Casual Fling: Top 6 Casual Relationship Motivations If You Really Need Solid Reasons to Have Casual Sex

Casual Fling: Top 6 Casual Relationship Motivations If You Really Need Solid Reasons to Have Casual Sex

Seriously, are you really looking for a reason to have a Casual Encounter or One Night Stand?

Life’s IS SHORT! – Don’t waste time on unnecessary thoughts and pointless deliberations.

Having a Fling (and Casual Sex) is not going to destroy your life. (Unless of course, you flout the safety-first rule, and f*ck things up real bad!)

Nonetheless if you really need a reason to indulge in some senseless sexy fun, we hope you find one that works for you here!


Casual Fling

Here’s a list of the Top 6 Reasons if you really need one to find a Casual Relationship and try Casual Sex … Enjoy!


1. Your ex is not getting out of your head, no matter how hard you try – (#1 Top Casual Fling Advice)

It has been half a year already, and you’re still hung up over your ex.

Things are getting a little too depressing. And, you haven’t had the motivation to see anyone for months, let alone have sex.

To top it off, you can’t seem to get him out of your mind, even though he has already moved along with a new girlfriend. Boohoohoo.

Perhaps the hurt’s too raw, to get into another long term Committed Relationship now.

But, you could always consider a Casual Hookup to help you get over him, fast!

Besides, you get to be pleasured immensely, and have lots of fun with a new beau.

Well, there are many other men out there.

So, get on with it, and axe out that ex of yours (it’s his loss anyway – not yours!).


2. You only get one chance with this exotic foreign dude – (#2 Top Casual Fling Advice)

You are in an exotic foreign place, and you meet an exotic foreign face. (Not to forget he’s a total darling, and is really hot too!)

His accent is thick yet sexy (and you hope something else is too!). And, he has that enviable sun-kissed skin and delicious toned abs, that is just too hot to resist.

So you break the rules and Hook Up with him, because you know: what happens there, stays there!

Ahh… this is what holidays should be like. Bliss~


3. You need to revive your sexual libido

God knows how long since you have gotten laid. Your sex life has been rather uneventful.

And you just cannot remember, the last time you actually had sex.

You weren’t exactly looking for it either, so maybe you totally deserve this.

An open relationship Casual Encounter could be ideal in your case, so you can bring yourself back to the sexually active club.

Who knows? This might improve your mind, body, and overall well-being.

What’s important is to have fun, and be safe. Enjoy the wild night’s no-strings-attached rendezvous.


4. You want to make your recent Brazilian wax worth it

What a waste to let that cute bikini wax grow out, without letting someone else enjoy it.

Or what about the time you got yourself a sexy lacy bra and panty set, and wished you could seduce someone with it.

Sometimes, we just feel extra horny and sexual, therefore a Casual Relationship and unplanned Fling, would be perfect to satiate your appetite.

Good things like this are definitely worth sharing, so share it with your Casual Dating Hookup!


5. Your vibrator batteries are out of stock

You have used up enough batteries on your vibrator recently.

And it’s high time to find yourself a f*ck buddy, because what’s seriously better than the “Real Thing”?

Better a d*ck, than to have something mechanical stuck in between your thighs – ain’t it true?

Get your lazy ass up, psych yourself up for it. And have some great fun, because you only live once (YOLO)!

And especially, doing it whilst you’re still young (and perhaps, without Serious Relationship or marriage commitments), is probably the best time in your life for you to experience Casual Flings!

Or your significant other or spouse happens to be away. Or you’re overseas, and far from home for a couple of days.


Concluding Insights on Casual Fling

Found your reason yet? Then stop wasting time! If not, create a reason for yourself! Go out and enjoy a Fling!

Your body would thank you, for making the decision to meet someone tonight.

Because you’ll finally be able to unwind, release your innermost inhibitions, and engage in some long overdue fun with a stranger.

It’s not as scary as it sounds, so long as you insist that he uses a condom.

And oh, if he suggests anything that compromises you (like how he’s so experienced in the withdrawal method), just insist against it will do.

You definitely wouldn’t want to risk it! And your life and health along with it. Have fun with Casual Sex, but please do it the safe and proper way!


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