Casual Fling Rules: Top 5 Essential Dating Rules to Make Sure Your Hook Up & Casual Relationships Last

Casual Fling Rules: Top 5 Essential Dating Rules to Make Sure Your Hook Up & Casual Relationships Last

If you want your Casual Fling Relationship to work out, you’ve got to put some work into it.

It would be unrealistic for you to expect good sex all the time, without having to lift a finger (pun intended!).

Like all Casual Dating Relationships, there are ways to make sure things go well.


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Casual Fling Rules

The following are the Top 5 Essential Rules that you should really take seriously, if you want your sexcapades to be sustainable and enjoyable in the long run … Enjoy this insightful article.


1. No emotions allowed – (#1 Top Tip for Casual Fling Rules)

No emotions, just sex; the mantra for all Casual Hookup Relationships.

Be careful not to get your feelings involved, with your Casual Encounters partners.

It may be difficult for many ladies to separate love away from sex ,because most women can only sleep with someone whom they have feelings for.

In spite of this, most women still take this huge risk, of being in a Casual Relationship.

Sooner than they know it, they are falling for their f*ck buddy, and things can get pretty messed up! Especially if they are hoping to turn this Casual Fling into a Committed Relationship.

It is quite likely that he is not looking for anything serious at the moment, and is just in it short-term for some fun and pleasure; nothing more.

When love becomes one-sided, things can get pretty rough, especially for the lady on the receiving end of this unrequited love.

Make sure you are cool to just have sex, and not be romantically and emotionally attached, to this man.


2. Don’t poke your nose around

Don’t be caught up with stalking him on Facebook, Instagram or any of his social media accounts.

It’s no business of yours to be snooping around, and secretly spying, to see who he’s spending his time with.

Once you catch yourself doing that, it means that you are overstepping the border, and getting yourself too involved with your f*ck buddy’s life.

It is totally no business of yours, who he’s with or what he’s doing, because he is not your boyfriend. Remember, he’s just merely your Casual Hooking Up partner!

So, get that straight, and stop being such a creep.


3. Don’t stop seeing others – (#2 Top Tip for Casual Fling Rules)

Stop meeting him everyday, as if he is your boyfriend!

You definitely need to dedicate some time to your own friends, interests, hobbies and life.

Once you start seeing your Fling too often, things can become complicated, if you get too attached to him.

It is extremely crucial, that your Hookup should not occupy too much of your time.

Go out and meet other people, stop sticking to this Casual Sex partner, and enjoy the privilege of being in a Casual, Non Monogamous and Open Relationship.


4. Never ask for personal favors

Draw clear lines and set boundaries on what you do with your f*ck buddy.

Don’t ask him out for an ice-cream date, or if he would be able to attend a wedding dinner with you as a plus one.

He is merely your casual arrangement Fling, and not your long-term boyfriend.

Get that in your head! Right now! Yes, no more delaying!


5. Be ever-ready to call it quits

Recognize that your Casual Relationship can end at any moment; without any explanation or an amicable “closure” talk.

He does not owe it to you, nor you to him.

A Casual Fling is usually very laid-back, casual, and just something people do for pleasure.

So don’t expect things to be all serious and just move on to the next Hook Up, Casual Encounter or One Night Stand – and enjoy the fun with other guys of your choice!


Concluding Insights on Casual Fling Rules

We can’t stress enough, the importance of respecting these critical Casual Dating Rules.

You would be doing yourself a huge favor in your Casual Relationships.

Since it is akin, to protecting yourself from emotional trauma and all the unnecessary drama, that comes with a committed Serious Relationship.


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