Casual Relationship Advice: Top 4 Signs You Should Take a Break from Casual Dating & Casual Encounters

Casual Relationship Advice: Top 4 Signs You Should Take a Break from Casual Dating & Casual Encounters

All good things come to an end – even the best things such as Casual Dating.

There will come a point in your life, when you start to question yourself, if this is the kind of lifestyle you want to lead forever.

That’s when you start taking time off to seriously consider what you’re going to make out of your life.

Casual Encounters are fun while they last; after all it’s a good time to explore your own sexual desires and know what gets you off.

It’s also interesting to witness different shapes, sizes, and well – stamina.


Casual Relationship Advice

In any case, these are the 4 Clear Signs you’re kind of over Casual Encounters, and should consider taking a break.

Heed our sincere and carefully curated Casual Relationship Advice below … Enjoy!


1. You’re no longer happy with having so many options

In this digital age, we have the luxury of a myriad of apps and websites to choose from; Tinder, Hinge, Match, Bumble, OkCupid, Adult friend finder, Zoosk, Happn.

The list goes on and on but you still haven’t found the right person (even for a simple and casual Hook Up).

Things are getting a little too desperate and depressing at the moment, but maybe you just have to consider that the casual game may not be right for you.

Have you considered which is the “Must-Use” Hookup Site for Casual Hook Ups and Friends With Benefits?

Perhaps it’s time to consider something more serious and be done with this Casual Dating nonsense.


2. You’re getting tired of the “come and go” routine

You have gone for more than a few Casual Dates, but they all end up really bad, or you are both just not compatible in every sense of the word.

Therefore, you start to lose hope and wonder, if love is just a construct, and “happily ever afters” are but a farce.

For the longest time ever, you have not dated seriously in a Serious Relationship.

You have been stuck in the “just seeing each other” Casual Relationship phase for years on end.

You are not just getting bored, but you are becoming extremely sick and tired of this dating routine.

Casual Dating doesn’t seem to be as fun and exciting as it was said to be anymore.

You would simply prefer to have someone you can go back home to, after a long and arduous day.


3. You are turning into a psychotic stalker

The thing about Casual Dating is that most of the time, you don’t know whoever you are dating, because you are just hopping from one person to another.

This experience can be quite thrilling, yet daunting at the same time, because you hardly know the other party. And sometimes, you just don’t want to be caught up in bad and risky situation.

Therefore, you become Sherlock Holmes, and try to stalk the sh*t out of this person, just to make sure you’re not dating a serial killer, or a psycopath.

This stalking behavior can easily go out of hand, because you legitimize it by saying that you are only doing it, because you are letting him get in your pants.

But you don’t realize that this stalkerish syndrome is extremely unhealthy, delirious and unsociable.

It is best that you step out from your mobile and laptop screens, and get to know real and genuine people, whom you can forge sincere friendships and genuine relationships with.


4. You’re starting to disappear on your casual dates

You are just so sick and tired of meaningless Casual Relationships, that even the fact that you can get a free meal does not even entice you anymore.

Hooking Up without any real connection, can sometimes be very draining for a person.

The only aim the guy has, is how to get you to go to bed and have sex with him.

You may be well past that and is so over Casual Hookups and Flings.


Concluding Casual Relationship Advice Insights on When You Should Take a Break from Casual Dating & Casual Encounters

Well if you are experiencing all the signs above, don’t despair – it’s not that you should exit the Casual Dating scene altogether.

You probably just need a short break to want all of that Casual Relationship excitement again.

After all, didn’t they say that “absence makes the heart grow fonder”?

This same saying applies to your participation in Casual Encounters too!


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