Casual Dating Definition: Top 4 Ways to Avoid Being Overly Romantic With Your Casual Fling

Casual Dating Definition: Top 4 Ways to Avoid Being Overly Romantic With Your Casual Fling

A Casual Fling should always be treated as it is.

By definition, “casual” suggests the absence of commitment, and “fling” simply strengthens this whole idea altogether.

That means, it doesn’t make sense for you to do anything, that hints you are in this Casual Relationship for real.

Keep this Short Term Relationship strictly casual, and nothing will go wrong.

Here’s our Top 4 Pointers on what we suggest you could do … Enjoy this excellent and insightful article!


Casual Dating Definition


1. Never ask too much – (#1 Top Casual Dating Definition)

You may be curious but you know; curiosity didn’t end well with the cat.

So, learn from your mistake and don’t be too eager to ask her “so how was last night?”

Because she might not have enjoyed it one single bit, and was trying to avoid talking about it altogether.

Some things are just better left unknown and unsaid.

Don’t put yourself in such a position, never ask your Fling the hows and the whys.

For example: “Why did you not call?”, “How did you like the sex last night?”, “Why are you ignoring me?”.

Sometimes, the truth can hurt. Really bad.


2. Stay away from her social media

If you ever have the chance to have her Instagram handle, or be added into her Facebook friend list, just know that things can get a little messy there.

If she is the kiss and tell type, or she��s Little Miss Show-it-all who shares every single minute detail on her social media accounts, you may become a victim of her over-sharing hobby.

It is best that you unfollow her Instagram account or unfriend her on Facebook, because you sure as hell don’t want her to be tagging you and creating a Facebook hate group, to flame or throw shade on you when things go wrong.

If you think she has the potential to be a great friend even after she’s rejected you, it’s best you hide her posts on social media for the time being to let the sting of the rejection fade away first.

After some time when time has healed your wounds, you can unhide her posts and interact with her then!


3. STOP being Mr. Romantic

Stop daydreaming and being so emotionally attached to your Casual Fling. She doesn’t care, and so should you.

Screw reminiscing the ‘dates’ and places you have been to together before; they are not that special.

Nor should you keep musing over all the things you did with her before.

Save it for someone more important in the future, someone whom you are actually romantically attached and committed to; not just some random f*ck buddy.

Wake up and don’t be stupid.


4. Don’t be sticky

Stop harassing your Casual Lover by sending her a barrage of messages everyday, telling her how much you miss her.

If she doesn’t respond or reply to you, take the hint and move on, because she is clearly not interested.

Casual Short Term Relationships should be short and sweet, so keep it that way.

Don’t keep badgering and pestering your Casual Fling like an overly attached boyfriend, because that just makes you appear desperate and like a total loser.

Minimize all forms of contact after your Casual Encounter, and always know that there are plenty of girls out there.

Ask yourself truthfully, “is she that great or am I really missing out if I missed this chance with her?”.


Concluding Insights on Casual Dating Definition

If you’re having trouble abiding to the “4 Commandments” above, Casual Arrangements may not be for you (but hey, practice makes perfect you know!).

For now, it seems you’re an overly emotional kind of guy who would do much better in Serious Relationships and Committed Relationship Arrangements.

Definitely nothing wrong with that! It’s better to find out about this late than never, right?

Just don’t do anything that goes against your nature; because ultimately you’re the one who’s going to feel the pinch.


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