Fling Dating: Top 7 Best & Free Hookup Apps & Casual Encounter Sites to Help You Get Over Your Ex Quickly & Effectively

Fling Dating: Top 7 Best & Free Hookup Apps & Casual Encounter Sites to Help You Get Over Your Ex Quickly & Effectively

Looking for an effective post-breakup-get-over-him-or-her cure?

Forget the BS talk about how time heals all wounds or how you should find yourself a hobby because we’ve got a much better solution.

In fact, it’s a tried and tested solution and we’re darn confident you’ll only add to the favorable statistics.

The post-breakup cure-all? A Casual Hookup. And here’s where you can find one …


Fling Dating

Here are the Top 6 Casual Encounters Apps & Fling Websites sure to help you get over your ex … Enjoy!


2. Adult Friend Finder (AFF.com)

Synonymous with Hook Ups, Affairs, Threesomes and One Night Stands; Adult Friend Finder is the go-to Casual Dating App for your next hot fling.

With 77 million users and rising on its platform, Adult Friend Finder boasts a staggering number of 4.5 million successful matches.

Here you can be assured to find someone who’s up to have some fun with you tonight.

A pioneer in the online dating scene, AFF was created in 1996 and the app launched in the mid 2000s.

If you are looking for a f*ck buddy, AFF is definitely a popular choice that you have to try!


3. Men Nation (mennation.com)

If you are a gay single, gay couple or bisexual; you have to download Men Nation on your iOs or Android device!

Boasting 79 million users on its Gay Dating App, Men Nation is great for scouring through a large database of men, with the same dating preferences that you have!

Participate in orgies, search for potential one-night stands and even engage in Open Relationships all on this Gay App!

Signing up is absolutely free although you would have to be above the age of 18 to join.

Once you are a member, you can create your unique profile, perform searches on this platform and chat with men whom you are interested in!

How fun is that?


4. Lesbian Personals (lesbianpersonals.com)

The sister site of Men Nation, Lesbian Personals is a strictly women only Lesbian App.

Featuring similar features to that of Men Nation, lesbians can look for Casual Sex opportunities, Serious Relationships, and an additional lesbian partner to spice up their sex lives here.

30 million ladies are anticipating for you to join them on this exciting Lesbian Dating App, so what are you waiting for?


5. Hot or Not (hotornot.com)

An interactive app, users get to rate voluntarily submitted photos by other members on a scale of 1-10.

The score would be averaged out, and that would be the final score of the member’s photo.

Upload your sexiest photo and let other users rate them or browse through a wide array of user photos and have loads of fun rating them!

Moreover, this Dating App also has a ‘Meet Me’ matchmaking function, that helps to search for suitable matches on your behalf, based on your dating preferences.

Join now and be part of this fun community!


6. Bristlr (bristlr.com)

Have a fetish for men with beards? Bristlr is here to satisfy this very quirky fantasy of yours!

If you have a beard or you are looking for someone with one, Bristlr is the perfect social dating platform to join!

Find yourself a bearded lover, and your life may very well be complete.


7. Beautiful People (Beautifulpeople.com)

Flaunting themselves as an ‘elite online dating platform’, Beautiful People only accept users who are physically attractive and stunning to say the least.

It was even mentioned that more than 700 couples were successfully matched and some even went on to get married through this platform!

Your prince charming or Mrs Right might just be around the corner, when you join Beautiful People!


8. HappyMatches

HappyMatches.com is the World’s Top Online Dating App and Online Dating Site if you’re looking for a short term Fling relationship.


Concluding Insights on Fling Dating

You might feel a little apprehensive at first but once you’ve had yourself a fling experience, we bet you’re never going to look back.

It’s a sure-fire way of getting yourself resolved after a heartbreak, and you got to try it to believe it!


(Last Updated: 2 June 2020)


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