1 Night Stand: What 85% of Men Really Think About a One Night Stand (ONS) Relationship

1 Night Stand: What 85% of Men Really Think About a One Night Stand (ONS) Relationship

1 Night Stands usually end up on extreme ends of the spectrum. It’s either mind-blowing or downright bad.

It’s still mind boggling to some people why men would like to take part in these kind of risky behavior. Yet One Night Stands are a thriving part of life even though they may not be spoken of frequently.

It is quite likely that you or someone you know has engaged or is engaging in an ONS. Yes, it is that common!


What Most Men Think About 1 Night Stand (ONS) Relationships

Below we share some snippets of what the majority of Men actually think about a 1 Night Stand. Some of which you’d be pleasantly surprised about! … Enjoy!


1. It beats a Serious Relationship or Committed Relationship

No Strings Attached sex that for one god-damn hell of a night. What can beat that?

You don’t have to deal with the drama of being in a dating relationship. You don’t have to cuddle, kiss and cajole her and all that nonsense.

You get to enjoy the best part of a relationship, THE SEX, and there’ll be absolutely no expectations that you do anything in return (except maybe to f*ck her brains out).

ONS > Dating Relationship definitely!


2. Misunderstandings Can Happen

She may think you will call after that epic night you both had.

Or she could have the impression that you really like her, and that there was some kind of mutual chemistry that could lead to the blossoming of a real serious relationship.

These kind of misunderstandings can happen before you have the chance to say ‘uh-oh’.

Just be extremely mindful of the things you say and not over-promise her on anything especially the morning after.

Maybe you think that you’re being nice by telling her you’d call, but remember that she may spend weeks or months waiting for you to call and be shattered and utterly disappointed by your disappearance.

Not cool man, not cool.


3. Men Don’t View Regular / One Night Stand (ONS) Girls Any Differently

We don’t label girls who engage in One Night Stands as sluts and regular girls as pristine innocent girls.

We see them exactly the same, they’re just ladies who make different choices.

There’s no bias-ness or any kind of discrimination here.

We mean some girls are just girls to men, whether you like 1 Night Stands or not.


4. Men Don’t Ever Get Sick of a 1 Night Stand

One Night Stands is actually kind of addictive. Yes, it truly is without a doubt!

The experience of meeting new girls, exploring their bodies, and making love to them is just phenomenal.

It’s refreshing, and completely different for each girl. So, we will never ever get tired or sick of it.

We mean, which Guy actually gets sick of sex?


Concluding Comments on What Most Men Really Think About a 1 Night Stand

With the above understanding, it’s no wonder Casual Relationships such as a One Night Stand, Hook Up, Casual Encounters, Friends With Benefits and an Open Relationship are flourishing in this day and age.

Even more so, with the advent of technology and the Internet, indulging oneself in Casual Dating and finding One-Off (and No Commitment) relationship partners has become so easy and effective!

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