Committed Relationship Rules: Top 5 Dating Advice When He’s Not Ready to Commit to a Long Term Serious Romantic Relationship

Committed Relationship Rules: Top 5 Dating Advice When He’s Not Ready to Commit to a Long Term Serious Romantic Relationship

It’s easy to become overly critical of ourselves when our partner doesn’t seem to want to take the Dating Relationship to the next level.

You start to wonder if the problem lies with you, whether you’re pretty enough for him, whether he finds your past a bother, the list goes on and before you know it, you slump into depression.

That’s definitely a bad path to take, and one that might lead to even darker consequences.

For that reason, we’d highly recommend you consider these healthy steps instead …


Committed Relationship Rules

Here are our Best 5 Exclusive Dating Tips Secrets on How NOT to Beat Yourself Up If He’s NOT Ready to Commit to a Monogamous Serious Relationship … Enjoy!


1. Repeat this to yourself – “It’s not me, it’s him”

So, you met this man whom you have a great connection with and you enjoy every moment with him; however he doesn’t seem to be interested in a long-term relationship with you.

Nevertheless, you need to recognize that it doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s something wrong with you.

Yes, that’s what we are saying and we would like to emphasize it further; there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you!

However, you can’t be too sure about what’s happening in his life right now that’s influencing his decision to not commit to you.

He could still be recovering from his previous relationship and isn’t exactly ready to get into a serious relationship at this point in time.

Or he could have gotten into this relationship, thinking that it is just a Casual Hookup and he is just winding his head around the fact that this is getting serious.

Whatever the reason might be, we can’t stress enough that you shouldn’t internalize this and take this personally …


2. Acknowledge what you’re really feeling

After spending some time with this man, recognize that it is completely natural for feelings to develop.

You may have done couple-ly things together, or engaged in intimate acts with him and even had sex together, thus feelings are bound to surface.

It isn’t healthy to suppress or contain these feelings, or worst still, tell him that you are contented with the situation just the way it is (when you are clearly yearning for something more).

Get real about the feelings you have for him and be honest with yourself.

Ask yourself if commitment is crucial to you and if you are able to wait for him to make a decision about your relationship.

If he is unable to commit to you, are you able to accept it?

Allow yourself some time to process and think through your emotions. Don’t rush into things too early or hastily and allow him some time to work through his feelings as well.


3. Find a chance to talk about it

Find a chance to speak to him about how you are feeling.

Also, clarify why he has not raised the possibility of a relationship up to this point in time, and ask him how he is feeling too.

There is a huge chance that you might sound accusatory when asking or clarifying things with him; so try to use ‘we’ and ‘I’ language instead of ‘you’ to avoid putting him in a spot.

Furthermore, utilize an inquisitive tone instead of an accusatory one.

For instance “We have been together for quite some time now and I always felt very comfortable and safe with you.

I was wondering if we would make a great couple?”


4. Confide in a good friend

One of the best ways to get that heaviness off your chest is to talk things out.

Find a good friend whom you can trust and head out for a drink. Tell him or her what you’ve been through, and how they see the state of this relationship from their point of view.

Sometimes, we all need a critical perspective on our situation as we are often blinded by our circumstances and views.

Be open and receptive about what you’re going to hear from your friend, and trust that whatever they say, they’re saying it for your own good and well-being.


5. Brace yourself to walk away

IF after all that is said and done, he just wouldn’t budge and isn’t willing to get into a committed relationship with you, we say, walk away.

One thing’s for sure, he sure as hell doesn’t deserve you.

And when some other great man is going to come by, whisk you away, love and commit to you like there’s no tomorrow, this man would be nothing but a distant memory.

You just got to be patient!


Concluding Insights on Committed Relationship Rules

Understand that not all love stories have a happy ending, as much as we yearn for them.

What’s important for all of us is to treat each relationship like a learning journey – because everything that happens in a relationship allows us to discover something new about ourselves.

And that really helps us to understand what sort of a partner we really need.

Be patient! It’s better to find someone later, than to settle for someone who doesn’t appreciate the person that you are!


(Last Updated: 27 June 2020)

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