive?”

Or he could say “my cousin’s getting engaged this summer with this girl he’s been seeing for two years”; listening out for your reaction towards marriage.

Depending on whether your reaction’s positive and negative would determine on whether he would make the first move.

It would be good to be upfront and open when speaking to your partner about such things to ensure he is on the same page as you.


Concluding Insights on What is Commitment in a Relationship

If you have experienced all the above, it’s very likely that your man is intending to take things to the next level. If the feeling’s mutual, HURRAY!

Otherwise, it may be a good idea to devise an exit plan so prevent him from going too into deep and hurting himself further. Good luck!


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