One Night Stand: 4 Tactical Phases That Will Inevitably Lead You to a 1 Night Stand

One Night Stand: 4 Tactical Phases That Will Inevitably Lead You to a 1 Night Stand

No men will say ‘no’ to sex, especially if there are no strings attached. You’re probably seeking ideas to score a session tonight before heading back home to your mediocre sex life from your business trip.

In this article, we share with you 4 typical phases that men go through before scoring a One Night Stand. You could experience this for yourself a the club, a pub, a house party or anywhere where there are potential babes to pick up and have a good time.

Oh, and did we mention that your chances are guaranteed to be doubled if you allow yourself to be spotted with a flashy super car?

Here goes … Enjoy these valuable pointers to enhance your chances of success for a 1 Night Stand!


The 4 Tactical Stages of a Typical Successful One Night Stand


Phase 1: Reconnaissance

To enhance your chances of a 1 Night Stand, zoom in on women who are dressed more provocatively.

She doesn’t have to dress like a skank, but studies have shown that women who are ovulating will tend to dress more skimpily to attract potential suitors or f*ck buddies; similar to behaviors in the natural world when animals are in heat.

These will increase your chances of approaching a horny lady whose aim is also to have a bonking good time that evening.

Also, it may be a good idea to approach women who are alone. They tend to be less distracted and guarded as opposed to those with friends.

If she’s up your alley and you are able to catch her eye and rouse her interest, then a one-night stand may be highly possible.

If it’s unlikely to catch anyone alone, look for experienced women who appear open and outgoing! They may be more adventurous in trying out these sexcapades or are out on the prowl for a potentially f*cking good time.


Phase 2: Ambush

Approach her with confidence but take note that there’s a fine line between being confident and being all cocky, loud mouth and arrogant.

The key is to make her comfortable as first impressions really count. If you are good at witty or humorous pick-up lines, try it.

If you don’t, just a sincere “hi, mind if I get you a drink?” will do. Some women may not be there for a One Night Stand, so don’t be too offended if she rejects you.

When you are engaging in a conversation, don’t make the conversation all about yourself. Ask her leading questions and let her talk. Play the role of an active listener.

There’s something real charming and sexy about men who listen and pay attention. Women are particularly attracted to that and that will definitely score you some brownie points.

If you’re lucky, she may have just broken up with her boyfriend and may need a rebound f*ck buddy. Or she may just be sharing something about work that’s stressing her out, and she may need a listening ear and some sex to get her mind off the hellhole she’s in.

The chances are boundless, so let loose and have fun.


Phase 3: Capture Target

If you’re at a club, dance close to her, brush against her gently and whisper in her ears. Tease her but still play hard-to-get.

Don’t appear like you’re desperate by gyrating and grinding her on the dance floor because that can be creepy and a total put off.

If she responds to your advances by getting really physical with you, you can take the chance to subtly ask if she’s keen to head to your place tonight.

Essentially, throughout the night you should be throwing in suggestive verbal hints and arousing her by stimulating her with your body language; to lead her to wanting to go to bed with you.

Make constant eye contact, and try for some kisses if she’s responding well to your advances.


Phase 4: Make Her Your POW

Take the chance to impress and show off your signature move in bed; something that is tried and tested and has worked for you in the past.

It is important to make sure she is also satisfied at the end of it all. You’ll never know for this could be the best sex you’ve ever had, and it may turn out into a regular booty call if she enjoys it too.


Concluding Insights on One Night Stand

Like all military exercises and missions, each step is essential if you want to acquire your ONS target.

Planning is important, and practice makes perfect. After a few rounds, you’ll find yourself becoming good at it and scoring one night stands like there’s no tomorrow.

Keep going at it, and remember to keep your 1 Night Stand’s contact if you know you’d be needing her again in the near future.


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