One Night Stand Meaning: Top 4 Good Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Shy Away from ONS, Fling, Hook Up & Casual Dating

One Night Stand Meaning: Top 4 Good Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Shy Away from ONS, Fling, Hook Up & Casual Dating

One Night Stands, Casual Flings, Hookups and Casual Encounters, are becoming an extremely common phenomenon all over the world.

It’s no longer a topic to shun, and people are increasingly open to share details of their Casual Dating and Casual Relationship experiences.

If you’re feeling ashamed or insecure about your Casual Sex activities, wait till you know how big a community you are actually part of!

It’s really not as bad, or as sinful as you think.


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One Night Stand Meaning

To help put things in perspective for you, these are Top 4 Good Reasons Why People Engage in ONS and Other Types of Short Term Relationships … Enjoy!


1. It’s just Part of Being Human – (#1 Top One Night Stand Meaning)

Sex is a very natural and instinctual part of being human, so there is totally no guilt about wanting or craving for it.

Fundamentally, it should make you feel good whenever you are engaging in it.

Some people prefer to have sex with a committed serious dating partner, whom they trust and love.

While others seek for exciting and no commitment hooking up, 1 night stands, flings and or a casual encounter.

Whichever you choose, make sure it achieves the purpose of making you feel pleasured, satisfied and happy!


2. Life is Too Short for Regrets

So you woke up the next morning, and felt extremely guilty, for being in a Casual Hook Up or One Night Stand with some random dude.

Although, you knew that you made sure he used a condom. And, there was ample protection to ensure, that you don’t catch a nasty STD or get yourself pregnant i.e you were on the pill.

The sex was awesome, and you had nothing to regret.

It always seem like there’s this conundrum, where you beat yourself up for doing something unsociably acceptable. But, at the same time you enjoy it so much.

Ditch those negative thoughts, and do what you like within your own good judgment.

Well, you only live once. So, live by your own rules, and do what you like!


3. It’s Really Straightforward – (#2 Best One Night Stand Meaning)

It seems like the shorter the experience, the lesser chance of a heartbreak.

You meet him for a night, have some fun sex. And then, you say your goodbyes (no keeping in contact or meet-ups after that).

Things are much less complicated, because you stop it dead in the tracks. Before, it develops into something more.

Take this and compare it to a Friend With Benefits, whom you meet regularly for Casual Sex.

An ONS is a much simpler situation, because of the lack of subsequent contact.

With you being so intimate with your FWB consistently over a long period of time, feelings may develop.

And, things can get iffy between the both of you. If you are not careful, you will become the victim of a one-sided love affair.


4. Revenge Sex – It’s a Great Way to Get Back at Your Ex

You are still seething in anger, with your partner who cheated on you, with your twin sister.

Or your best friend, who’s actually slept with your douche bag ex.

ONS, Hooking Up, Flings and Casual Encounters are a great way to let off steam, while getting yourself immense pleasure and extreme satisfaction.

While you moan in bliss and enjoy love making with a random stranger, take your attention away from those b*tches and b*stards as you go into orgasmic nirvana.

Let it OUT, girl/guy!


Concluding Insights on One Night Stand Meaning

One Night Stands, Hook Ups, Casual Encounters and Flings shouldn’t be confused with Friends With Benefits.

Unlike FWBs where you are friends with your f*ck buddy, Casual Dating and Casual Relationships usually involve sex with strangers or acquaintances, which you’d hardly ever have a chance to meet in future.

In our opinion, they are literally ZERO maintenance since it’s all about the sex – emotions will NEVER have a chance to seep into the picture.

So, if you’re still having doubts, we’d advise you to stop wasting your time 😉 Go OUT and Have Fun!!! But before that, be sure to log into your account to find your next ideal Hookup and Casual Fling partner.


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