One Night Stand: Top 4 Reasons to Feel Good About Your 1 Night Stand (ONS) Casual Encounters

One Night Stand: Top 4 Reasons to Feel Good About Your 1 Night Stand (ONS) Casual Encounters

In reality, there is a stigma for people who engage in One-Night Stands and often it is tagged as a shameful thing to do.

However, what is far from the truth is that ONS can be an unbelievably great and unique experience that can never be felt anywhere else. The idea of having sex with a person you just met is just oh-so-exciting, refreshing and just so bloody hot.

But all these sweet fruits don’t come easy; especially for those who tend to be hard on themselves. It’s perfectly normal to feel negative emotions such as guilt after the first session of ONS.

The key is to get over this initial hurdle and you’d be on your way to more sexy sessions in days to come.


Feeling Good about a One Night Stand

Start learning to “Feel Good” about your One Night Stands. Don’t carry any guilt and regrets after that night, since you’ve decided to indulge yourself and have fun with a new someone.

Don’t worry! Over here we share with you some 4 Fantastic Ideas on how you can Feel Great about your ONS sessions … Enjoy!


1. Stop Feeling the Shame

The fact is that many people are into casual sexual dating, friends with benefits and one-night stands, only that these are not conventional conversational topics that people actually talk about over a meal.

You would be surprised by the number of people who actually lead such a “double life” – from husbands having FWBs overseas, boyfriends sleeping around when he’s supposedly “recovering from a cold” to wives of rich men offering sexting services out of boredom at home.

Point is, you’re not the only horny b*stard who is sinful. Just go with the flow and enjoy the process. Life is too short to be worrying about what other people think!


2. Make Sure You Really Want It

Ensure you are comfortable with the idea of a One-Night Stand and never let anyone force you into one, or be coerced into a one-night stand just because everyone else is doing it.

What’s worst, getting into a ONS stand thinking that it’ll progress into a full-fledged romantic dating relationship thereafter.

If that’s what you are looking for, a ONS is rarely where you’ll find your happily ever after. Look elsewhere!


3. Prepare In Advance Your Safe Sex Precautions

Aside from guilt which may follow closely right after the deed, fear of catching a disease is another source of unwanted stress.

Things can go really wrong when you are caught in the heat of the moment.

Always have a game plan in mind because you don’t want to be pregnant or catch an STD in the midst of your enjoyment.

As these precautions are never 100 percent safe, having two of them would be recommended. Taking the pill and having a condom on hand would be a good protection plan!

Ladies, don’t expect him to have it. Keep one in your wallet in case the need arises.


4. Be Fearless and Honest About Your Needs and Wants in Bed

Communicate with your ONS partner where you’d like to be touched and fondled.

Be confident and assertive, because you never know it might drive him wild! In any case, always remember that this is a one-night encounter, so it’s unlikely you’d have to face him again in the future.

Put yourself first and make it worthwhile! If you’ve got a fetish which you never explored, take the leap and talk to him about it.

Men are much more open than you think!


Concluding Insights on One Night Stand

To summarize, every single One-Night Stand experience is novel, and you get to travel into uncharted intimate territories with someone you were dancing with in the club that night or talking to at the house party.

You get to skip all the nonsense you get in dating and enjoy the sweetest fruit; mind-blowing hot sex.

If that’s something you’ve always been dreaming of, then we advise you to take the leap into One Night Stands.


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