One Night Stand: Top 4 Reasons for You to Try a 1 Night Stand Casual Encounter

One Night Stand: Top 4 Reasons for You to Try a 1 Night Stand Casual Encounter

If you really need a reason to try a 1 Night Stand, read this.

Feeling horny and in the mood for some sex and thinking of hooking up casually to satisfy your lustful cravings?

You don’t have to be ashamed of yourself for having such thoughts for the simple fact that you’re not alone.


One Night Stand Advice & Tips

Everyday, billions and billions of messages of such nature are exchanged in Casual Dating apps and Casual Relationship sites (and these numbers don’t even include messages that are sent outside of these platforms!)

To put things in perspective, you are but the insignificant 0.000001% of that population.

Regardless, if you still need something to justify your decision to try a ONS, we share with you the following 4 awesome reasons … Enjoy!


1. You’re helping a friend get over her bf

Your (female) friend just broke up with her boyfriend and you’re lending her a listening ear. She balls her eyes out, tells you all about her once happy memories and conveniently buries her face into your arms.

You can’t help but feel upset at yourself for having a hard-on during such a sad time for her. She probably noticed the bulge in your pants and accidentally brushes her wrist against it. That’s your cue, and you’re in luck.

With a friend, it is likely to feel safer than having a 1 Night Stand with a complete stranger you met that night. She is in need of rebound sex, and you’re at the right place at the right time.

From here on, who knows if you both might enjoy the sex so much that this ONS can become a regular situation, and even end up dating as a real couple. The possibilities are endless.


2. You need your life back

Sometimes you just need to step out of your routine and mundane life – and get laid.

It’s too easy to get absorbed into the rat race, catching up on deadlines, checking off a never-ending list of to-dos on your post-it note, having your gastric act up on you because you skipped a meal, and tormented by insomnia at the end of the day because you’re too stressed to fall asleep.

When life happens, you need a way to get around it. Oftentimes, we overlook the people who are around us because we are too caught up in our busy-ness – is there a potential candidate for a ONS in your office?

If so, it may be time to drop her a text or leave her a note to see if she’s keen to rendezvous during lunch break at say, the handicap toilet at the top floor.


3. You need to understand yourself

The great thing about 1-night stands is how short-lived these casual sexual experiences are, so you can be as experimental as you want in bed and explore fantasies, fetishes and desires and wave good bye to your partner the very next morning.

The fact that one-night stands are just a one night occurrence means sex can be pretty damn fun, wild and crazy and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

Just let go and let loose and have lots of fun!


4. You want to take it out on your ex (revenge!)

It can be a refreshing blast from the past to go on a 1 Night Stand with your ex, and satisfying at the same time knowing she’s cheating on her current bf as you are f*cking her without any consequence.

Exploring the sexual side of your previous relationship with your ex may allow you to dissociate from the emotional side; which you initially thought was the reason why you couldn’t forget her.

This allows people to realize the root reason why they can’t move on. However, tread carefully and make sure that you are emotionally ready to not be drawn into a vicious cycle of pain and heartache from your past again.

It’s okay though if you’re both using each other (her current bf probably can’t satisfy her the way you did).


Concluding One Night Stand Tips & Advice for ONS Casual Encounters

Many have tried it and loved it, so there should be nothing stopping you from enjoying the perks of a ONS.

Before you know it, you’ll be hooked onto the game. One Night Stands are hassle-free compared to a regular Dating Relationship.

Just remember to stay safe while you’re at it, and use protection!


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