Casual Dating Tips: Top 7 Not-So-Great Things About a Casual Relationship that People Don’t Talk About

Casual Dating Tips: Top 7 Not-So-Great Things About a Casual Relationship that People Don’t Talk About

SO you’ve probably heard about all the great things associated with Casual Dating. But what about the not-so-great things?

People often flaunt about how exciting their date nights are and that makes you really want to lead their kind of life.

Now if you know about the sh*tty things that goes on behind the Casual Relationship scenes, they may actually change your mind a little.


Casual Dating Tips

Don’t say we didn’t warn you … Enjoy our 7 Not-So-Positive Insights about a Casual Relationship (be it a Hook Up, One Night Stand, Casual Encounter or a Fling)!


1. To do or not to do; that is the question

The thing about Casual Dating is that most of the time, things are rather spontaneous. You don’t plan ahead like how people in a Serious Relationship do.

So, whether or not you are having a sleepover at your casual partner’s house is always a mystery.

You have actually lost track of the number of times you pack your undies, a new change of clothes for work and your contact lenses for nothing (because there was no sleepover).

Conversely, there were also a few instances where you had to turn up at work, with clothes you have worn the day before (just because of the exciting romp you had the night before).

This can be rather confusing and nerve-wrecking, because you are so afraid you are caught dead at work, wearing a day’s old frumpy clothes by your micro-managing boss.


2. When you meet a woman trapped in a man

It’s a night out with your hook-up and he’s really indecisive about where you should both go to for the night.

You are in your sky-high sexy stilettos and they aren’t exactly the best type of footwear to wander around town for the umpteenth time.

Furthermore, you can’t exactly berate him like you are his girlfriend, so you just go along with the flow although you are certain that you are almost at the brink of strangling him if he’s going to continue being so fickle about where to head to for the night.


3. Insecurities about sexually transmitted diseases

We hope you are using condoms at the very least because casual relationships are plagued with the risk of STDs.

Yes, Casual Hookups can be thrilling and exciting, but STDs will always lurk around and you can never be too sure who passed it on to you.

You may have multiple partners, or your lover has various other partners whom he’s sleeping with as well.

So, be vigilant and be always prepared. Better be safe than sorry, and have to face the worst!


4. You can’t gossip freely about your partner (shh! Because it’s a secret)

Because of the casual and short-term nature of your relationship, you don’t introduce your partner to your friends.

So when you want to talk about or gossip with your friends about your lover, you can’t as they may not even know about the existence of your ‘friend’ with benefits in the first place. Dang.


5. To hug or not to hug; that is other question

You want to cuddle, but you hesitate because you know cuddling complicates things and introduces attachment, reliance, emotions and all things a casual relationship practically doesn’t want.


6. You can’t talk about the future

You are conscious not to shoot your mouth off, and include your partner in future plans.

Because you know, that this love affair is temporary, and not something you would want in the long run.


7. You fear losing your sex life when you’re not looking your best

This partner doesn’t see you often, and when he does you are usually in your sexiest underwear and fully made-up face.

You wouldn’t want to be caught in a million years in your granny panties or without make-up on.

So you actually feel the pressure, to sleep with your make-up on (AHHHH, the horrors of sleeping with your make-up on!).


Concluding Insights on Casual Dating Tips

And the list goes on. Being in a Casual Dating Relationship isn’t as easy as you think.

So if you’re ever going to be in such Casual Relationships and Casual Arrangements, the quality of sex had better be worth it.


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