One Night Stand: 6 Top Secrets Which No One Has Ever Told You About a 1 Night Stand

One Night Stand: 6 Top Secrets Which No One Has Ever Told You About a 1 Night Stand

A fun night out at the club leads to a sizzling hot sexcapade in a hotel room with a complete stranger you met that night.

One Night Stands are increasingly common these days and although it is still a shushed topic, people are embracing it more than ever. Well, there’s totally no shame in that!


Top One Night Stand Advice & 1 Night Stand Tips

Here we share with you 6 Exclusive Secrets no one’s ever told you about these ONS encounters … Enjoy!


1. It’s exciting to discover a stranger’s body

It’s a whole new experience to discover another person’s body, tracing your fingertips along the smooth curves and edges of her body and looking at her sizzling hot curvaceous body while she gestures at yours teasingly.

The idea of touching her in places where there is restricted access amps up the adrenaline and you just can’t wait to get it on with her.

Sounds really thrilling and exciting doesn’t it?


2. Yet on the other hand, a One Night Stand can also be pretty frightening

Conversely, it may also be a daunting experience to head into an intimate experience with someone totally new and unknown although chances are, your brain’s not thinking straight since all the blood has gone elsewhere.

Regardless, we can’t stress the importance of safety when it comes to casual sex with strangers.

Use protection, and you should be fine! After all, YOLO!


3. It could become part of your visual repertoire

God forbid this one night stand may be the hottest sex you’d ever experience and you may still be remembering the night for years to come.

These wild, sex-filled steamy nights may blow your mind and open your eyes to heightened pleasures and overwhelming climaxes that may make you look at sex in a different way.

It could even form part of your visual repertoire to keep you hard as you engage in mediocre sex with your monogamous wife or girlfriend.


4. Or turn out outright nasty

Obviously, the night could also turn out pretty wrong. You probably didn’t enjoy the sex one bit and were so glad it is just a one-night occurrence.

It could be her stench down there which made you regret going down on her, or that you’ve been tasting blood the whole time you were kissing her.

Whatever the case, you are just glad that you managed to come in the end, and that it was all over … Phew!


5. You may fall in love

There is a chance that chemistry may develop and you may fall head over heels in love.

Before you go “Nah, that’s not going to happen”, you can never be too sure.

There are real life stories of people who met through a 1 Night Stand, fell in love and got married.

So, you will never know; your soulmate may be right at the corner of the club.


6. Or you may miss your happily ever after

Perhaps, she left the morning after without leaving her number. If that’s the case, she was probably just looking for sex and not anything more.

Something in you tells you that she’s the one, but there’s no way to find her or reach out to her.

You start missing her, and her devoid presence reminds you of the great night you had.

Your best bet would probably be to hang out at the club where you hooked up, but don’t put your hopes up too high because she may very well be a tourist looking for some fun before heading home.


Concluding Insights on for the Best 1 Night Stand Advice & One Night Stand Tips

One Night Stands can be addictive, especially after you’ve experienced it for the first time.

The taste of victory is sweet – hooking up with a stranger, and getting all intimate without even knowing her name.

There’s no better way to bolster your ego; not forgetting the fact that you earn bragging rights.

There has got to be a reason why so many men are into ONS.


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