Fling: Top 5 Ways to Tell He’s Looking for a Hook Up & One Night Stand and Not a Committed Relationship

Fling: Top 5 Ways to Tell He’s Looking for a Hook Up & One Night Stand and Not a Committed Relationship

For some reason, you can’t stop yourself from fantasizing about a perfect life, and a Serious Relationship with this man whom you’d been hanging out with recently.

Deep down inside, you wish it’s love. But another part of you seems to be cautioning you, not to take things too seriously.


Fling Definition & Meaning: How to Tell He’s Merely a Casual Hookup and ONS Partner, Not a Serious Relationship Partner

If this seemingly “perfect” man shows (some or all of) these 5 Signs, it’s best that you keep your distance (and just remain as Casual Sex buddies, probably).

Otherwise, you’re most likely to get yourself heartbroken, and become very disappointed and upset with him … Enjoy!


1. He’s a social butterfly – (#1 Most Telling Casual Fling Symptom)

It’s plastered all over his Facebook and Instagram photos.

Images of numerous women with him at the club, drinking with him, playing darts and just having lots of fun while behaving intimately.

Clearly, he likes the attention and enjoys the company of these women and isn’t afraid to show it.

It would seem like you are also not the only lady in his life. And, that he is some swinging bachelor out to have a great time.

Perhaps it’s time you should reconsider if you are game to be in a Casual Relationship with this casanova.

Else if you are in this for the love, you would probably get your heart broken.


2. The sex is great – and that’s about it (#2 Most Telling Casual Fling Symptom)

He’s good in bed, and you just can’t deny that all of your best times with him, are all sex related.

You simply can’t remember, any good memories you both have forged together, like any typical couple.

For example a romantic dinner by the beach, a great fun-filled vacation, or any sweet memory of him surprising you with flowers.

Come to think of it, maybe all your favorite times are sex-related, because all you both ever do is have sex.

And that’s probably what your entire Dating Relationship is centered on.

He’s probably only interested in sex with you, and nothing more. The truth hurts – but it remains the truth!


3. He’s self-entitled

It would seem like most of the time, he only wants sex, and that’s what you have been indulging him with.

Lots, and lots of it.

So you can’t really sulk, moan and complain, if that’s what you have been pampering him with.

Whenever he wants it, you give it to him.

Ultimately, you would realize that some of your own needs are being neglected.

However, ask yourself if you have made your needs known to him. Or have you been just a little too keen, to become the woman of his dreams?

Have some self-love, and put yourself first for once.

If he realizes his folly, things could turn out very differently, for the both of you.


4. Sex is all you both talk about

You both dirty talk, a lot. It turns the heat on before you both meet up to get it on.

You do it on the phone, through text, even on Facebook private message.

It is thrilling, fun and sexy all at the same time and you are strangely addicted to it.

Yet, you also long for deep and meaningful conversations.

Where you can confide and unburden your heart to each other, just like how boyfriends and girlfriends do.

You just wish not everything has to be sexual.


5. He texts you A LOT (for sex)

Do you get all excited with butterflies in your stomach, when you see his name appear on your mobile phone’s screen?

Just because he’s sent a message to you at 3am – only to realize that it’s a booty call?

And you checked your messages from him, and realized that all his messages to you so far, are merely asking for sex?

It would appear like he’s treating you as his sex buddy, whom he only calls when he’s feeling horny.

Chances are, he’s not in love with you, but only wants you around, for the convenient sex.


Fling Definition & Meaning: Understanding the Difference between a Casual Hook Up Relationship vs a Serious Dating Exclusive Relationship

If you’re always on a constant lookout for a long term Romantic Relationship, you’re only going mis-calculate at some point, and start to invest your time and emotions in the wrong person.

Don’t be in a hurry, because your true love will happen to you someday – just wait for it!

In the meantime, go out and enjoy all the Friends With Benefits, Casual Relationships, One Night Stands, Casual Flings, Hook Ups, NSA Relationships, and other non monogamous and non exclusive Open Relationships as you wish!

Life is short – do it whilst you’re still not committed (nor married) to any particular guy.


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