One Night Stand Tips: Insider's Top 4 Secrets to Hook Up Attractive Ladies for a 1 Night Stand Like a Pro

One Night Stand Tips: Insider’s Top 4 Secrets to Hook Up Attractive Ladies for a 1 Night Stand Like a Pro

Are you finding it hard to pick up any girls at the bar?

Or leaving empty handed even though you’ve tried your best pick-up lines? Boohoo, tough luck in the sex department for you.

Although you seem to be always labeled Mr. Nice guy, there’s a saying that good guys always finish last.

Don’t be defeated though, here we share with you some great tips from the champs who always get the girls.


One Night Stand Tips & Advice to Hooking Up Ladies for a 1 Night Stand

If you know the “secrets” to 1 Night Stand, SUCCESS will be yours. Enjoy our Top 4 Exclusive Secrets below on how you should approach and hook up with attractive ladies for an ONS … Enjoy!


1. Be Prepared

If you were ever a boy scout, you would be familiar with their motto, “be prepared”; that’s about the best piece of advice that one can give to you when it comes to Operation Get Laid.

Even before setting off for the hunt, it’s a good idea to look at yourself in the mirror – are you dressed appropriately?

The trick is to know the profile of girls whom you’d like to meet; then dress accordingly.

It’s human nature to judge and first impressions are just too important for such occasions. Some girls are into bad boys, so if that works for you, go ahead and put up a bad boy look.

Others are into rich men and sugar daddies; so suit up if those are your cup of tea.


2. Act Confident, Even If You’re Not

Women love men that exude confidence. Even though you may be Mr. Nice guy, you can display confidence in your own subtle ways.

Hold her gaze as long as you can, and she will respond by looking away abashed and shy or she may even push you away playfully.

Observing her flirty and playful body language; that is when you know you can start being touchy feely and start to amp it up so she would be begging to be f*cked by you by the end of the night.


3. Stimulate Her Erogenous Zones

We find it subtly amusing that the phrase ‘art of seduction’ exists, because really, it’s all in the science.

  • For starters, once you managed to get close enough, whisper in her ears. The ears can be a very sensitive point and some women are easily stimulated by changes in temperature and even a light touch.
  • Get close to her and softly brush against her neck as you both dance. This may send a rush of endorphins (feel good hormones) down her spine and make her feel really good and sets her in the mood.
  • There is an extra sensitive spot on the inside of her wrist, and you can plant some light kisses and gentle grazing.
  • Placing your hand on the small of her back (right above her perky butt) serves as a protective and embracing stance that may make her feel safe as if you’re claiming that ‘she’s mine’, don’t touch her just yet.
  • If you sense no resistance after all the steps above, it’s time to venture a little deeper. The insides of her thighs can really stimulate her and make her quiver for more so she’ll be craving for sex by the end of the night


4. Prime Yourself to Last Longer

If you’re a stud, this section is irrelevant to you 😉 However, if this isn’t your regular thing, chances are you may run the risk of being overly excited and anxious.

Now that’s a recipe for the ultimate disaster in a hook up – shooting off too early. Surely, you wouldn’t want to have to deal with that awkward situation?

To make sure you don’t, prime yourself for the deed; DIY the first round in the bathroom so you are more confident to be in control.

Alternatively, extend your foreplay and enjoy yourselves first. For once, focus on being a giver and exercise some other parts of your body.

Once she’s had at least a few rounds of orgasm, it wouldn’t be that bad if you didn’t last long enough.


Concluding One Night Stand Tips & Advice for Hookups with Ladies

Before we forget, it’s crucial that you find the opportune time to ask her to accompany you home so a 1 Night Stand can ensue.

Try to sense the vibes if she is keen to have a One Night Stand with you:-

(a) Is she still letting you buy her drinks?

(b) Does she blush and look coyly at you whenever you compliment her?

(c) Is she casually touching and having lots of physical contact with you?

If it’s a “Yes” to all these questions, go ahead and bring her home already!


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